WOW! I just found a wedding DJ online for only $600.00. Read this article before they are all gone!

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It seems that in today’s wedding market, there are people everywhere you turn that are eager and willing to provide DJ services for you and your partner’s big day. This competition has caused some DJs to lower their rates astronomically; and while the price may look good on paper, are you sure you’re making the right investment? Weddings can be very expensive events, but cutting corners on your entertainment don’t find the solution to a budget problem. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”… and wedding DJs are not exempt from this old adage. If your spending $20,000.00 or more for your wedding day, this article is a MUST READ!

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when booking a cheap DJ for your wedding.


Do They Promise DJ Insurance?

Your DJ is a major working component of your wedding day, which is why it is so important that they are able to guarantee you their services no matter what! When you book a DJ for a cheap rate, there is a good chance that they will be working the wedding alone and not with a partner. MC/DJ pairs work very well together for weddings, because it allows one person to focus solely on music and keeping the dance floor packed, and the other to focus on facilitating the events and speaking on the mic. With only one person independently handling all the responsibilities, there are many risks to consider. What happens if your DJ gets sick before your wedding? If their equipment breaks, do they have backup setups to ensure you at least have sound at your wedding? Frankly, if your DJ doesn’t offer any insurance, can you be sure they’ll even show up to the reception?

Is if the DJ is properly trained and equipped to tackle the variety of surprises that weddings tend to bring? With guests of all ages in attendance, it’s crucial that your DJ is able to read a crowd and play the songs that all your guests will want to hear. With cheap DJs, you run the risk of a limited music library, potentially filled with illegally downloaded music, as well as sloppy mixing and inappropriate songs being played. You always want to be sure that your wedding DJ’s music selection is digital, non suggested, and clean edited, so you won’t ever have to worry about any F-Bombs hitting grandma while she’s on the dance floor.


Are They Professional?

Besides the bride, groom, and most of the wedding party, there’s not one person your guests will see more throughout the night than your DJ. This is just one of the reasons why you need to be sure your wedding DJ is completely professional in the way they present themselves. This includes the way they speak, the way they interact, and the way they dress. We at Selective Sound have heard many wedding horror stories about an unkempt DJ that drank to an extent where they became unable to properly do their job, but you can be sure that these stories have NEVER been about one of our DJs.

A proper DJ/MC should be dressed to the nines, and always practicing courteous behavior. They should also be clear, formal, and well spoken on the microphone. After all, they will be making all of the important announcements throughout the entire evening, and you don’t want your guests to be confused! The professional presentation doesn’t end at the DJ’s wardrobe either, but also extends to include the look and quality of their equipment. Both your DJ and their equipment need to look fresh, sleek, and clean; not like an eyesore when you look back at your beautiful wedding photos.


Are They Experienced?

It’s a fun idea to think that a person could just go online, spend $2,000 on a basic DJ setup, and walk away as a wedding DJ, but it doesn’t quite work that way. As a DJ, experience can’t be bought, and we cannot stress the potential costs of hiring an amateur enough. Being seasoned experts in this industry, Selective Sound Entertainment,understands the planning process and structure of weddings, ensuring that your formalities stay on schedule the entire night! Also, keep in mind that your DJ works with all of the other vendors at your wedding as well, and may need to make special accommodations for each venue. Inexperienced Cleveland wedding DJs are likely to have a small network, which can make working with planners difficult, and can be detrimental if they are unfamiliar with your venue of choice.

We mean no offense in our comments regarding inexperienced DJs, but the reality is that weddings can be very complex events. Selective Sound Entertainment strives to make our weddings the very best they can be, and even inspires our couples to think outside of the box. Since planning and implementing weddings is our full-time job, there are no limits to what options we can bring to fruition. With all that considered, you run the risk of limited creative options when booking a cheap DJ. Does your wedding DJ have the lighting and production capabilities to make your dream wedding come true?


After you’re well on your way to happily ever after and you look back on the day you tied the knot, you’ll most likely find that your memories on the dance floor will surpass what you ate, what vehicle you came in, or any other detail of the day. While wedding magazines and online planning guides may be helpful tools, working with an experienced professional for each step of the planning process is unmatched. You don’t want to leave the most important day of your life in the hands of a person with little experience and referral, so trust a source you know is reliable; One with a good track record and proven reputation.

Don’t settle for anything less than your dream-wedding day! Click here to contact Selective Sound‘s award-winning team of wedding aficionados today! Photos courtesy of Making The Moment Photography, Google Images, and the Rock The House Photo Archive.

Tips on Tackling the Perfect Wedding Toast

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Getting asked to make a toast at someone’s wedding is a great honor for some, but can be a total nightmare for others. Here are a few tips we at Selective Sound Entertainment suggest keeping in mind before you put your pen to paper!

