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We Love Live Wedding Music!

Some people might be surprised by our love of live music for weddings. With over 31 years of DJ experience in Cleveland Ohio, we have a reputation for providing the right music at the right time. The thing is, there is a reason we are called “Selective Sound Entertainment” and not “Selective Sound DJ’s”. We know there are times when live music is simply better for an event. If someone tells you a DJ is always better for a wedding they are simply wrong. Every event is different and requires different things. We recently wrote a blog post about when you should hire a DJ and when you should have a band (and times where both work together beautifully!). Not only is band vs. DJ not a real fight, they’re also not your only options for live entertainment for weddings.

Ceremonies – It’s Not Just A Party

There are many more suppliers focused on providing services for your wedding reception than the actual wedding ceremony itself. That makes sense too because outside of a couple and a officiant, you don’t need more parts to get married. While that’s true, there are logistical issues and specific visions that come into play that make enhancing your ceremony something worth considering.

Ceremony Sound Systems

picture of simplified sound system

Simplified sound systems that look good and sound great

There aren’t many regrets we hear about often when families talk to us about the weddings they’ve attended. Most of your attendees are happy to have been invited and don’t have anything to complain about. The only concern we consistently hear, in regards to the ceremony, is they wish they could have actually heard it. Some venues offer breathtaking views in picturesque settings…but when it comes to sound…you’re out of luck. That’s one more reason why working with professionals who ask the right questions and who have actually worked in most of the venues here in Cleveland are valuable resources.

Sound systems have greatly changed  over the last decade and are no longer eye-sores. These compact pieces of technology ensure everyone gets to truly enjoy your special day with you; they not only get to see you but they can hear you. The best part is that they are so simplified in appearance they will never take away from you or the beauty of the venue you have chosen.

Ceremony Music Goes Live

The beginning of any event is what sets the tone for the rest of the night. If you’re looking to elevate the experience to something magical, live music can’t be beat. Live music is something people experience far less so it can immediately create a wow factor. If you really want to raise the bar, create a fantasy vision, or just simply impress your guests, then wowing them as they enter the ceremony is a must! Your venue can do a lot of the wowing for you but the music should complement the scale you’ve chosen. Ensembles, such as trios and quartets, are popular in movies and television shows depicting weddings because the sound and feeling produced is a statement! Live ceremony music feels more grand because an artist is present for the event and is inherently more captivating than a computer and speakers.

There’s also a more traditional feeling with live music and traditions are a big part of ceremonies. We have a Live ceremony musicwho perform at weddings and can create the team that matches your ideas. From traditional groupings including acoustic guitars, cellos, and violins to various keyboard and piano options. All you have to do is tell us what feeling you are looking to have and we can make it happen.

Memorable and Unique

While there are many options that allow you to elegantly elevate a ceremony with cohesive artists, sometimes you’re looking for something that people will be talking about for years. There are a few categories of show-stopping (and appropriate) live ceremony entertainers.

Wedding Harpists

Selective Sound Live Music Wedding Entertainment

Violin and harp gives a fairy-tale feel to any wedding

One theme is “fairytale” which pretty much means you want a harpist! Is there an instrument that evokes a classic (and classy) ceremony better than a harp? We don’t think so! The most elegant instrument can also be pretty economic and flexible because it has a big sound that is often as rich sounding as a group of artists without the same sized footprint (ideal for challenging spaces and outdoors).

Ethnic Live Music Goes Big

Want to incorporate a festive sound with ties to specific ethnic backgrounds? We have options! Consider a bagpiper. If your wedding ceremony had bagpipes at the right moments, do you think people would ever forget those moments? Bagpipes have a long tradition of being used in weddings and they produce a sound you can actually feel when performed live. Want a celebratory sound steeped in tradition? A Mariachi band is another live music option that changes the whole dynamic of an event. You can’t help but have a smile on your face as these groups play while dressed in their signature suits.

The Keys To Elegance

violinist and keyboardist practicing for wedding

A piano and violin duet can make for a beautiful entrance to your wedding ceremony

A piano can take any song, be it classical or modern, and refine it to a state of elegance. There’s a reason so many venues have pianos in them, they’re ideal for live events (especially wedding ceremonies). While not every venue accommodates a piano, keyboard and sound systems can give you a similar feel with greater flexibility in placement. Whichever version of this instrument makes the most sense for your needs, a pianist can make a huge difference in a ceremony as a soloist or as part of a group.

Reception Entertainment – Live Bands

Live music can be put together in many different combinations as long as you have the pool of artists to make it happen. Cocktail hours, for example, can really benefit from acoustic sets from soloists. The same performers from your ceremony can also transform arrangements and make them more appropriate for a cocktail hour. What matters the most, is having a clear vision of what you want. With a clear vision, you can then rely on passionate, and experienced, wedding entertainment professionals to make the vision come true.

The most requested live music option we get is for live wedding reception bands. Bands come in all shapes and sizes with different strengths and weaknesses. As an entertainment company, we commit to being upfront with you about what’s possible, on budget, and what will work best. We’ve put together our own band after a long time of listening to what most in Northeast Ohio want from a live wedding party band. Versatility, classiness, and the ability to really rock when you want them to are the best traits in a wedding band. Rock The House Live was put together just for that reason. Take a look!

Dream Big – We Have The Answers

We are sincerely focused on putting together the right team for your wedding. In order to do so, we listen to you describe your vision. Then, we use our experience to choose from our deep range of talent to create a perfect combination for your special day. Many times we can utilize performers for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception which results in unique entertainment at prices less than you might have thought. Consult with us about your vision as we ask you the right questions to bring out ideas you might not have thought you had! Bottom line – we’re not a one-size fits all DJ company…we’re Cleveland’s wedding entertainment experts ready to show you the time of your life.

Contact us today to discuss your vision.


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