Another Great Wedding at the Key Center

Wedding of the week:

The new Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Josephine Yuzuik

Photographer: Justin Ketchum

Venue: the club at Key center

April 24th, 2010

Having some fun

The Club at Key center Marriott

When you begin the planning process, we have usually met the bride and groom ahead of time and discussed some ideas. Because Tom and Josie were from out of town, they booked us over the phone. They had seen us at some friend’s weddings; therefore they knew they felt comfortable with us. We set up a meeting when they got back into town and that is when the fun really began.

The happy Wedding couple

The Happy wedding couple

When we sit down with a bride and groom to plan their wedding, they have already spent a significant amount of time on our online Selective Sound Entertainment Cleveland DJ wedding planner. It is very detailed and gives us a more clear vision of what your wedding details are. We went over all of these details together in the meeting and came up with an amazing agenda and plan for the entire evening.

The guests arrived for cocktails in the heritage room and their was a piano playing. Even though we technically weren’t supposed to be playing, I took our wireless microphone and put it near the piano so it could be heard in the main room where guests were sitting. During this cocktail hour, I was able to meet the parents of the bride and groom and introduce myself and congratulate them.

The First dance as husband and wife

Cleveland DJS Selective Sound Tom and Josie

When the bridal party arrived towards the end of cocktail hour, I greeted the new Mr. and Mrs. And their bridal party. We instructed everyone where to walk, lined them up, went over names for the final time and coached the ones who were doing toasts.

After seating the guests, we did the introduction which stared with I gotta feelin by the black eyed peas for the bridal party and parents and then for Tom and Josie, we went into David Grey Babylon (qued up) for their grand introduction. There was a very heartfelt warm round of applause for all and when Tom and Josie entered, the guests erupted in joy. After their grand entrance, they met on the dance floor and danced their first dance to somewhere over the rainbow by Israel K.

Immediately following their first dance, they went right over to the beautiful cake to cut. After us coaching them and Justin Ketchum leading them through it, they were very classy and fed each other.

A posed shot right outside the Club at Key center

Dinner service was amazing as our friends at the Club at the Key center always do an amazing job. We put together a mix of music from the Garden state soundtrack and some Jack Johnson, Cat Stevens and David Grey. This was Tom and Josie’s idea and it truly was a fresh welcome to dinner music.

Towards the end of dinner, we had a couple toasts by the best man and Maid of honor and then into the dancing.  Josie got to share a dance with her father to My girl by the Temptations and then Tom danced with his mom to a song for my son, my Micki Vierdick.   Then the fun really began.

We opened up the dance floor to a slow song and got everyone up there. The dance floor was packed from edge to edge. We went into a fun upbeat song, and ½ stayed on the floor. We continued to dance the rest of the evening to a fantastic mix of everything. We also included the Anniversary dance, which worked out amazingly.

After playing a fun mix of sing alongs like Sweet home Alabama and livin on a prayer as well as Country roads by John Denver and more, the night ended way to quick. While the after party was at RJ bolands, our party stopped at 10.00 with Tom and Josie.

They were thrilled and happy with the outcome and everyone had an amazing time. I truly enjoyed working with Justin Ketchum photography and like always, the Club and Key center.

Special thanks to Justin Ketchum for the photos.

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