Why just please your guests when you can really “WOW” them?

Wedding photo booths have been around for years. However, wedding mirror booths are still relatively new to the scene and always bring the wow factor to every wedding we’ve seen with one. Selfie stations at weddings are rather new as well but don’t make nearly the same impact as the mirror booth. In this blog, Selective Sound Entertainment’s founder, Jay R Rich, explains to us exactly why the wedding mirror booth tends to be the best choice for couples deciding between the different wedding photo booths.

What exactly is a wedding mirror booth, Jay R?

” A wedding mirror booth is an interactive photo booth that utilizes a mirror rather than a traditional t.v. monitor. Therefore, the guests can see their poses before the picture is even taken. The monitor, as well as a camera, can be found behind the mirror. The mirror has a beautiful frame around it. Depending on the couples wedding decor, it can be changed from gold to silver. This way it blends right in and doesn’t take away from the rest of the ambiance.”

What makes Selective Sound Entertainment’s wedding mirror booth unique compared to that of other vendors?

“Great question! First of all, it’s important to note that Selective Sound owns the original, most innovative mirror on the market. The quality of this mirror is much higher than what most other companies use. Our wedding mirror booths are extremely reliable and have the best performance rate possible. The software itself is top end and actually speeds up the process for taking and developing the pictures which is fantastic for the guests.”

And, in the rare instance the mirror booth would malfunction, how would SSE handle this?

“Well, we have rarely had to deal with malfunctions with our booths due to the quality behind the software. Our technicians stay with the booth the entire time to not only interact and guide the guests, but also quickly resolve any issues that may occur. All of our technicians are highly trained and proficient with the software. If there is ever a malfunction, it can typically be resolved with a simple reboot of the system. However, if ever needed, our wedding mirror booths are actually hot-spot ready. This allows for our technicians to enter the system remotely and provide a quick fix so it’s up and running without a long delay.”

Let’s talk more about the pictures themselves. For example, how good is the quality? Will they smear?

“The quality of our pictures, believe it or not, is the same as that of a photo lab. The quality of camera being used is the reason behind this. At Selective Sound, we use an ESLR camera. Meaning, our mirrors use true photography cameras, not webcams like most other companies. By using the ESLR cameras, guests receive crystal clear photos every single time. It’s also important to mention that all of our pictures are printed on real photo glossy paper through the highest quality printer. With our software, pictures are printed in 8 seconds and with absolutely no smearing.”

“The part that couples and guests love the most about our wedding mirror booth pictures is the fact that every guest gets a copy of any picture they are in. It’s a fun memento that guests truly enjoy. Rather than the traditional strip of photos, guests receive 4×6 color photos with 2-4 poses on each. Every guest that was in the picture gets a copy, which usually surprises everyone.”

The wedding mirror booth is completely in the open. Won’t guests be more shy in front of this than they would be in a traditional photo booth?

“Honestly, the open air design of the wedding mirror booth is an initial worry for most couples. However, what I have found is just the opposite. People become so mesmerized by the novelty of the mirror and so intrigued by seeing themselves they tend to actually act sillier. There just seems to be a different mentality when people can actually see themselves in the mirror rather than trying to pose in front of a monitor.

It’s also great for group photos. Since everyone can see themselves, there’s no guessing as to who can be seen in the picture. The footprint of the mirror booth is much smaller than that of a traditional booth so many are surprised to find out that more people can actually fit into the mirror pictures. While the traditional photo booth can hold up to as many as 12 people, the mirror booth can fit as many as 14 people in!”

Tells us about the costs for this “WOW” factor. What extra fees should we expect?

“Unlike most other companies, everything for the wedding mirror booth is included. With that said, we do have a couple upgrades you can choose from when it comes to the extras, if you so choose. What’s also nice for couples, who get their mirror booth from SSE, is the opportunity for bundle discounts. If our clients purchase our other award winning packages, the discounts start adding up fast. This in turn helps our clients purchase other things they want without breaking the bank.”

No Hidden Fees!!!

  • Price includes tax
  • $0 travel fee (up to 1 hour drive time)
  • Basic props. All props are brand new and can go home with guests. (Custom theme upgrades available)
  • Unlimited hours
  • Unlimited guest prints
  • Online gallery for bride and groom includes free downloadable high resolution digital copies of all pictures from the evening.

If you’re ready to order your wedding mirror booth for your big day reach out to Jay R here. Don’t forget, he’s always happy to answer any questions you may have as well.