Why just price shopping for your wedding DJ can cost you more than just money in the end….

Read this article now, wedding-stressthen read it again 3 times after you finish. Think about what is written here and then read it for a final time. That is how much I am trying to educate Brides and Grooms, Grooms and Grooms, and Brides and Brides alike on this growing problem.

In this day and age when we need a product (not a service) most of us go to the internet to sites like Amazon.com and look for the best price for a product, read a few reviews on it and then purchase it. We feel good because we filled a void and bought something you most likely wanted or needed. It comes a few days later and you open it up to find out that it wasn't what you thought it was or the "great deal" wasn't so great after-all. You then return it and buy something different, in most cases probably more expensive. You get the new one and are happy with your purchase and spending a bit more for a more popular and reputable product.. THIS IS WHERE THIS STOPS IN THE WEDDING SERVICE INDUSTRY! weddings in cleveland ohio 

Service vs. Product. 

Product is something you buy and is a tangible item.  Service for your wedding day is a ONE TIME investment.  You can't take it back, you can't fire it, you can't change it on your wedding day!

For 29 years in the wedding industry, I have seen many potential clients that are spending 20,000+ on their wedding day, not give as much thought to doing research and just "getting it boobad_dj_setup-371x271ked" on price alone.. SERIOUSLY?   We all understand budgets and money doesn't grow on trees, but understand that the best price is not necessarily the best service.  Do your research, reviews, and meet or have phone conversations with at least 2-3 different service providers.  Spend more time planning your reception and doing research and less time on social media. I see this becoming more and more of a problem where clients say they don't have time to plan their own wedding, however are out with their friends partying it up or shopping multiple times a week.

For years I have been a part of thousands of receptions and it PAINS ME to hear these horror stories of vendors that provide very low quality of service and couples are horrified with the end results.

Don't blow 90% of your budget on a venue you probably can't afford:  This is the one I see many times throughout the year. They spend almost all of their money on the venue and caterer and then need to buckle down and budget on the other vendors. WHY?  If you are having your wedding reception at an incredible venue like the Cleveland Courthouse or Cleveland City Hall and have an incredible caterer in A Taste of Excellence and then you have to shop for the most cost effective DJ service who lacks the talent and experience to give you the party to maximize the experience of your guests.  They go with a photographer that lacks the knowledge on lighting in a venue like these and their pictures come out dark or un-balanced.  They stress the weeks before the wedding as some of the vendors are slow to reply and may not be offering ideas and help to calm their nerves. The Videographer wants to add on last minute expenses that you weren't expecting to pay for, or he won't do the wedding.. YES... THIS HAPPENS!

Examples:   In the past month alone I have booked 3 wedding receptions for our DJ entertainment because the clients booked on price alone and are having troubles communicating with their DJ's or they are realizing that there aren't any reviews anywhere about them. They are scared that they are going to be making an awful decision to save money.  I booked 2 photo booth clients as they went to see a set up in action at a wedding and were horrified with the booth and the help running it.

downloadBEWARE OF THE WORD PROFESSIONAL...  The word professional in definition is someone getting paid to do a service.   That means that anyone who gets paid to DJ a wedding, (even for the first time) coordinate a wedding reception, Photograph a wedding, is a professional...    Value the word Experienced professional..   Ask these potential vendors about their experience and reviews from other clients.. Why aren't they online anywhere.  Sites like weddingwire.com and the Knot.com are extremely valuable review sites that DJ's cannot fake reviews on.. BEWARE of the reviews that are listed on personal sites that can be made up.

DO THE RESEARCH: Don't just shop by price!  You will feel better about your choice and in most cases it will be the best money you never saved.


The above blog post is from Jeremy Jay R rich who has 29 years in the wedding industry. He is the founder of Selective Sound Entertainment, which has been a part of over 7000 wedding receptions since 1987.  Please feel free to contact him at jayr@selectivesound.vtest.me with any questions.



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