Daniel and Jennifers reception


The Beautiful couple toasting

Name of couple: Daniel and Jennnifer Reider

Date of wedding reception: Feb. 13th 2010

Photographer: Scott from Cirino photography

Venue: Pine Ridge Country club


This was an amazing family to work with. Dan and Jennifer met in Las Vegas 2 years ago. Dan has 3 beautiful and very well mannered kids. We were hired by Dan's father, without ever meeting the bride or groom. Mr.and Mrs. John and Judy Reider were amazing and very friendly on the phone.  When we set up the meeting, they were able to sign on through our online planning site and have fun with the music and planning. Alot of love on the dancefloor Dan and Jennifer were married on December 30th, In beautiful Hawaii in front of close family and friends. While I didn't get to attend the wedding, I surely got to see video and it looked like an amazing time.

After our meeting with Dan and Jennifer, (and Mom and Dad as well) we helped and aided them in planning the entire events of the evening. It was planned to be a fun but tasteful reception where everyone including the kids were included. Your DJ/MC Jay r After a few phone calls and help with some details we were set to go.

THE RECEPTION: When we arrived at Pine Ridge Country club we had not had the chance to have been there since they have re-decorated part of the upstairs. It is absolutely breathtaking. They freshened up the pre-function areas with brand new carpet and paint. It has a very warm, inviting feeling to it.  The guests were greeting by Dan and Jennifer in the front area as they were invited in to enjoy cocktails and appetizers which were passed and on the tables. When we invited the guests into the ballroom, they were met with a variety of Hawaain songs to re-create their wedding.

The dance

The dance

After a few acknowledgements the bride and groom performed the jumping of the broom ceremony and then  we had 5 toasts from various family members and the parents. Dinner was amazing as the staff at Dino's (The inhouse caterers for Pine Ridge) are quick, gracefull and truly amazing. The salad was a mixed green anti pasta with house Italian dressing. Delicious as always. The main course had a choice of Chicken/Fish or Filet Mignon. I always chose what was left over and this time we got lucks with the Filet. It was perfectly cooked and mouth watering. This would be the same type of quality of filet you would pay for at Morton steak house.

arch and dance

the dance

on top of the world.

After dinner we went into the formal 1st dance,which we re-created from their wedding ceremony back in Hawaaii. The song was from 50 first dates and it was Israel K.s version of Somewhere over the rainbow. after the 1st dance we invited Dan and his mother and Jennifer and her father. It worked out beautifully.  After those dances we packed the entire dancefloor for the 1st song of the night. We went into a host of fun dances and they guests enjoyed themselves the entire evening.

We certainly enjoyed being the Cleveland DJ's of choice at their wedding reception.

Special thanks to Scott from Cirino photography for these pictures. Please see their website and Cirinophoto.com for more great photos.

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