The warm glow from the bistro lighting gives a romantic feel to the natural beauty outside of the Cleveland Botanical garden

Botanical Gardens Cleveland Ohio wedding

Occasionally, clients give you challenges you haven’t had to face in the past. This can sometimes be tricky but very exciting to solve as well.  For this event, bistro lighting with Edison bulbs were the challenge. By using our production skills and our amazing team we were able to achieve an amazing look for this venue.

Every couple has a vision of just how they want their wedding to look. When Abby and Molly booked their wedding at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, they knew right away how beautiful their wedding would be. The Cleveland Botanical Gardens possess a natural beauty perfect for a wedding.  From the trees and flowers to the fountains and ponds, having an event under the stars is hard to beat!

NOTICE: no poles in the middle of the footprint.. 

With an outdoor venue, lighting is extremely important. As the sun sets, a wedding needs lighting that will keep guests engaged and excited without overpowering the rest of the event. For a venue like the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, bistro lighting is the perfect choice to create a welcoming ambiance and environment.

How We Handled the Challenge of Bistro Lighting…

Selective Sound Entertainment, one of Cleveland’s leading wedding DJ and lighting companies, was challenged by Abby and Molly for this venue.  The challenge was to light their wedding without having any poles in the middle of the space. Our team of experienced professionals were definitely up for the challenge. Like always, they were determined to go above and beyond to meet the bride and groom’s wishes. The Selective Sound team worked extremely hard, putting their productive skills to the test, to achieve an amazing look.

Our team used Café and Bistro lights with warm Edison bulbs. They also used some LED uplighting to enhance the trees and flowers surrounding the area.  We had put the Edison lights on a dimmer so it had a nice soft warm glow.  As a result, they didn’t overpower or over light the affair.


When discussing the addition of Café, Bistro and/or Edison lighting, you should make sure you know what you are getting before you decide to commit to any vendor. Having anyone do “any” type of this lighting could be dangerous as there are many consumer grades of this type of lighting out there. Therefore, we use only commercial grade lighting with 2″ bulbs or 4″ pear shaped Edison incandescent bulbs for that true effect.


Call or email Selective Sound Entertainment today to see how we can add this in to your reception or event.

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