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Bringing Visions To Life

Custom wedding drapery
We’re the first people to tell you if you have a vision that isn’t realistic but…that’s not our first instinct. Our goal is to always listen and then advise. After this, we use our experience and passion to see if we can bring our clients’ visions to life. It’s what pushes us to grow and where we get the most satisfaction from our work. We are never afraid of a challenge! In fact, we usually enjoy a good challenge. From custom drapery to entertainment and lighting, we make the intangible – tangible.

More and more often we are given visual sources of inspiration from our clients and are asked to interpret them. Frequently, this comes in the form of Pinterest posts. Our clients ask to see if these ideas are possible for a specific budget and capable in their venue. It’s rare that we re-create designs exactly. There are lots of variables that come into play such as rigging points, adapting the scale of the design, and the specifics of venues to name just a few. For these reasons many in the wedding professional vendor community feel stress when it comes to Pinterest and photo inspirations. Not us.

Event professionals can sometimes feel stress when engaging in conversations with potential clients. This is due to lack of clear communication.  The supplier of the design elements typically knows more about their craft than their client. However, this doesn’t mean that the client can’t be educated in the challenges that can come from adapting an inspirational image. Professionals don’t just take orders, they advise and council their clients. This is exactly what we do at Selective Sound Entertainment. All this is pretense for what we helped create recently at Sapphire Creek Winery.

Custom Wedding Drapery Design

Working with A Charming Fete, our job was to realize a couple’s vision for custom wedding drapery at their wedding reception venue: Sapphire Creek Winery. We have worked there before and knew about the specifics of the venue. For logistical reasons and venue rules, the drape could not be hung from the ceiling to give them the exact look the client was looking for. Based on the size of the drape required to achieve this look, we used special poles and weights in order to create stability. We made sure to prepare for bumps and any unexpected things that can happen at a wedding. No poles or drapes were going to come tumbling down on our watch!

The drapes couldn’t be hung from the ceiling so we had to be precise, down to the inch. This is what separates us from less experienced suppliers – we aren’t cookie cutter. That’s why we’re fine with clients showing us their inspirations and having straight-forward discussions about what is and isn’t possible. Our job is to make your dreams real but that’s a process.

Here’s how this process went:


Set Up

Finished Custom Wedding Drapery Design

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