This bride thought her first dance was ruined… you won’t believe what happened next:

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The Story

ON a late fall day in 2015, we had a meeting with a groom who had alot of unique ideas, however his bride to be, only knew about a few of them. He wanted us to plan a wedding knowing there would be a surprise for the bride that we had to keep this a secret. The groom had retained the services of Mark Wills, who was a multi platinum selling country artist. Mark Wills was the brides favorite artist and their first dance would include one of his tracks.

During this entire process there would have to be three timelines as the bride also had surprises for the groom. One timeline for the bride, one for the groom and one that neither of them could see, as it had all of the surprises together.

The Surprise:

Our original plan was to start the first dance song and have Mark sneak up and start singing the lyrics, however we thought it would be a better idea if we pretended their was a technical error in the song itself. We also talked about doing the dropping of the drape like they did in the Maroon 5 Sugar video, however we didn't want to draw attention to the stage. It was indeed extremely difficult to conceal the stage, as we had to use 6 white facades to cover up the keyboard and sound equipment. The bride herself was upset when we came up to her (planned of course) and changed up the agenda with the formalities. We had to sneak Mark Wills into the courthouse itself where the reception was held.

In summary this wedding was an incredible amount of work, however Brad and Melissa were well worth it! We thank them so very much for letting Selective Sound and Maria from Elegant Events be trusted to put on such an incredible surprise and reception.

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