Ballroom at Park Lane Villa in amber uplighting

Park Lane Villa Provides a Great Venue for Wedding Lighting

When it comes to altering a venue for your wedding, a little bit of light can go a long way.  At SSE we have trained lighting engineers that study each venue. Afterwards, they can show you how to maximize the lighting opportunities in any location. With our custom LED lighting system, we will match the colors of your wedding theme perfectly. We used the following lighting techniques at Park Lane Villa.

The LED uplighting techniques we use can give you the ultimate spotlight to accentuate any focal point. With uplighting, architectural features will never be left in the dark unless you want them to be.  Instead, they will become an elegant, one of a kind background for all the photos taken during your event or reception. With over 15,000 color combinations we are more than positive that we will be able to match what you are envisioning.

To make your wedding more personal, add a monogrammed GOBO light to your head table. Not only does this lighting feature add a wow factor but it is also an unforgettable piece to your special day. At the end of your reception, you get to keep the monogrammed plate. Certainly a perfect piece for a wedding scrapbook center piece.

Thanks to Making the Moment Photography, you can see how any wedding can be customized as well as taken to the next level.  Park Lane Villa is a great example of lighting and architecture collaborating for a unique feel.

The Ballroom at Park Lane Villa

A beautiful shot of Park Lane Villa. We could do this in over 15,000 different colors or just… white.

Park Lane Villa with pink and teal uplighting

No matter what colors you choose, our highly trained lighting engineers are able to make an exact match.

A view inside Park Lane Villa ballroom

A unique wedding monogram takes this entrance from pretty to Wow!

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