The Truth About Uplighting

Not All Lights Are Created Equal

No other wedding reception decor concept has grown like uplighting has over the past 10 years. What was once rare is now a must have. The reasons are varied. Uplights can impact the entire venue in such a dramatic way that many of our clients have used them as the most cost effective way to transform a venue into their vision. Other bridal clients of ours have stated that uplights make it possible to create a club-like atmosphere. There are many more reasons to make sure uplighting is budgeted in for your wedding but we want to show you that there are different levels of uplighting.

As lighting technology has changed, so has what is possible in uplighting. Most of our clients don't know the difference between one light and the next. That's very understandable! Selective Sound, however, wants to make sure you understand that not all lights are equal. Let's look at the first type of uplight:

1. Standard Fixture or Decor Par

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A standard flood light fixture, that we often see florists using. There is nothing wrong with these types of lights at all. The limitations are as follows: limited range of focused light, they get quite warm to the touch, and they eat a lot of energy to keep them running.

2. Entry Level LED Light

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Very popular with DJ companies, these lights don't give off the heat of a deco par nor consume the nearly the amount of energy to keep them running. These LED lights have better color control and wider distribution. Their limitations are their inability to affectively wash the room in color.

3. 1 Watt LEDs

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These are where it's at! No heat, very little power to operate, and VERY powerful lights. These lights really wash a room in color. You also need far fewer of these lights to create a really impressive atmosphere. This light splashes all over the room and not just the walls. If you want your white tablecloths or your centerpieces to take on the color of the room, these are the lights for you.

We would love to show you our lighting demonstration room. We can show you endless color combinations, different lighting effects, and fixtures to ensure you get the look you envision. Take the guess work out of planning and contact us today!

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