Our best wedding DJ is setting up.

Should I let my DJ take requests at my wedding?

Should I let guests make song requests at my wedding? This is a very common question for couples that we meet with in the Cleveland area. Your answer? Absolutely! IF and only IF your experienced wedding DJ has the talent and know how to handle and filter requests properly!

This dance floor is packed due to our experienced wedding DJ

SSE’s experienced wedding DJ’s always pack the dance floor at Acacia Country Club.

Why should I let my experienced wedding DJ take requests?

Allowing your Cleveland DJ to take requests is actually rather important. This allows them to feed off of your guests and get a better feel for what the guests are into. You may get some that request fun dance music. Perhaps the song is from when the Bride and her sorority sisters went on spring break. Maybe you will get some of the groomsmen to request some old school music from when the groom used to break dance! This will better help you understand the guests and what they may react to.  Even if they request music that isn’t really for dancing to, your DJ should be able to feed off of that and it will give them better ideas for other music choices.

Think of it this way, you’re paying for an experienced wedding DJ so that your guests will have fun. Undeniably, the goal is to always have the dance floor packed. A packed dance floor shows that your DJ is indeed experienced. And above all, it means your guests are having an amazing time. Thus, you spent your money well!

Lastly, don’t hesitate to communicate your concerns with your Cleveland DJ. If you’re worried about a specific genre being played just tell them. In any event, it is your big day and an experienced wedding DJ will always listen to your concerns. At Selective Sound Entertainment, our couples wishes always come first.


Everyone is dancing thanks to SSE's experienced wedding DJ.

Wedding guests having the time of their lives thanks to SSE’s experienced wedding DJ!

SSE's experienced wedding DJ packed the dance floor

No matter what age group, an experienced wedding DJ will be able to get everyone on the dance floor.

Photo Credits to Cleveland area photographers: Making the Moment Photography and Genevieve Nisly Photography



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