Featured Cleveland wedding Andrew and Kelli Marks

Featured wedding of the week: Andrew and Kelli Marks

Cleveland wedding Photographer: Corey Ann Photography  http://www.coreyann.com/

Venue: Radisson Hotel in EastlakeWe booked this couple over a year before their cleveland wedding reception and they were extremely excited for the big day. They were fun in our first meeting and the energy and fun they started with in our 1st meeting, lasted throughout the planning process and into the reception. They were always smiling and took our ideas and mixed them with our expertise and the reception turned out to be nothing short of amazing.

Dad is dancing


When we arrived at the reception, we used our larger Bose sound system as there were almost 300 guests. We wanted the room to be filled with sound, but keep the volume louder on the dance floor so the guests were able to still enjoy conversation. Cocktails were set up in another room, so we used our smaller (less obvious) cocktail sound system which we played a nice Jazz mix of Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, ECT…

We arrived extra early so we were able to coordinate with every vendor and

The Grand entrance circle


employee at the wedding. As a very experienced Cleveland wedding dj company, our goal is to meet everyone that is involved and introduce ourselves and make sure we are all on the same page. When cocktail hour began, I took it upon myself to invite guests from the hallway to the cocktail area. We introduced ourselves to all of the parents and explained the evening in short detail so they were comfortable with everything that was going to happen.

the New Mr. and Mrs. Marks dancing


About ½ way through the cocktail hour, the bridal party arrived and was shuffled into a special room down the hall, while guests enjoyed cocktails and appetizers. We took it upon ourselves to go down and meet with the entire bridal party and meet the bride and groom as well. We took the bride and groom aside and in addition to congrats, we asked if there were any last minute changes or if they had any questions. We went over a quick 35 second review of the evening and we even asked to make sure all the grandparents were coming. (You don’t want to introduce grandparents that couldn’t make it) After meeting them we went on to the Best man and Maid of honor. Why do we meet them, simple.. They are our assistants for the night. I would much rather ask things like “where is the throw bouquet” or “is the bride wearing a garter” to the Maid of honor, rather than bothering the bride herself. Let her enjoy her big day.

As the doors opened and we seated the guests, we discussed a special introduction for the bridal party and how it would go. I lined up the entire bridal party and went over all the names and where they were going to go. The introductions were extremely high energy to where they even pulled the Lebron James gig with throwing flour in the air….. We even played the cavs entrance song. That you can see on YouTube here.

the beautiful wedding cake


After the introductions we went into the cake cutting to the sounds of “how sweet it is” and then into 3 toasts. Because I had met with everyone using the mic and showed them where to stand, how to use the mic and so forth, it was easy for them to just pick the microphone up and go. After Monseniour gave the blessing, we played a nice array of old jazz standards for dinner. Dinner was sit-down and The Radisson Hotel, really outdid themselves with excellent service. Dinner went quick and 2/3 of the way through dinner, we switched the music to the sounds of, “mow town” and even some “sweet Caroline” the guests were all singing and dancing in their seats as they finished dinner.

Andrew and Kelli marks wedding reception


We then immediately went into our formal dances. Starting with Andrew and Kelli’s first dance “My Best Friend” Tim McGraw……….. Then right into the father daughter dance (I loved her first, Heartland) and the mother son dance (find your wings, Mark Harris)

Then the dance floor opened as we invited each and every guest to the dance floor. Our announcement of “for each couple joining them, will be an extra added year of god luck for our newlyweds, was a hit and there were at least 250 guests dancing. We went right into the “twist” and the rest of the night was history. Dancing and activities all night long. We added an anniversary dance in and all the guests were involved.

Most of the music was a wide variety as we sat down with them and went over their likes and dislikes and balanced those with our expertise and the crowd’s reaction for an amazing and unforgettable evening. Working with Corey ann is so much fun as she takes amazing pictures and she really knows the right pictures to take. When you work with fun and amazing vendors, the night really goes smooth as the communication line is wide open and understood.  This couple was nothing short of amazing to work with and we certainly hope to run into the new Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Kelly Marks again real soon.

The happy couple


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