Band Vs. DJ at your wedding reception

Many people over the years have mentioned to us that they are looking at bands as well as DJ's for their Cleveland wedding. I personally had a band....AND a DJ at my wedding, so I know the impression live music can make. But lets' take a better look at the difference between the two and why it may be more benefitial to go with one or the other. When reading this post, understand that this is 100% based on my opinion and experience of 24 years in this field.

Important NOTE: Most people have seen such BAD and un-impressive DJ's and are sooo turned off by seeing that, they naturally lean towards a band.. It does NOT have to be that way. Read more below.

Band: ranging from 1 man bands to 15 or more pieces

Costs: As low as 795.00 to 8000,00+ on average

Pros: Classy, Live performance, Real genuine sound,

Cons: More expensive, Lack of coordination, In most cases NO Emcee, In most cases no meeting with band leader, rather just phone calls, Smaller music library to play, will have to learn custom songs, very loud and hard to control volume, larger equipment.

Having a band is truly an amazing touch to a wedding reception. Usually you have to pay 2k plus to have a semi professional band. We are not saying not to get a band, rather consider this when thinking about getting one. Do they have an Emcee/coordinator whom you will get to meet with one on one to go over the announcements, names,activities, feel for the evening? How long are your breaks? Do you require meals? Will you coordinate with all the vendors so everyone is on the same page?

We have worked with several bands over the years as DJ's and done all the coordinating/Emcee work. Most of the bands we have worked with, unfortunately did not produce the same "dance" results as we were able to achieve as experienced, professional DJ's. I know that their are plenty of great wedding bands that have the dancefloor packed at many receptions, we just haven't worked with them. I have heard many stories of bands not being able to get the atmosphere fun to get a "music groove" to where people had an amazing time.


Pros: Less expensive, More variety of music, Emcee skills, Coordination, in most cases meetings with your DJ/MC  directly, can control the volume level, can play just about anything

Cons, Have to do much research to find the right DJ,

Costs: 600.00-1900.00

Experienced, Professional Dj's can be as, or more classier than a band. They can be very fun and easy to work with if you hire the right one. They can coordinate with your other vendors and Emcee the entire evening so each guest will know exactly what is going on and when. The benefit of hiring a DJ over a band, usually falls within the way they communicate with the other vendors and how they can keep the evening running smoothly. If you do end up hiring a band, then we would strongly reccomend hiring a coordinator and an Emcee as well to cover the other angles. A cleveland wedding DJ can truly make your wedding reception as much if not more fun that a Band can. A band can be an amazing choice if you hire one with all of the things your profesional Cleveland wedding djs can offer.

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