The Truth behind the Acoustics at the Cleveland Courthouse weddings

Cleveland Wedding DJs, Selective Sound, dispel a myth.

Alright.....After years of hearing about this, I am going to clear the air with all of the prospective brides and grooms in the Cleveland Ohio area, getting married at the Cleveland Courthouse.   The first questions always asked when someone calls us when planning a wedding at the Cleveland Courthouse is the acoustics. Please let me explain the difference between a DJ/MC entertainment company that has extremely high end sound equipment and one that uses "standard" budget equipment.

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Wedding Ceremony at the Old Cleveland Courthouse

A full time MC/DJ entertainment company like Selective Sound Entertainment, uses the highest quality sound systems for this type of application. Most of the systems that are used here are Bose or QSC systems that specially compress and equalize the sound evenly to provide a smooth sounding area. We do not use less expensive 2 way speakers on a stick that are designed to "blare" sound at a very uncomfortable level. this is what you will surely get with less experienced and cheaper DJ services.

Guests dance to the beat and Rythym of the music, so having Subwoofers is a plus and almost a must in this application. However, having too much "bass" can ruin the sound and sometimes the event. You must place these cabinets with precision. Because Selective Sound Entertainment has played at this venue on so many occasions, we have pre-equilized the sound for both ceremony and reception music. This makes all announcements be heard with clarity.

The Cleveland Wedding Courthouse was not designed to accommodate powerful sound

Systems, thefore you must have excellent quality equipment to do the job correctly.

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