The shocking truth: former couple speaks out….

When it comes to your wedding day, it only makes sense that you would be looking for the perfect vendors to help facilitate and make sure everything runs smoothly. However, with so much riding on this big day, needless to say the pressure is on. With so many entertainment options to choose, you probably find yourself asking, "Which one will put me in good hands?" Brad and Melissa Hewitt asked themselves the same question, and here is what they had to say after choosing Selective Sound Entertainment for their wedding services.

Brad and Melissa got married in March of 2016 at the Cuyahoga County courthouse. Before any step of the planning process, the couple's first priority was to find the right wedding planner for them - Assuming that a good wedding planner would be able to point them in the direction of other, recommended vendors. When Brad and Melissa had it narrowed down to only two candidates, they asked the question "Whom do you recommend for our wedding entertainment?" Both planners responded with the same answer: Selective Sound Entertainment. To be sure SSE was right for them, the soon-to-be Hewitts had three criteria that needed to be met; Their DJ needed to be informative, highly creative, and knowledgeable in the wedding industry. After a short meeting with SSE President Jay R Rich, it was clear that they had found the company they were looking for. This first meeting was only the beginning of planning what was sure to be an unforgettable day, as Jay R continued to meet with Brad and Melissa over the next few months.

"We met with Jay R countless times during the wedding planning process.  Each time, we felt we moved forward significantly from where we were before.  From the beginning, we had an idea of what we wanted to accomplish from the entertainment standpoint but at each step, Jay R offered more ideas to not only bring our ideas to life, but also to execute them in a way that were both unique and imaginative." - Brad Hewitt


Though the couple was originally looking for DJ services, SSE resulted in providing all lighting and audio services, staging construction, incorporating TVs and other wireless services, and even brokered the videographers for the wedding as well. Though SSE seemingly put over 100 hours into this single wedding, Jay R and the SSE team never once seemed bothered or overworked, but instead, appeared to be just as excited for the day as the Hewitts were! BUT, that excitement may have had something to do with the super secret surprise that was in store...



Before long, Brad and Melissa's big day had arrived. All the details were set in stone, but there was one BIG detail that Brad never told Melissa about regarding the entertainment. Though Selective Sound was contracted originally for their DJ services, Brad organized a surprise appearance by one of Melissa's favorite artists and the singer of their first dance song, Mark Wills. Keeping this a secret for Melissa was very important to Brad, and he knew he needed a company that was experienced in working with live bands. SSE failed to disappoint, as Mark and his band were hidden from view and revealed mere seconds before their first dance! Words couldn't describe the reaction of Melissa, but the look on her face had said it all; The wedding of her dreams had become a reality. After playing for about an hour, Mark passed the entertainment into the hands of Selective Sound, who kept the unbelievable party going for the rest of the night.

"The moment we were introduced as husband and wife for the first time.  It was the culmination not only of our love for each other, but a realization that all our lives had led us to that very moment in time." - Brad Hewitt

We at Selective Sound are honored to have played such a major role in the nuptials of Brad and Melissa, and know it is a night none of us will ever forget!! You can see more pictures of the wedding by following the hashtag #HewittWedding2016 online (an addition initially recommended by SSE, but overwhelmingly approved by the Hewitts). Special thanks to Maria Kovacevich from Elegant Events, Taste of Excellence Catering, and our own Selective Sound Videography for all their help in making the big day a success. To find out how Selective Sound can help you with any details for your wedding, click here.

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