Does Your Photo Booth Look Like This?

Photo Booths Can Be Elegant!

A lot of wedding receptions have photo booths. They aren't just a trend any more...they are here to stay! Capturing moments in a fun way that also allows your guests to have a favor is a perfect addition to any wedding. One major complaint we've heard is the look of photo booths. Many are far from what you could call...elegant.


There's Nothing Pretty About This!

We offer photo booths that fit seamlessly into the look of your wedding reception. Our booths are custom designed. With a variety of color and shape options, it never has to be one size fits all. With 20 years of wedding entertainment experience as DJs and MCs we've seen it all. What our brides ask us for is a photo booth that fits the look of their event. Because we also offer endless lighting options for our brides, there's no limit to what we can create.

Here's an example of a photo booth designed exactly how our client asked at the Croation Lodge in Eastlake, Ohio.


Photo booths do not have to be messy and clunky. Our look this elegant and simple. Our sharply dressed attendants are smiling and showing everyone just how easy it works. No loud signs or advertising is needed. Just a stylish look to match the elegance of your reception.

Here is a photo of the room with the booth. Everything works together perfectly.


Visit us today for availability. No two events of ours are the same because no two couples are the same. Meet us so we can help you design the day of your dreams


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