Bride and Grooms monogram as part of their custom wedding lighting

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Selective Sound Entertainment has been all over Cleveland, Akron, and Columbus in the past month. This is unquestionably one of the busiest times for custom wedding lighting and DJ entertainment. We are having a blast on our tour of venues all over Northeast Ohio. Most important, this year’s bridal couples have been some of our best clients ever!

All in all, 2018, will be our biggest year for reception lighting. No longer a “trend”, custom wedding lighting for reception venues is here to stay. Every bride wants their vision made real and not just the same look their venue always has. The easiest and most powerful way to customize a venue is through lighting. Whether it’s with uplighting, pin spotting, or a combination of all of our techniques, we ALWAYS customize what we do for each couple.

Here’s an example of the same room without lighting and then with Selective Sound’s custom wedding lighting:

Photo of reception hall without custom wedding lighting

La-Vera party center before custom wedding lighting

reception hall with lavender custom wedding lighting

La Vera party center with beautiful lavender custom wedding lighting


We’re pretty sure you’ll have to agree that this was an amazing transformation. These photos were taken recently of a Selective Sound Entertainment event at La-Vera Party Center.  La-Vera is located in Willoughby, Ohio and is one of our favorite venues. It’s also perfect for weddings. However, to make it truly YOUR wedding we can incorporate lighting to compliment your unique wedding colors throughout the room.

Let us show you how we can create the event of your dreams! Contact us when you’re ready. We look forward to seeing your vision and how we can customize it just for you!

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