Bride is shocked when her favorite country singer surprises her at her wedding

Chills, Thrills, and Mark Wills

Here at Selective Sound Entertainment, we are no strangers to big, extravagant events; including weddings! But when one of our grooms came to us with a “bigger than Texas”surprise for his soon to be wife, we knew we had to help him!

After initially connecting with the groom, Brad Hewitt, through A Taste of Excellence, he informed us that he wanted to surprise is fiancé with a performance from her favorite country singer, Mark Wills. The surprise was to all happen at the Cleveland Courthouse, where their wedding reception was held. We knew we had to not only help him pull this off, but make it a unique and personalized surprise for the couple of their special day.

Once Mark Wills was secured for the event, the fun really began. Along with Selective Sound Entertainment, Brad was also working with event planner extraordinaire, Maria Kovacevich, Elegant Events by Maria.

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The Set Up

After meeting several times with Brad and Maria, we decided on a plan. We were to have the MC/DJ set up and the instruments and band hidden during the entire ceremony and at the beginning of the reception. This was so that the bride and none of her guests would know what was going on. We did this with white panels that would be taken down right before Mark and his acoustic piano mate came in.

Now It’s the Bride’s Turn

The groom wasn’t the only one that wanted to surprise his new partner in life. The bride, Model, Melissa Baker, had a surprise up her sleeve as well. We worked on some videos of Melissa and Brad growing up as a surprise. We added two 70’’ LCD monitors so everyone could enjoy the show. A fun little addition the bride wanted was to use socialcast, which is live hashtag posts that show up on screens from everyone they knew, whether they were at the wedding or not.


3 Different Itineraries

Because the groom had a surprise for the bride and the bride had a surprise for the groom, we had to have three separate itineraries. One for the bride, one for the groom, and the real one for all the venders to follow to make sure everything went off without a hitch. Selective Sound Entertainment, we had to be super secretive since we went into multiple meetings and couldn’t hint anything to either of them.

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Show Time

We did sound check with Mark right before the reception. This was also tricky because we had to hide Mark from the bridal party and bride, who were walking around the venue for pictures. Once the reception started, the white panels came down and Mark was set up on stage with his acoustic keyboardist.

As for the bride’s reaction…well you can check it out below!

After Mark performed, he took pictures with almost everyone at the wedding. He later came up to us and said that when he saw the bride’s reaction, he started to get “choked up with emotion,” which was pretty cool to hear a celebrity say!

Some special touches we added were acoustically adjusting the music, uplighting, and feature lighting.

This event took more than 100 hours of planning and coordinating, just on our end, to make sure all of the surprises happened flawlessly. We were able to combine the groom’s surprise with the bride’s surprise for one epic celebration. Congratulations Brad and Melissa!

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