EOS Report

Thank you in advance for filling out your end of show report (EOS).

This report will serve as a reporting system. After you fill this out, you will also be forwarded to a second form that will allow you to submit an invoice instantly.

This EOS report will measure our successes and opportunities for improvement, and most importantly, help us improve the quality of the products and services we provide to our customers.

Please take your time when filling this report out and be as descript as possible.

NOTE: EOS reports / Invoices are due no less than 12 hours after the completion of your event. If any action is required by us as a company, we must know in our Monday morning meeting as a company to handle it right away… we’d also like to pay you… on time.

Remember, this is ALSO your invoice. Easy, one shot and informative to us.

Submit Invoice

Thank you for filling out your quick end of show report!

Please fill out your invoice and it will AUTOMATICALLY be submitted to our payroll department for payment bi-weekly.

All EOS reports and invoices MUST be submitted before 9am Monday morning payroll week to ensure payment.