Had a great wedding on Friday night with Beck and Brian Dombek! Being a Cleveland DJ for years, I have worked with many people, but this couple had something very special! They were truly made for eachother and it was a great wedding.
The wedding was at the Croation hall in Eastlake Ohio and was about 300 guests. PIctures to follow along with full review.

Really? The Cleveland cavaliers are playing the final championship game on the night of my wedding. No-one will leave the wedding early. They can all get a score when they leave.   It’s my wedding reception. They won’t be rude. Its just another basketball game. Who cares if Cleveland hasn’t won a National Championship since 1964.   Or does someone really care……………..

Here are the hard truth answers you may be asking:

1. YES! they will leave early to go watch the game

2. YES! they will be rude and go outside to listen to it in their cars

3. YES! they will care about our 1st Championship since 1964.

Cleveland Cavaliers star, Lebron James

Lebron James

This below is tips on how to help avoid this situation above. This also goes for other sporting teams in your city or town and different parts of the year.

Ohio state

Ohio State Buckeyes

1. Don’t schedule your wedding on the 3rd weekend of November unless you are getting married outside of Ohio and Michigan and your fans are from neither of those states. The Ohio State/Michigan football game is the #1 watched rivalry game of the year. Your guests may actually decline your wedding because of this game, unless they are close family.  So remember, this above game, cause you will not forget it.

2. IF you do happen to have a major playoff game this is proven to work, however if your a bride or past bride, this may seem very corny to you at first, however if you can paint the picture, IT WORKS! … Put a TV of the game in your wedding. YES.. thats correct, you heard me.. WHY? because it will keep ALL of your guests IN the room and IN the atmosphere.  Selective Sound Entertainment, your Cleveland Wedding DJ specialists, have been doing weddings for 24 years and can tell you first hand how many weddings have been ruined because of Playoff games.

The ones that are a success are the ones where the TV’s are actually located inside the reception. I know what you are thinking, it may be corny, but keep in mind the alternative, that is unless you can care less if they leave or not.  If you show the game in the reception, they will hear and see everything going on and be a part of the party. We have even see guests dance in-between the quarters, where if they weren’t at the wedding, no one would dance.  It may seem corny, but its proven to work.  Put a small TV by the bar area inside the reception room.

Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians

3. An lastly, If you are scheduling your wedding during the summer in the downtown area, you may want to check the schedules of the events ahead of time. There may be some conflicting events in the mid to late summer downtown. This may throw your timing off when taking pictures or if your in a time crunch.

Selective Sound is a leader in the Cleveland DJ area with Experience and Talent, specializing in wedding receptions. Please contact us for more information or leave a comment.

INTERVIEW Part 3: Selective Sound Wedding Information

Once a bride books you, what happens next?

Our clients automatically have access to start their online wedding planning. About 8-10 weeks before the big day, we send some helpful tools to help aid them in their planning. About 4 weeks before the wedding, we set up a meeting with their DJ/MC to go over the planning and details. Post-meeting, we are in contact as many times as it takes to handle all details, changes, music choices, etc.

What is one thing you wish brides and grooms knew about hiring DJs?

The talent and experience level of whom they are hiring. They aren’t buying a camera or some tangible item on EBay that they can return if they don’t like it. Entertainment is a once in a lifetime choice and cannot be taken back during or after the event. Spending the extra time and research along with spending a little extra money will bring out an amazing evening of entertainment at a once in a lifetime affair. That is surely to keep their guests remembering their wedding over their friends for years to come.

How can brides and grooms make your job easier?

Reading the material we send them with ideas on music and planning, as well as listening to our ideas and taking our expertise in account. We are not asking them to follow or use all of our ideas; however we do know what works.

What do you wish brides and grooms asked you or remembered to tell you?

I wish brides and grooms asked me for advice about anything including vendors for their weddings. We have worked with some of the best vendors for over 20 years. We meet new and young extremely talented vendors, who are absolutely amazing at what they do, and we love to recommend. In some cases, we can save a bride and groom enough money to pay for our services. We also wish they asked us for advice on planning.

