Event Trends Available In Cleveland Now!

When Your Event Needs More

Most events just need their bases covered with typical event offerings. Venue, catering, entertainment...and they're all set. There's nothing wrong with a straight forward approach to event design. What matters are the goals of the event and a scale that is balanced. 

That all said, there's never been a more exciting time than now for creating memorable experiences! The technologies that are available coupled with access to a world of creative examples has empowered those of us who make events visions real like never before. The core of our company has always been entertainment but entertainment takes many forms. Our entertainers work is complimented by our lighting design, at times enhanced by our live band, and captured for all time by our videography team.  Beyond that, the sky is the limit because we continuous add products and services we believe can add an extra element to events with the right set of goals. 

Entertaining Event Trends


wedding entertainment lightingWe now offer an indoor cold spark fountain. We can control the height and the moment they go off (for up to 90 seconds each). It's not a low-end add-on but it's what your guests will be talking about for years!  We make sure that each venues must approves its use, even though they are completely non-flammable, releases no smoke and is not an open flame, venues must approve.


CO2 Cryoblasts

wedding introductions in clevelandLooking for an introduction akin to professional sports events? Our CO2 Cryoblasts utilize Liquid nitrogen and raise the level of excitement instantly! These offer a similar wow moment as the Sparkular but with a different look while popping more in well-lit rooms. A popular way to use this equipment is to have the cryo jets shooting up in short controlled bursts when you walk in for intros followed up later in the night with the bride or groom manning our cryo gun which they can shoot their guests resulting in an unexpected rise from everyone! These cryo guns blast compressed air that dissapates instantly and gives them a "wooooooosh" of cold compressed air (often readily appreciated when the dance floor is packed).

Feature Spot Lighting

lighting effects for weddingsAn elegant and high-impact option can be our feature spot lighting. If you are in a ballroom without any windows or can get it that dark, we can control a beam of light that draws all eyes to where you want. With featured spot lighting, it's easy to create an introduction akin to sporting events (complete with that style of announcements!). 


Custom Bistro Lighting

Backdrops and lighting as decordecor string lighting outdoor weddings are incredibly "in" right now. We work closely with florists in order to incorporate complimentary lighting with their custom flower/drape backdrops. One of the more popular options is when we add our 3" edison bulbs in different levels and configurations in front of drape and floral fixtures. 


Mirror Booth

unique photo booth for events

We've written a lot about our mirror booth because it's incredibly popular. Want to know why?

  • Smaller footprint than traditional booths.
  • Classier looking.
  • We can customize everything.
  • Guests can see people having fun with it (rather then it being in a secluded draped area).
  • Ipad app integration for digital downloads.
  • Options for digital only photos at a greatly reduced rate. 

Additional Trends

Wedding Hashtags

Asking your guests to use a specific hashtag has become a mainstay of weddings. If you want to increasing the sharing, we offer software that will display your guests posts anywhere we can put screens in the venue

Caricature Artists

You might not have expected this one but the novelty of this being low-tech and entertaining to watch brings attention to this every time.

Ice luge

Any way to enhanced your guests getting an extra drink or two in them, only helps your chances that they will loosen up more an dance at a wedding (also can look pretty incredible with the right lighting!).

It's your event. We can offer limitless options for the right entertainment and enhancements to meet your needs and budget. What matters most is the celebration and telling your story. We have the creativity and passion to bring yours to life!

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