La-Vera Party Center Lighting – Before & After

Lighting Makes A Difference

Not sure about lighting for your next wedding? We understand. You have so many different things to worry about for your ceremony and reception. Cakes, limos, entertainment (our favorite!), etc. We get it. However, we feel that many of our clients have never really seen just what lighting can add to their event. Well, here's a great example.

Take the La-Vera Party Center. This example works because this is a great venue. You aren't covering up anything here. This is a world-class ballroom for wedding receptions with great service and food. HOWEVER, the addition of event lighting can make this venue YOURS. This means that we can wash the space in the look that you want.

Here are photos of La-Vera from May 26, 2012 without event lighting and set up for a wedding reception:

Cleveland DJs LaVera La-Vera

Cleveland LaVera La-vera Ballroom

Now here is the same room, on the same day with Selective Sound Entertainment Lighting:

Cleveland DJs La-Vera LaVera

Event Ballroom Venue LaVera

Now you can see just how transformative lighting can be! We would be glad to show you just what lighting can do for your wedding reception at our office. We have a demonstration room that allows you to see first hand the color of your choosing in a mock reception venue setting. For more information -


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