The Impact of Wedding Reception Lighting

Beautiful Wedding at Signature of Solon

What a stunning wedding!
We had the chance to provide atmospheric lighting for a memorable wedding reception at Signature of Solon on November 3, 2012. This event was expertly put together by Elegant Events by Maria and it was obvious that no detail was left out of this 400 person event. This wedding reception's guests went beyond just Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Because of that, they wanted to make a real impression. The personalities of the families really showed throughout the event. Katie and Phil really knew what they wanted for their reception and they got it!
At this event, we provided uplights, decor lighting and lighting design concepts. Beyond lighting, we also had our custom open-air photo booth on-site with our technician throughout the evening.

The groom just wanted the room to glow in purple. He had no idea of what else we could do! After meeting for a site survey with the florist and Dave from Signature of Solon we went over the floor plans. We made sure all of our efforts highlighted each other's. Then our wedding uplighting designer minds went to work.

We started in the lobby to create an elegant look that would impress guests as they walked into the ballroom. To do that we set up two super high intensity LED wash lights and set them to amber to light two three story pillars. Also in the lobby was a custom gobo monogram hidden in wooden section below the stairs that showed on the adjacent wall.  There were also a few more LED uplight fixtures to enhance the brick walls. Besides just the lobby, the entire prefunction space had lights to highlight the venue so that everything looked connected. One unique challenge was to light up a crystal tree that was visible even from the parking lot. We used four high intensity LED uplights in just white to make it glimmer. The tree came out incredible after we turned the lights on.


This was the fun part. We closed the shades, upped our count of uplights to 60 for the ballroom. We spread them evenly through the room and which created a splash on the ceilings from the intensity. The lights washed there rest of the ballroom with lavender/purple as requested. We then built a 32 foot Crushed elegant white wall of drape behind the head table to hide the air wall and exit signs. We then shot a custom monogram behind the bride and groom on the drape. Adding 12 Led uplights behind the head table helped lightened up the area and glisten the crushed white drape from behind. The florist had 8 foot rectangle tables draped behind with water fixtures with candles floating in them. It was truly an incredible backdrop behind Phil and Katie's head table.

The dance floor was plain with no lighting effects except for LED wash lightens to light up the dance floor. We set up pin spotting to light up the cake on the dance floor to really create a big impact on their beautiful cake. 1/3 of the tables had these really fantastic tall flowered centerpieces that were also highlighted by pinspot lights from above and lit up the centerpieces on those tables. The other 1/3 tables had an extremely unique centerpiece that were callalillies hung upside down. We used our high intensity led puck lights (3 at each table) to make the callalitlles "pop". It worked incredible.

All of these lighting effects really added up to create a truly finished look. Adding to the fun of the event was our Photo Booth. Being able offer our custom designed "booth" really helped to fit into this detailed event. With pipe and drape as well as our lights, this photo novelty blended perfectly with the look they were after. Guests were able to leave with a custom favor as well as an enjoyable bit of entertainment.

Last but not least, we used some additional LED uplights to light up the ice sculpture as well as the crossbows at the wedding. Yes, you read that right...crossbows! We LOVE when unique elements of families lives get the chance to shine at our events. This family owns one of the largest crossbow manufacturing companies in the country!

This group were amazing people to work with and really special. All this work paid off when they came in the room and their eyes litet up. It was worth the extra work. Every wedding professional involved worked together on this collaboration to create the wedding this great couple deserved. Let us help you do the same for your next event!

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