•     Avoid Useless Clauses – One of the most common ways for a person to begin their wedding toast is with one or both of the following phrases; “For those of you who don’t know me, my name is _____, and I’m the _____ (best man, maid of honor, etc). If they’re at the wedding, there’s a very good chance they already know who they are. Skip the filler, and get right to the key points of your legendary speech!

•     Don’t be Nervous! – If public speaking isn’t your strongest suit, you’re not alone. Even these days where communicating is easier than ever, speaking in public still sits atop the pyramid of American’s biggest fears. However, there’s no need to stress! If you were personally picked to do a toast, the couple is looking for you to speak from your heart, not give a valedictorian’s speech. Just imagine everyone is in their underwear, and you’ll do fine!

•     Get Your Speech Proofread – Just because you believe your speech is the best, doesn’t necessarily make it so. Be sure to have another person read over your toast before you give it, just to be sure it truly is the best it can be.


•     Stand Between The Couple When Speaking – Keeping this tip in mind might just earn you a few brownie points with the wedding photographer. Aside from the beautiful pictures that will come as a result of where you’re standing while you speak, it will also ensure you’re seen by all of the wedding’s guests, and will make your speech much more personal to the couple.

•     TOAST, Not ROAST – Everybody likes to poke fun at their friends, but perhaps their wedding isn’t the best place for this. Keep the jokes light, and avoid stirring up a topic that may make the guests of honor feel uncomfortable.

•     Don’t Tell an Unknown Story – There’s nothing worse than having to sit through a story that you think may never end…. Especially at a wedding. Try to stay away from stories that only a handful of people at the wedding will know, or you’ll risk losing the interest of the guests. That being said, don’t be afraid to make your toast short and sweet if you can’t think of a good story to tell.


•     End With a Toast! – You may read this and consider it an obvious point, but it’s a whole different ballgame when a person is standing front and center in a room full of staring eyes. After all the time you’ve spent planning and memorizing what you’re going to say at the reception, don’t forget to raise your glass to the new couple when you’re all finished!

•     Still Nervous? Consult Technology – If you’re really struggling to come up with material for your wedding speech and have nowhere else to turn, you can never go wrong borrowing a couple of love’s most famous quotes. Search around online for a few to use, or you can click here to find a few good ones too.

While we can’t sit here and help you write the perfect wedding toast, we can help you with all the other details that are needed to make your day perfect! Contact Selective Sound’s team of wedding professionals today to see just how great your big day can really be! Photos courtesy of Making The Moment.

9 Common Misconceptions About Your Wedding DJ

When looking for a DJ for an event as important as your wedding, it only makes sense that you want to find someone who is the perfect fit. However, there are many things to consider when booking your wedding DJ, and while some may seem like good ideas during the planning stages, they can spell catastrophe the day of your wedding. With that being said, here are nine common misconceptions of your average wedding DJ, hand-picked by our wedding pros here at Selective Sound.

1. I Have To Make A Playlist For My DJ

Myth! If you knew all the music your guests would want to hear, you’d be DJing weddings yourself. A skilled wedding DJ can not only keep the dance floor packed all night but can even take your reception to a whole other level! Your DJ should be able to read the crowd to determine what should be played next, using your input and their judgement to direct their song choices. Feel free to formulate a “must play list” of songs you would definitely like to hear at your reception or even just some song suggestions, but your DJ should be fully capable of taking charge once the party gets started.

2. A DJ Just Shows Up and Plays Some Music


Although you do hire a DJ to show up and play music, that’s not even half of their responsibilities when they entertain at a wedding. A good wedding DJ helps direct guests throughout the night, professionally handling all formal announcements and working with vendors during the night to keep your reception running as seamless as possible. One of the DJ’s main jobs is to be the Host/Emcee of the night and has a direct effect on how well your wedding celebration flows.

3. I Don’t Want My DJ Playing Requests

Even if your wedding guests have the worst taste in dance music, you should still allow your DJ to take requests . Requests help a DJ determine what people may like to dance to throughout the evening. Also keep in mind that not all requests will be played by default, and that it is the DJ’s job to filter out requests. If nothing else, it will allow guests to be interactive and feel connected to your special day on a more personal level.

4. My DJ Already Has Lighting Covered


Lighting is a VERY broad term. Just because a DJ has lights doesn’t mean that they’re appropriate for your wedding. It’s easy to assume your DJ has all the lighting handled, but the wrong lighting elements can be distracting during dinner, irritating for guests, and can leave your reception looking messy. When choosing your wedding DJ, trust the pros who have lighting designers and production departments to transform your wedding’s atmosphere.

