Epic NYE wedding reception

Couple: Jennifer and Christopher

Venue: Metropolitan @the 9  Jennifer

Wedding planner/coordinator: Elegant Events by Maria

Amazing photos you see down below by Jarred and Heather from Genevieve Nisly Photography

Entertainment, lighting, Socialcast, selfie station from Selective Sound Entertainment 


What an amazing couple.  It started out as just basic entertainment with the idea of adding a few extra lights down the road. At the beginning the wedding receptions was supposed to be in another location and Maria and Jennifer landed this gem.  Jennifer is incredible to work with @the 9 and she certainly makes everyone feel welcome that works there. This venue is so unique and is more affordable than people actually think.

We got together for a site survey about 6 weeks before the reception and put together several price points to where Jennifer and Chris chose what they felt they were most comfortable with.   We used wireless LED commercial grade fixtures for the perfect balance of light in the room.  Because they were wireless, it allowed us to change the colors several times through the evening for different looks.

WE recommended a new product we offer called Socialcast, which integrates real time social media hashtag posts right there on the screens at the venue.  Hundreds of posts came in from the guests that evening alone.

The Cleveland wedding DJ from Selective Sound was Marcus.  Marcus is a true pro and sat down with both Christopher and Jennifer to assist them in putting together the perfect evening of music and formalities. Marcus is a true pro in mixing up the music and keeping in classy, but in a club type feel later in the night.

Congrats to Christopher and Jennifer once again.

ALL PHOTOS ABOVE are special thanks to Jarred and Heather from Genevieve Nisly Photography

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