Silent Disco – Is this a “Millennial Thing” only?

A Brief History

Before we discuss the pro’s and con’s of Silent Discos let’s talk about where the idea came from. If you do a little digging you’ll find the silent disco was an idea used in a Japanese sci-fi story back in the 1960’s, titled “The Summer of 1993”. Then this idea branched off and was used by eco-activists in the early 90’s in Paris. Headphones were worn at outdoor parties in hopes to minimize noise pollution as well as not to disturb local wildlife. The silent disco concept really took off in the late 1990’s in Europe. From Paris to London, silent discos were popping up everywhere and finally made they’re way into the US in the early 2000’s.

Infrared headphones used for Silent Disco

What on earth is a Silent Disco??

A silent disco is where 2 or more DJ’s spin and all of the sound is transmitted to the crowd through infrared wireless headphones. The headphones have channels on them so that every disco goer can decide which music they want to listen to at any time. Don’t like the music? Simply change the station with the click of a button…pretty much like changing the radio station in your car.

Don’t headphones limit the social aspect of a party?

Not really. If anything, we believe the social aspect is heightened by the headphones in many ways. First, if you want to have an actual conversation at this type of party, you can. There’s no need to scream over the music. Want to make new friends but you’re on the introvert side? This new form of entertainment can help.  Silent discos are known to be a “judgement-free zone” world-wide. The mentality behind this phenomenon is to completely loose yourself in the music with other like-minded people around you. There is also a great deal of mingling at these types of events and moving around from group to group due to wanting to dance with people listening to the same thing as you.  There’s also a lot of “Hey, switch over, you have got to hear this!”

DJ's spinning at silent disco
Girls smiling and dancing at a silent disco

What should I expect from a Selective Sound Entertainment Silent Disco?

First of all, an amazing time and superior quality! You can choose to have one DJ or up to four since our headphones have four channels. If you choose to only have 1 or 2 DJ’s then we can fill the other channels with preset playlists. This is a fantastic option for multi-generational events. For the younger crowd we can put a playlist on with all of today’s hits and on another channel we can play a mix of Motown and disco. Honestly, the options for mixes are endless and you can tell us what you prefer to have on them.

Our headphones change colors based on what channel you’re listening to. What’s exciting for us to see is when a group starts to get really pumped on one channel and others around take notice. Curiosity hits and channels start changing to see what all of the excitement is about. This excitement becomes contagious with everyone in the room, even with the DJ’s. The DJ battle is on!

So…. Yay or Nay? Is the Silent Disco just a “Millennial thing”?

Our vote is a “nay”, silent discos are NOT just for millennials. While we do believe that it’s popularity is mostly among millennials right now, we really do believe, that so many more people from all generations enjoy this. We also believe that Gen Z will most likely make this phenomenon boom like never before. With that said, there’s no reason why Boomers can’t enjoy this form of sound technology as well. As En Vogue once sung, “Free Your Mind and the rest will follow”. At SSE, we encourage you to give at least one silent disco a try during your lifetime. It’s truly a refreshing and freeing way to enjoy music with friends and strangers alike. When everyone puts on those headphones the excitement becomes contagious and the atmosphere is crazy fun!

Have you ever been to a silent disco? We would love to hear about it! Leave us a comment below.

Want to set up a silent disco for your next event? Contact us here! Selective Sound has everything you’ll need to make it a success!

Group of people dancing their own way at silent disco
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