5. You Can Have Either a Band or DJ, But Not Both

Untrue! Having both a band and a DJ may seem “over the top”, but they can actually compliment each other very well. As we said in Myth #2, the DJ has many responsibilities aside from just playing music, so they can still coordinate your entire reception while the band plays! Also, when the band takes a break, the dancing doesn’t have to stop. Your DJ can take control of the dance floor, making sure your guests are entertained all night long! Additionally, the DJ provides an opportunity for guests to hear songs that the band may be unable to play.

6. I Have To Do All The Classic Formalities That Everyone Else Does


It’s 2016, and you don’t have to do anything at your wedding that you don’t want!  A good wedding DJ can work with you to help formulate unique ideas for your reception, using their experience and industry knowledge to make your day unlike any other! Even if you want to keep things traditional but aren’t looking for the same old wedding, a seasoned DJ will work with you to create an event timeline that satisfies all your wants and makes your celebration one of a kind.

7. I Know Someone Who DJs – They’ll Do Just Fine

Weddings draw a wide variety of guests and are very different compared to most other shows a DJ may face. Therefore you don’t just want a DJ; You want an experienced, professional, wedding DJ. Your DJ needs to be someone who knows how to run a wedding, has the right equipment to handle the job, and has the ability to voice your announcements both formally and tastefully. Many club/bar DJs play a very different style of music than you’ll hear at most weddings. You want to be sure that the DJ you hire has a vast knowledge of music and will be able to play any genre or style you or your guests may want.

8. DJs Have The Easiest Jobs Ever!… And They Only Work For A Few Hours!

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 10.51.51 AM

While being a wedding DJ is fun and has its perks, it is far from the easiest job ever. In reality, about 90% of the work a DJ puts in for a wedding is done before the big day even arrives! There are many hours behind the scenes full of planning, coordinating, and preparing to make your special day flawless. Check out the pie chart above for a breakdown of how a Cleveland wedding DJ at Selective Sound prepares for your event.

9. I’ve Seen A Picture/Video of My DJ, and They’re The Perfect Fit

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but they may not be the words you’re looking for. At Selective Sound, we get many people wondering why we don’t have video profiles or head shots of our DJs. Here’s why:

  • Outdated Content – Most DJs profile pictures or videos can be up to 10-15 years old in some cases.
  • Personality – You can’t see a person’s charisma in a picture! How do you know what a DJ’s personality is like and if they would be a good fit for your group?
  • Prepared – Is your DJ familiar with the location of your wedding? How are they going to plan audio, power, and other production aspects for the day of setup?
  • Personable – A high-end DJ company will meet you and get to know your feelings, wants, likes, and more before placing you with the perfect DJ. Let the company decide the DJ best fit for you; Who knows them any better?
  • Peace of Mind – Some DJ companies actually have you meet with your DJ 4-5 weeks before the reception to ensure you are comfortable with them. Selective Sound is one of those companies!



As you can see, there’s plenty of things to consider before booking your wedding DJ. Though some may be a bit more obvious than others, many are often neglected by engaged couples during the planning stages, but can result in an unfortunate outcome when the big day finally arrives. If you’re going to go through all the work of planning a wedding and truly want to make it a night to remember, be sure to trust an experienced wedding DJ company.

Want to make sure all nine of these misconceptions are handled on your special day? Reach out to our team of wedding professionals to get started today! Photos by Genevieve Nisly Photography, Marc Anthony Photography, & Making The Moment Photography.

Chills, Thrills, and Mark Wills

Here at Selective Sound Entertainment, we are no strangers to big, extravagant events; including weddings! But when one of our grooms came to us with a “bigger than Texas”surprise for his soon to be wife, we knew we had to help him!

After initially connecting with the groom, Brad Hewitt, through A Taste of Excellence, he informed us that he wanted to surprise is fiancé with a performance from her favorite country singer, Mark Wills. The surprise was to all happen at the Cleveland Courthouse, where their wedding reception was held. We knew we had to not only help him pull this off, but make it a unique and personalized surprise for the couple of their special day.

Once Mark Wills was secured for the event, the fun really began. Along with Selective Sound Entertainment, Brad was also working with event planner extraordinaire, Maria Kovacevich, Elegant Events by Maria.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.20.03 AM

The Set Up

After meeting several times with Brad and Maria, we decided on a plan. We were to have the MC/DJ set up and the instruments and band hidden during the entire ceremony and at the beginning of the reception. This was so that the bride and none of her guests would know what was going on. We did this with white panels that would be taken down right before Mark and his acoustic piano mate came in.

Now It’s the Bride’s Turn

The groom wasn’t the only one that wanted to surprise his new partner in life. The bride, Model, Melissa Baker, had a surprise up her sleeve as well. We worked on some videos of Melissa and Brad growing up as a surprise. We added two 70’’ LCD monitors so everyone could enjoy the show. A fun little addition the bride wanted was to use socialcast, which is live hashtag posts that show up on screens from everyone they knew, whether they were at the wedding or not.


