Beautiful Bride Dancing through a blast from confetti cannons
amazing wedding venue with lighting
Guest table look gorgeous with amber uplighting at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda

25 wedding venues in 25 days..

2020…The year of challenges. This is how 2020 will be known for so many of us. This year has definitely been a bit unusual as well as challenging for our team, just like it has been for the rest of the world. However, those who know us know that we love a challenge. Even though we are kicking back and relaxing with our families, we can’t just sit still the entire time. Therefore, we have decided to challenge ourselves to post about our top 25 Cleveland wedding venues in 25 days.

These wedding venue posts will be in NO particular order. We respect them all equally and enjoy each one differently. In this series of posts, not only will we be describing how we transformed each wedding venue, but we will also be sharing some pictures. Some of the lighting designs we’ve done at these 25 Cleveland wedding venues are just too incredible and unique not to share pictures of.

We are a full service entertainment and production DJ company in Cleveland, Ohio. Not only are we known as one of the leading wedding dj companies in Northeast Ohio but we also specialize in other aspects of the wedding industry. We have specialized teams to meet all of your décor lighting, photo booth and special effects needs. When looking through the pictures in this series of 25 Cleveland wedding venues in 25 days, please note that we can recreate a look. However, we would be even happier to design a whole new unique look just for you at any of these locations.

We hope you enjoy the posts in our series “25 Cleveland wedding venues in 25 days”! And don’t forget to leave us feedback in the comments below. We love hearing from you! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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