Venue Spotlight – Cleveland City Hall Rotunda

Cleveland City Hall Rotunda

Venue Spotlight

We have been doing events here since they began taking on private events 6 years ago. A Taste of Excellence who is the preferred caterer, is amazing in this incredible space and acoustics are NOTHING to worry about as we have mastered the way to help with the sound.  Contact your Cleveland Ohio wedding DJ company, Selective Sound Entertainment now

Check out some of the photos below from some of the lighting designs our team put together. 

Wireless LED uplighting
Pin spotting
Feature/Spot lighting
Custom monogram/Gobos
Decor lighting design
Wireless LED uplighting

Thinking of having your wedding reception at Cleveland City hall?  What if you can work with a DJ and sound and lighting company who has worked at City Hall Rotunda on many occasions. Did you know that hiring a DJ who has worked at the Cleveland City Hall Rotunda, and has technical background in sound, will make for alot better sounding speakers.  You won't have to worry as much about acoustic problems at the Cleveland Courthouse.    Check this link out for more info  The Truth behind the Acoustics at the Cleveland Courthouse weddings     This previous link is the sister building to City Hall with all of the same concepts.  

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