3 Different Itineraries

Because the groom had a surprise for the bride and the bride had a surprise for the groom, we had to have three separate itineraries. One for the bride, one for the groom, and the real one for all the venders to follow to make sure everything went off without a hitch. Selective Sound Entertainment, we had to be super secretive since we went into multiple meetings and couldn’t hint anything to either of them.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.19.01 AM

Show Time

We did sound check with Mark right before the reception. This was also tricky because we had to hide Mark from the bridal party and bride, who were walking around the venue for pictures. Once the reception started, the white panels came down and Mark was set up on stage with his acoustic keyboardist.

As for the bride’s reaction…well you can check it out below!

After Mark performed, he took pictures with almost everyone at the wedding. He later came up to us and said that when he saw the bride’s reaction, he started to get “choked up with emotion,” which was pretty cool to hear a celebrity say!

Some special touches we added were acoustically adjusting the music, uplighting, and feature lighting.

This event took more than 100 hours of planning and coordinating, just on our end, to make sure all of the surprises happened flawlessly. We were able to combine the groom’s surprise with the bride’s surprise for one epic celebration. Congratulations Brad and Melissa!

Worried About the Acoustics at Your Wedding? Here’s Our Advice.

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Its’s finally here:  Your wedding day! So far everyone has made it to the ceremony on time, pictures are turning out great, and the cake was more beautiful than you could have imagined it. Then, its time for your Grand introductions, followed by your father giving a heartfelt welcome to his only daughter and then your lifelong friend and Maid of honor giving her toast.  The problem… You could barely understand the introductions (your guests as well) and a lot of your guests couldn’t hear what your dad was saying or your sister…

How could this have happened?

cleveland wedding djs, akron wedding dj, akron wedding lighting, akron weddings, akron ohio

Photo: Making The Moment Photography

Brides and grooms spend so much time thinking about and planning their big day, but with some of the venues they choose, did they really give enough thought to making sure that the entertainment they chose for the big day had the proper equipment to handle the sound at the space they chose?

The sound at your event could end up being too quiet, muffled or even too loud, causing guests to feel uncomfortable and want to leave early. To make sure the sound doesn’t ruin your big day, take these steps to ensure the acoustics don’t take away from, but enhance your wedding day.

Types of buildings that are more difficult to achieve clear acoustics

Traditionally, buildings constructed before the 1930’s, that were usually constructed of marble and stone, are designed more to carry voices. Because of this, music tends to have an echo effect because the sound waves are bouncing around erratically.  If your entertainers do not know the correct way to balance the sound or place the speakers, this could be a recipe for a long night for your guests.

Great examples of venues with challenging accoustics: The Cleveland Courthouse and The Cleveland City Hall Rotunda

Courthouse After #7 copy


Other challenging venue sites include: barns, outdoor spaces, and non-traditional wedding reception sites. It’s extremely important to make sure you have hired the right people and they have the right equipment on hand so that people aren’t struggling to hear sound clearly.

How to improving the acoustics at a wedding or event

The best option for making sure your reception has the best sound possible, would be to meet with several different vendors to discuss your concerns.  In this industry, you may get plenty of vendors that tell you that they know what they are doing and they have played at these venues many times before, however don’t just take that for granted.  Make sure you get a few referrals from these previous events, or speak with the caterers that may be doing your reception to see if they have worked with them before.  Most experienced entertainment companies have the options of adding computer delayed satellite speakers. These will delay the main front speakers by allowing the system to calculate the building’s specs, it understands how to effectively utilize the sound equipment, giving you and your guests a lot less echo and a more pure, clear sound at your reception.

connybarn1           Photo credit : Making the Moment

When a venue looks great, but doesn’t sound so great

If your venue is the perfect setting, but just needs a little boost in the sound department, make sure you do you your research. Qualified sound technicians like Selective Sound Entertainment, will go though all of the proper steps with you to ensure a great sounding event.


ProTip: When selecting DJ’s, be sure to go with a company that will not just put speakers on the floor, but instead elevate them. This will ensure that guests will hear the sound at a comfortable level.  

Other things to be aware of

In most cases, your reception venue will not help you with sound acoustics. Also, if deciding to hire a band, understand that they are typically a lot louder than a traditional DJ. This not only can lead to headaches for you and your guests, but also could actually cause your guests to leave early.

If hiring a band, it is imperative to make sure that the band you have hired has qualified sound technicians that have this proper equipment to handle the space.

ProTip: Ask to speak with past brides or other clients about their experience with bands vs DJ’s. They are a great resource and can help you made an educated decision.

Bottom line

Do your research! Having great sound at your wedding can really bring the energy and ensure everyone has an enjoyable and entertaining time.



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