Wedding Uplighting by

Master Lighting Technicians

Wedding uplighting turned this tent into a fairy tale setting

Wedding uplighting is a fantastic way to enhance any venue. And with our highly trained and skilled lighting technicians, Selective Sound can bring your visions to life.

Perhaps you’ve chosen a barn for your venue and need to add extra lighting. Rather than just any old lights, let’s try uplighting to add color and make the natural beams inside glow. With wedding uplighting, a barn can transform into something truly remarkable.

Maybe you’ve chosen a venue like the Old Cleveland Courthouse where the architecture is breathtaking. We would never want to completely wash a venue like this in a bunch of color. Instead, we would use wedding uplighting to highlight the grand columns or the gorgeous ceiling.

Over 15,000 color combinations!

Enhancing the Old Cleveland Courthouse

Due to Selective Sound Entertainment having 30 years of experience in Northeast Ohio, we are beyond familiar with most of the venues in the area. Therefore, our lighting technicians have an advantage over many other companies because our team already knows the layout of the venue. We know if certain things will work due to electrical outlets, architectural issues, etc.

At Selective Sound we believe in being the best with everything we do. Therefore, we use only the highest grade equipment and bulbs when it comes to our lighting projects. With over 15,000 color combinations our lighting technicians are able to match your wedding colors as well as make any vision become a reality.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation and see exactly how wedding uplighting will make your guests mouths drop.

Enhancing Windows on the River

Creating a beautiful backdrop for all of your photos

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