Why you and not another DJ company with similar experience locally?

After initially meeting with a bride and groom, we get an idea of their vision for the reception and which of our DJs will best suits their needs. While we all are trained the same way, each of us has unique. Our DJs vary in age from mid-twenties to early forties, who all differ in personality, energy and style. Once we match them up with the best available person, meetings are set up with their particular DJ for all the pre-planning meetings a few weeks before the big day!

Tell me about a time when you had to change something in your services in order to get the job done at a wedding:

There are countless stories about wedding plans that had to change on the fly, but a perfect example is when a DJ’s wife went into labor a couple of days before a bride and groom’s wedding and we had to change their day-of DJ. The new DJ was able to meet with them and get all caught up to speed on the plans and everything went off without a hitch!

Do the bride and groom have to feed you?

No, it is not required. However if not, we would need a short break to eat something. Most brides and grooms prefer us to be in the room or nearby in case someone wants to make a toast, use the microphone or change the music. Most venues will offer discount rates for vendors, as we surely are not drinking alcohol that night.

My dad likes to talk too much; can you make sure his toast isn’t 15 minutes long? We’ll interview him beforehand and ask him how long he anticipates his toast to be. If he says 15 minutes, you may decide to have him do his toast after salads are served and before dinner, where there is more time. We’ll remind him that the food is very hot and being plated and will be served immediately following toasts. Therefore, while we want him to take the time he needs for his toast, you also want the food to be served properly and not dried out or cold.

I have a day of coordinator/wedding planner, is that okay with you?

Sure is, as long as they have experience in more than 2 to 3 weddings per year and this person is willing to speak to us before the reception. We need to have constant contact with the coordinator to ensure we are both on the same page for the evening’s events.

My venue echoes, can you help?

There are a few places we play which requires us to bring special sound equipment. If your DJ/MC has the right knowledge and equipment, the sound will be perfect. All of our equipment has built in compressors, limiters and eq’s for perfect crystal clear sound quality.

What other services do you provide other than DJing?

Officiating weddings, plighting, custom monograms, Master of Ceremonies services, Game shows and wedding consulting.

dancing at a wedding

Guests dancing at a wedding in Cleveland Ohio

How long has Selective Sound been in business?

Since 1987. We started the company with the name “Music in Motion” and changed in 1989 to Selective Sound.

Where did the company name come from?

Honestly, I can’t remember!

What is your role at Selective Sound?

I am the marketing director, accountant, human resource manager, scheduler, promoter, performer, worker, operator, technician and… owner!

Why did you start to DJ in Cleveland

In 1987, I joined a youth group because I was able to play the music on the sound system at the youth group school dances. By the touch of a button I was able to make 300 people go crazy and by that same touch of a button I was able to also calm them down. For a moment I felt like a god.

How did you get your company started?

I bought my first mixer/amplifier and rented speakers. I was using cassette tapes. I made $25 for my first gig, $60 for my second gig and the rest is history. We’ve done over $2 million in gross sales since then.

Where do you DJ now?

wedding dis

2 cleveland Ohio wedding dis

In Northeast Ohio for private affairs. Ninety percent of our business is weddings but we also do corporate events and bar/bat mitzvahs.

How many DJs do you employ every weekend?

We can do a maximum of five weddings and two other events per evening. Our busiest weekends are usually holiday weekends and we’ve done up to 19 events in one weekend!

How many weddings does your staff work in a year?

We average about 160 weddings per year.

What does your set-up consist of?

We are more refined in the DJ world. We use the new Bose l1 series 2 systems and a few Yorkville Unity systems (for the big events), a few wash LED lights and a compact computerized touch screen DJ system. Our systems are designed to blend into the decor, not be gaudy or noticeable.

How/where do you buy music?

Once a week we get CD with the top songs from each category from TM Century Prime Cuts. We own every song we every play.

What is a common misconception about your work?

That we just show up and play music. People don’t know about the 5 to 6 hours, pre-planning, coordinating, and music programming and so forth that we do before we even set up a speaker.

next week: part 2.. About the Jay r (CEO) of Selective Sound Entertainment.