One of the Selective Sound Teams.

One of the most misunderstood areas of your wedding planning is music selection. Most Brides and grooms automatically think that they are the ones who are supposed to choose the music (all of it) for their wedding. That answer couldn’t be further from the truth. While most Brides and grooms are expected to choose formality songs and a few others, the rest isn’t and most likely NOT necessary to choose.

Part of a DJ/mc’s Job is to create an evening of fun and ongoing events where there is no dead time in a wedding. Even in the middle to end of dinner you should be playing some more upbeat music. The transition between dinner and dancing is EVERYTHING. If your guests are bored because too much time passed, then chances are they will become more bored/tired and less likely to get up and dance.

If you keep the evening running smoothly and build up the music and atmosphere, it will surely get all age groups up and dancing. The common denominator is the “fun atmosphere”

With the atmosphere in fun mode, everyone from grandma Marge to your young friends in college will see how contagious the fun is.

As a Cleveland wedding dj for 24 years, I utilize the input of the bride and groom in regards to some must plays and play if possibles and they give me a better feel for what they want and I mix that in with the reaction of your guests.

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