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Batting 1000 in 2014 

Five Star Cleveland DJ Rating
As the year comes to a close we like to take a moment to reflect on our work. We recognize our successes celebrate them. Furthermore, we find where we need to make improvements for the next year.  We believe this is the only way we will be able to stay on top and keep striving to be the best at what we do.

One of the best resources couples can use while planning their wedding is the website WeddingWire.  This site helps engaged couples plan practically all aspects of the wedding day. Not only can you find venues or vendors to work with but also things like wedding registries and finding the perfect dress. Even more, this helpful site lets couples leave reviews for the vendors and things they have used. We mention this for the reason that we are so excited and proud to have a perfect five out of five star Cleveland DJ rating for the past year! This five star rating truly means the world to us!

A lot of couples trusted us for their entertainment, lighting and more. Consequently, these couples helped bring SSE to one of its biggest years yet. One thing that makes it worthwhile is the amount of incredible reviews couples will leave for us on Wedding Wire. Having a perfect record for the past year brings a smile to our faces as we recount each wedding we were part of.

Picture of five gold stars to celebrate SSE's five star Cleveland DJ rating in wedding entertainment

Perfect five Stars is hard to come by but SSE achieved that goal

A few of the Five Star Cleveland DJ rating reviews…

“Jay R ensured he had everybody’s name correct. He was even great about changing things last minute – and did it with a smile!”

“I truly believe that Jay R and his team can make your reception hall dreams come true.”

“They kept the party going all night and made plenty of announcements throughout the night. They reminded guests of the photo booth, guest signing and every little detail was outstanding!”

This is just a sample of how awesome the couples we’ve worked with are. We truly loved every minute working with these fantastic people. By all means, we wish them many years of happiness.

Finally, here is to a great year and to making 2015 even better. Cheers!

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