Guest table look gorgeous with amber uplighting at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda
Cleveland City hall soft white uplighting cleveland ohio wedding DJ
Cleveland City Hall rotunda with blue lighting
Cleveland City hall Rotunda spotlighting white and black dance floor
wedding tables and chairs set up at cleveland city hall rotunda
Guest table look gorgeous with amber uplighting at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda
Photo credit: Genevieve Nisly

Classic architecture & Elegance at one of Cleveland Ohios most beautiful wedding venue | Cleveland City Hall Rotunda

We have been doing weddings at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda, since the moment the City of Cleveland opened it up for private events.   A Taste of Excellence is of course the preferred caterer at Rotunda. Taste of excellence is always amazing to work with and has some of the best service and food in the industry. We have featured this wedding in the past, but needed to add it to one of our top 25 wedding reception spaces in 25 days.

The Cleveland City Hall Rotunda is just incredible and acoustics are certainly nothing to worry about with Selective Sound Entertainment.  As one of the top Cleveland Wedding DJ and production companies in the area, and many years of technical experience and working in this space, we have mastered the balance of sound. Additionally, their highly experienced  lighting technicians have mastered how to enhance the elegance of the space.  So don’t stress on   which company you should hire for this venue, contact us now   and we can show you exactly how we can give you the best in this space. Not only packing your dance floor from the beginning of the night to the end, but using our experience to guide you through your planning needs at the Cleveland City Hall Rotunda.

What NOT to worry about at Cleveland City hall Rotunda

Don’t stress with all of the challenges of the space.   A Taste of Excellence with its years and years of experience at City Hall, can guide you and provide so much to help alleviate any stress.

Hire experienced vendors in this space.  Specifically your entertainment and photographer.  Don’t just take their word for it, ask them for references and reviews on this exact space.  You will thank yourself for taking the extra time in your research.

Popular choices from Selective Sound past clients at City Hall:

Cleveland Courthouse wedding reception with lavender uplighting
Cleveland Courthouse wedding picture with lighting and drapery
cleveland courthouse wedding reception picture
Bride and groom kiss at the Old Cleveland Courthouse.
Cleveland Courthouse wedding reception uplighting
Image of Cleveland Courthouse

Where Iconic meets classic... The Cleveland Courthouse

A Cleveland Courthouse wedding is like a fairytale wedding brought to life. Cleveland’s Old Courthouse, or its more formal name, The Cuyahoga County Old Courthouse is a venue unlike any other in Northeast Ohio. They literally don’t make them like this any more! First time guests to this historic property are obvious. They walk in and immediately look up and up and up! The grandeur of this building is jaw-dropping. We’ve written about Cleveland’s Old Courthouse before in our Venue Spotlights.  This time we thought we’d take a deeper dive in the hope that you could use this as a resource before hiring.

Wedding receptions at the Cleveland Courthouse can be problematic for some wedding DJ and entertainment companies. Especially for those who have never entertained at this wedding venue. As much as we love the Old Courthouse we have to admit that there are some specific challenges when working here. To name a few, the acoustics and load in. Even so, as a Cleveland wedding DJ and production company, we have successfully completed over 150 wedding receptions at the Cleveland Courthouse.  From Incredible lighting to sound reinforcement the correct way, Cleveland Courthouse weddings are a breeze for us at Selective Sound Entertainment.

We a substantial lighting décor background in addition to being trained sound experts.

The Old Cleveland Courthouse is Lighting Designers Dream...

Watching a lighting designer and their team go to work at the Cuyahoga County Cleveland Courthouse is mesmerizing. As a matter of fact, our team finds it to be more fun decorating here than actual work. Placing the lighting correctly is incredibly important. The goal is to always enhance, never to overwhelm. Thankfully, our designers can create a breathtaking scene with almost any lighting budget.

Past Cleveland Courthouse wedding decor lighting and production favorites:

Acoustics and sound reinforcement are NO PROBLEM for SSE

Worried about the echos? As much as we would like to say don’t worry, you really should. To illustrate, real marble from floor to ceiling, as far as the eye can see, will create some serious challenges. With that said, SSE has trained sound technicians that come second to none. They have worked very hard to ensure that the sound balances perfectly within the Old Courthouse. Don’t just take our word for it, look at our reviews all over the internet that talk about our success. Experience at this venue is a must, we can’t stress that enough. If an entertainment company tells you they have worked at this venue before please make sure they have references to back that claim up. Even more, make sure those references are all positive.

While we don’t want to give away all of our secrets we will say this… speaker placement is key! Those DJ’s that place speakers on the ground without the proper height adjustment are not doing you or your guests any favors.  In fact, placing the speakers on the ground is just lazy. Proper height adjustments are absolutely needed to help with the throw of the audio.

Microphones for ceremonies and proper speaker placement are even more important. Wireless lapel/lavalier hidden microphones with directional heads are a must.   If you have a dedicated and trained sound technician to help throughout the day/evening you will have nothing to worry about.  Selective Sound Entertainment and Events prides itself on its high level of experience in this venue.

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