Guests doing line dance at reception in Cleveland City Hall Rotunda

Cleveland City Hall Rotunda

We have been doing events at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda since they began taking on private events 6 years ago. A Taste of Excellence is of course the preferred caterer at Rotunda. They are absolutely amazing with not only food, but also class and professionalism. This space is just incredible and acoustics are certainly nothing to worry about if you hire Selective Sound Entertainment.  Due to so many years of technical experience and working in this space, we have mastered the way to eliminate any sound issues. Additionally, our lighting technicians have undeniably mastered how to enhance the grandeur of the space.  So rather than stressing on which company you should hire for this venue, contact us  and we can show you exactly how we can give you the best in this space.

Below are some photos from some of the lighting designs our team put together. 

Wireless LED uplighting
Pin spotting
Feature/Spot lighting
Custom monogram/Gobos
Decor lighting design
Wireless LED uplighting

If you’re thinking of having your wedding reception at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda definitely hire an experienced wedding DJ. We have worked at the Rotunda on many occasions as the DJ, sound technician and lighting company.  Remember that the lighting is equally important to sound in this grand space. Given these points, if you want a worry free wedding reception at the Rotunda, you should consider hiring a wedding DJ that has technical background in sound.  With this in mind, you won’t have to worry about acoustic problems.

In any event, you may want to visit this link for more info:  The Truth behind the Acoustics at the Cleveland Courthouse weddings.  This earlier blog is about the sister building to City Hall Rotunda. Be that as it may, the Courthouse has all of the same concepts, so you will most likely find this one helpful as well.  

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