Money jar tipped over with bride and groom cake topper to demonstrate wedding planning

We Get It

We know why wedding planning is sometimes compared to a roller-coaster. There are ups, downs, screaming, it moves fast and sometimes you can’t see what’s going to happen next until it’s happening! It’s not really fair that you plan such an important day often before you plan any other events all while having a whole new set of opinions in your ear. Let us know if any of these sound familiar to you…

1. The venue you have fallen in love with has just one major flaw…and you can’t keep from thinking about it.

2. The venue you want is cheaper on a Sunday morning…and you’re somehow seriously giving it some thought.

3. Your combined guest list is about 400% too big for your space / budget.

4. You wonder if you can get away with registering at Tiffany & Co. …

5. Hiring a wedding planner has you feeling like the boss you always knew you were.

6. Someone just mentioned wedding garter removal during your reception.

7. Your anxieties around who to choose for your bridal party are kicking in.

8. Your fiancé has been suspiciously quite about the planning of his bachelor party.

9. “Whatever you want, hunny” is both the right answer and not helpful.

10. Someone just told you that you’re going to need help to go to the bathroom while wearing your dream dress.

11. Trying to make everyone else happy?

12. After looking at 40 wedding photographer websites.

13. During your food tasting.

14. During your cake tasting.

15. As much as you are excited about marrying the man of your dreams…you just can’t stop thinking about the shoes you get to wear!

16. Your fiancé thinks a cigar bar is more important than your ice luge.

17. When you find the perfect floral centerpiece concept.

18. Your officiant might be your new best friend.

19. When you’ve gone over budget.

20. Is it THAT hard to just send in a RSVP card??

21. Why didn’t anyone remind you about your dress fitting during the cake tastings?

22. When you just remembered you didn’t have a plan for videography.

23. When your DJ / MC has coordinated everything you want with all your other vendors before you even asked.

24.When everything went exactly as you planned and if it didn’t who cares, you got married to the person of your dreams.

Want to navigate around the most anxious parts of wedding planning but get everything you want? Our advice is to surround yourself with professionals, communicate clearly, and focus on the things that matter most to you.

Let us know if you need someone to vent to who won’t be surprised if you’re in over your head. After decades in the business, we fully understand that wedding planning can be incredibly stressful and we’re here to help!

Thanks to GIPHY for being an endless source of inspiration as well as a productivity killer!

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