Wedding reception lighting in Cleveland Ohio

Let the “Ooh’s and Ahhh’s” begin! Décor lighting is a great way to enhance the ambiance of your reception and to surround your guests with any color for your wedding. Whether you are hosting your reception in a conference room, club house or the most elegant ballroom in town, you now have the ability to take your decorating to the next level.

With the power of décor lighting, you can transform any space, from a rustic old barn or a bare-walled reception hall, to reflect any kind of mood. When lighting is used in conjunction with drapery, we can create unbelievable lighted backdrops at any venue.  There are hundreds of different lighting ideas from wireless LEDs to high-powered uplighting which is a trend for weddings as well as special events to set the mood or to transform the venue. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I think about adding décor lighting to my wedding?

Lighting can not only tie together all your wedding décor, but it can even compliment it to give it a more sophisticated look than before! If you’re seeking, to add a little color to a space, or even just want to add that “WOW” factor, décor lighting is your solution.

What kind of lighting do you have?

At Selective Sound, we have everything from standard lighting and string/café lighting, to wireless up-lights and chandeliers. Floor washes, gobos, and pin-spotting are among other great options as well. Contact us today to schedule a FREE, no obligation design consultation and to learn more about our various lighting choices.

What are gobos and monograms?

By definition, a gobo is a metal plate that has a particular pattern cut out of it, so that when a light source shines through it, only the template’s design pattern is displayed in light. Stock gobos are always available through Selective Sound, but custom gobos are also available upon request. With our different conventional lighting fixtures and special lensing, we have the ability to project a gobo of any size anywhere, at any venue.

What is up-lighting?

As its name implies, up-lighting is simply a light that projects upwards to bathe a bare wall in any color of your choosing. At Selective Sound, we have conventional soft whites, and both wired and wireless LEDs. With our full range of lighting styles, Selective Sound has the ability to produce over 35,000 different color varieties.

What is String Lighting? How is it different from Bistro, Edison, or Café lighting?

Truthfully, all these lighting options are just different names for the same style – a conventional light bulb hanging on a string. Very popular for outdoor areas, string lighting works well in tents, on patios or in other rustic settings such as a barn. Adding a dimmer to your string lighting can ensure they aren’t too bright at any point, but that it still remain effective from dusk till dawn.

How many up-lights do I need in my reception hall?

The number of up-lights you need all depends on the look you are trying to achieve. In some instances, 10 lights may suffice, while in others, you may want to add as many as 40 or 50. The best way to determine how much lighting is right for you is to contact Selective Sound today to schedule a FREE, no obligation, design consultation with a member of our lovely team.

What effects can chandeliers have on lighting?

We’re glad you asked, because we LOVE our chandeliers. With our supply of hanging lanterns, wagon wheel chandeliers, and various crystal chandeliers these unique lighting options can be dimmed to accent a room or used in large clusters for a stunning visual effect.

Will you come to my venue and tell me what I need?

Being a full lighting and production company, as well as an entertainment company, Selective Sound has an entire team of dedicated lighting technicians who would be more than happy to visit a venue to review the space and provide you with some design ideas. However, we do ask that one of our services be secured prior to that meeting. Even a small deposit on one of our most basic contracts can be credited towards any lighting purchase.

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