Selective Secrets – What Wedding Vendors Don’t Want You To Know – Part Two

Part Two: Atmosphere and Entertainment

We have all been to that wedding. The one where the DJ is playing some outdated, drab songs that no one wants to dance to. The décor is lack luster, the atmosphere is dull, and most importantly the dance floor is empty. There is nothing worse, coming from a DJ’s perspective, then looking out over a room and seeing that empty, cross-hatched wooden pattern with no one on it.

Ever wondered how to pack a dance floor at your wedding so you can avoid this catastrophe?

When it comes to choosing entertainment, weather a band or DJ, experience and talent isn’t something to thumb your nose at. This is what truly makes the noticeable difference, especially on the dance floor.

In our series of Selective Secrets, we will take a look at MC/DJ entertainment and how it is vital to trust someone that has the talent and experience to get your guests on the dance floor having fun.

The Reality – What average wedding guests will expect:

- some type of chicken/green beans with almonds in them, and roasted red skin potatoes for dinner

- an average bar with bottom-shelf liquors they cannot pronounce

- traditional wedding cake

- a DJ playing the same music you have heard at the last three weddings you attended

- the clock strikes 10 PM and most guests are on their way out the door

The common denominator in all these factors? Atmosphere. The way you build the evening and how it flows with the quality of entertainment will make or break your reception.

Atmosphere is something that is created and takes planning. It is the order of events, music, and the flow of the event that will change your guests attitudes about your wedding reception. You can have the cheapest food, well drinks, cheap venue with little décor or natural appeal, and still have an unforgettable reception.

Experience, talent, and creativity are the key factors that make your wedding entertainment unique. Having an experienced DJ/entertainer that knows how to read a crowd and build the atmosphere with a creative twist will guarantee the dance floor is never empty.

Now you may be asking, how do I assure I have the right person for my wedding? Fear not – we are here to help:

Step #1 – interview your entertainment in person. Check out their references and what people are saying online. Use resources like WeddingWire and The Knot to find out the kind of experience others had with them. Deciding on your entertainment based on price could be highly detrimental in the end. People will quickly remember a bad wedding reception and what made it miserable.

Step #2 – Make sure who ever is doing the announcements at your wedding has all spellings and pronunciations correct ahead of time. It is highly embarrassing for all parties when the mother of the groom has her name mispronounced. Meet with your MC/DJ personally.

Step #3 – Listen to the ideas your MC/DJ may present. Keep in mind that they get paid to party. They know what makes a party fun and what can kill the vibe instantly. They want to make your wedding as fun and memorable as possible. The more fun they are having the more fun your guests will have.

Step #4 – Don’t be afraid to push the envelope. Use your input with what you like and don’t like, but leave the rest up to the DJ/MC. This is what makes the party when the true talent reflects how great they can read the dance floor.

*Side note: Surely you could fill out a DO NOT PLAY list, however because you are meeting with your MC/DJ directly, they are going to get a better idea of what you don't like, which in turn will eliminate a ton of music that you may not want played.  The last thing you want is some song you cannot stand. Or worse, the fight song of your rival college (it always happens that someone will request it in good fun, but be safe!)

Step #5 – Sit back and enjoy. Once you have done all the prep work you can assure your entertainment will be on pace for the whole night. When it comes to the actual wedding day you will have a million other things to worry about – don’t let this be one of those issues. Your guests will have a great time and the compliments will come rolling in.

Selective Sound is an  Cleveland Ohio based DJ entertainment company that is here to help you. These are the basics of what makes a wedding great. We strongly believe in these steps – so much that we are giving them away for free!

On top of that, we are going to give you some bonus wedding tips for building a memorable atmosphere. These are some Selective Sound tips that we have used for years. Tis the season of wedding giving:

- We open the dance floor with a slow song to pack the floor. This always gets the couples out early, guaranteed. There is a tasteful way of doing this to guilt the guests into dancing.. (Ask us how)

- We play the most incredible upbeat mix of dinner music to keep your guests tappin’ their toes and feeling fresh from the cocktail hour.

- We structure the reception so that things move along very smoothly.

- We get the dance floor filled before/while desserts are served. Why wait till guests are bored to tears.

- We put our DJ in the front of the dance floor so that we can see how the guests are reacting. This also allows for guests to put in song requests easily. No need for us to be on a stage.. we aren't the centerpiece of the reception.

- Our extensive music library allows for playing all the classics with the most up-to-date hits. We can also mix in shorter edits of songs with the chorus so you can get to the good part of those old school songs and play almost double the amount of music that you normally would dance to at a reception.

In summary, the truth of the matter is, none of these are “real secrets”. If you hire an experienced professional, they will know how to build a memorable atmosphere and a party that your guests will never forget.

Want more Selective Secrets? Check out our other blog post on how to pick the perfect photo booth for your wedding.

With over 29 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Selective Sound is truly one of the most experienced companies in Northeast Ohio, let alone the state. We are the wedding DJ company you are looking for. We are here to help you above anything else.

*All photos from Selective Sound weddings courtesy of Making The Moment, Marc Anthony Photography, and Genevieve Nisly

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