What Other Photo Booth Companies Don’t Want You To Know….

Without a doubt, photo booths have become one of the hottest wedding trends lately. Not only do people love taking pictures at weddings, but it also allows guests to take home a memento of the occasion to remember for many years to come. However, with so many different variations and styles of photo booths, do you really know if you're getting the best deal for your dollar...? Well never fear; Our team of wedding professionals at Selective Sound Entertainment are ready to break down Cleveland wedding photo booths, and are giving you an exclusive, first-time look at the truth behind the booth... And a few things you should expect out of yours.

Why Should I Even Get a Photo Booth?

Photo booths create a unique entertainment option for guests at your wedding that nearly anyone can participate in. With on-site printing and social media-sharing capabilities, guests can instantly receive their photos to take home after just a few seconds, have them sent via email or SMS, or even post them directly to multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Also with such a short turnaround time between pictures, photo booths appeal to the people who never touch the dance floor, just as much as the ones who only step off for a two-song break throughout the night. Not to mention every photo booth comes with new, fresh props, and a professional photo technician to assist and entertain guests, as well as troubleshoot any problems that may arise during your reception.  Keep in mind that some photo booth companies don't even provide photos on-site, and that they may just have the social media upload function. 

What Kind Of Photo Booths Are There? 

But The Groupon Photo Booth Has A Camera & A Printer and is a Lot Cheaper... Isn't That Basically The Same Thing?

While it may be easier than ever to get a photograph taken these days, our state-of-the-art photo booths incorporate the newest in photo technology so that you get the most out of it at your event. Some companies stick with a traditional printer and camera, which can take minutes to print out a single copy, need to be air-dried, and are many times sloppily cut by hand. At Selective Sound, we only send out high-quality Canon D-SLR cameras that take stunning 18-megapixel images. Partnered with our incredible 300+dpi printers, SSE photo booths have the ability to print copies of photo strips for each guest in the picture and even cuts them to the exact same size every time in under 12 seconds, providing both consistency and clarity! Digital files of all photos taken in our booths are also yours to keep at the end of your event, un-watermarked and free for you to use as you wish.  We also add them to our website for guests to download for free after your event as well. Here are a few ways cheaper photo booth companies save money that will offer you a cheaper photo booth: 

  1. Slowing down the software. Yes, believe it or not, you can change a setting on your photo booth software... Just like Vegas does for their slot machines. Why would they do this? Well, it slows down the amount of guests that come in the booth through the night, which means less media and ink used, and more of their money saved. 
  2. Slow software and slow printers also mean longer lines to the photo booth when people don't want to wait. When guests look over and see people lined up to get in the photo booth, they are more likely to not use the booth. 
  3. Only printing one set of strips also means unhappy wedding guests when they can't get multiple copies. Make sure your photo booth company does what we do, and can print as many photo strips as the number of people that enter the booth. 

Where Is The Best Place For My Photo Booth? By The Bar? By The Bathrooms? Why Does It Matter? 

The location of your photo booth is key to its utilization! Many venues will direct you to put a photo booth where it works best for them and their floor plan, when in reality, it should be near a high-traffic area that guests will see so that they will be intrigued to try it out. Similar to the adage "out of sight, out of mind", you don't want to make your guests go hunting for your booth. If you're still unsure where might be a good place to put a booth at your wedding, just know that expert planning advice from our team comes with every Selective Sound photo booth package.

How Many Hours Do I Need My Photo Booth For? 

Most photo booth companies limit their hours to 3 or 4. Here at Selective Sound Entertainment, we believe having no limit for the photo booth will get you the most value out of it. Because we place it to work the best, usually near the bar, we have found that most guests use the booth even during dinner. We have found that the older guests and or kids tend to use the photo booth more before the dancing begins. Don't limit your booth, keep it open all night to get the most use out of it. 

Everybody Gets Photo Booths.... I Want My Wedding To Really Be Unique! How Can I Get My Guests to Enjoy the Booth As Much As Possible? 

Sure everybody gets pictures, but do they get the experience?  See the points below to ensure your booth has these features and benefits: 

  • Make sure your booth has a full enclosed surround with drapery or comparable. If guests can hide themselves when they take pictures, they will let their inner child out and get more into it. 
  • Make sure your photo booth can fit 8+ guests.. the last few hours of the night you tend to get groups of friends and family that get silly and usually there are a bunch of them.. our booths at Selective Sound Entertainment fit up to 12 guests.  some booths only fit 2-3 guests
  • PROPS? Yes, props.... Are the photo booth props from the company new or used? Do they keep re-using the same hats and props over and over again for years and hundreds of receptions in a row?  Is lice or sickness something that you should be worried about? We would be. At Selective Sound Entertainment, we use ALL NEW props, out of a brand new box, and we hand them out to the guests at the end of the night for free. Props are a MUST to get guests to be someone else in the photo booth, and to truly capture their fun side in each picture.
  • Social media sharing is a must nowadays. Custom hashtags can be added to get the most out of these, and so that people can follow these photos (along with your entire love story) online. 



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This blog was written based solely on the opinion of Jeremy "Jay R Rich", Founder of Selective Sound Entertainment, based on nearly 30 years in the entertainment industry as well as 8+years selling, researching, and being a part of events with photo booths. 


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