Outdoor view of The Barn at Mapleside Farms in Cleveland Ohio
Outdoor view of The Barn at Mapleside Farms in Cleveland Ohio
Barn lighting using bistro/cafe/Edison lighting by Selective Sound Entertainment
Unique lighting design at Mapleside Farms
Mapleside Barn photo of hanging flowers
Floral hanging piece above head table at Mapleside Farm

The barn that was built by wedding professionals | Mapleside Farms

Apple orchards on beautiful hillsides of 120 acres of endless beauty. This breathtaking backdrop is the perfect ceremony and/or reception spot for those who truly appreciate countryside charm. With that said, Mapleside Farms wedding venue, The Barn, has everything a rustic-chic barn wedding should have. Selective Sound Entertainment has been in awe of this barn since the day it was built and we’re sure you and your guests will be too. Be sure to keep The Barn at the top of your wedding venue list.

A Mapleside Farms Wedding Ceremony:

While most venues have a set area to hold your ceremony, Mapleside Farms’ wedding venue, The Barn, has multiple! What’s even better is that each one overlooks a different unique piece of the property. Being nestled on part of the Appalachians, you are able to pick which natural landscape you prefer.

One option is to say “I do” on the cement pad outside of The Barn. Here, you and your guests will enjoy the view of Mapleside’s pond and apple orchard. At this site, there is also a built in pergola. Many couples have had their florists come to decorate the pergola to enhance the area to an even greater level.

Sound at Mapleside Farms Wedding:

With the natural visual scene set, the only thing left to consider is the aspect of sound. First, you’ll need to consider the music during the ceremony. What could possibly be more romantic than live musicians? Perhaps a string quartet, an acoustic guitarist or even a harpist! At Selective Sound we have many options when it comes to live wedding music. Then, you will definitely want to think about the ceremony sound system. We highly recommend wireless lapel microphones so that the sound of you saying your vows will be shared with your guests rather than the hills of the Appalachians.

The reception:

Mapleside Farms wedding venue, The Barn, is huge! With this in mind, it can accommodate a wedding DJ setup as well as a wedding party band, like Rock the House Live! Seeing that Selective Sound has over 30 years of experience, you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to sound. Our DJ’s are highly experienced. They are also very familiar with the acoustics at The Barn and are the best at getting every guest out onto the dance floor! They are passionate about what they do and always have the bride and groom’s best interest in mind. With this said, if you want your wedding to be your guests most memorable one ever, be sure to choose SSE.

Contact us now to see how one of the top rated Cleveland wedding DJ companies, Selective Sound Entertainment, can help you plan your epic wedding at the Barn at Mapleside Farms.

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