Friday vs. Saturday weddings…

Is a Saturday wedding really better than a Friday? Many would argue this fact through and through. There are an incredible amount of amazing reasons to have your wedding on a Friday vs. a Saturday. Check out these hard to believe answers below.....


Your guest’ schedules:

  • Guests’ work schedules are often flexible enough to allow them to leave early on a Friday, and who doesn’t like getting out of work early on a Friday?
  • Following the wedding, guests still have their weekends free, whereas a Saturday wedding eats up most of the day between ceremony and reception.
  • Out-of-town guests may have an added day to visit or to travel home.
  • Airfare is less expensive for out-of-town guests mid-week versus on a weekend.

           Wedding vendors have greater availability on Fridays

  • Vendors are more flexible with packages, timing & options on Fridays
  • Friday weddings often have greater negotiation power with vendors
  • Planning a rehearsal dinner? Most restaurants are much more accommodating of large group dinners on Thursdays


  • Friday receptions start later…and so can hair appointments, makeup, & pictures
  • More time to relax or get in a quick 9 on the local course (girls or guys)
  • No early morning drives to the airport!
  • Most honeymoon packages start on Sunday,  so the day after the wedding the bride and groom can sleep in, open gifts and visit with out-of-town guests


These are just a few tips on Friday weddings. Most brides that come to me with a dream wedding, but have a smaller budget, can achieve this on a Friday vs. a Saturday. All opinion based from Jay r (Jeremy Rich) Founder of Selective Sound Entertainment in Cleveland Ohio.  Selective Sound was founded in 1987.

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