Tips on Tackling the Perfect Wedding Toast


Getting asked to make a toast at someone's wedding is a great honor for some, but can be a total nightmare for others. Here are a few tips we at Selective Sound Entertainment weddings in cleveland ohio suggest keeping in mind before you put your pen to paper!

•     Avoid Useless Clauses - One of the most common ways for a person to begin their wedding toast is with one or both of the following phrases; "For those of you who don't know me, my name is _____, and I'm the _____ (best man, maid of honor, etc). If they're at the wedding, there's a very good chance they already know who they are. Skip the filler, and get right to the key points of your legendary speech!

•     Don't be Nervous! - If public speaking isn't your strongest suit, you're not alone. Even these days where communicating is easier than ever, speaking in public still sits atop the pyramid of American's biggest fears. However, there's no need to stress! If you were personally picked to do a toast, the couple is looking for you to speak from your heart, not give a valedictorian's speech. Just imagine everyone is in their underwear, and you'll do fine!

•     Get Your Speech Proofread - Just because you believe your speech is the best, doesn't necessarily make it so. Be sure to have another person read over your toast before you give it, just to be sure it truly is the best it can be.


•     Stand Between The Couple When Speaking - Keeping this tip in mind might just earn you a few brownie points with the wedding photographer. Aside from the beautiful pictures that will come as a result of where you're standing while you speak, it will also ensure you're seen by all of the wedding's guests, and will make your speech much more personal to the couple.

•     TOAST, Not ROAST - Everybody likes to poke fun at their friends, but perhaps their wedding isn't the best place for this. Keep the jokes light, and avoid stirring up a topic that may make the guests of honor feel uncomfortable.

•     Don't Tell an Unknown Story - There's nothing worse than having to sit through a story that you think may never end.... Especially at a wedding. Try to stay away from stories that only a handful of people at the wedding will know, or you'll risk losing the interest of the guests. That being said, don't be afraid to make your toast short and sweet if you can't think of a good story to tell. wedding djs in cleveland ohio




•     End With a Toast! - You may read this and consider it an obvious point, but it's a whole different ballgame when a person is standing front and center in a room full of staring eyes. After all the time you've spent planning and memorizing what you're going to say at the reception, don't forget to raise your glass to the new couple when you're all finished!

•     Still Nervous? Consult Technologyor talk with your DJ- If you're really struggling to come up with material for your wedding speech and have nowhere else to turn, you can never go wrong borrowing a couple of love's most famous quotes. Search around online for a few to use, or you can click here to find a few good ones too.

While we can't sit here and help you write the perfect wedding toast, we can help you with all the other details that are needed to make your day perfect! Contact Selective Sound's team of wedding professionals today to see just how great your big day can really be! Photos courtesy of Making The Moment.

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