Guest table look gorgeous with amber uplighting at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda
Cleveland City hall soft white uplighting cleveland ohio wedding DJ
Cleveland City Hall rotunda with blue lighting
Cleveland City hall Rotunda spotlighting white and black dance floor
wedding tables and chairs set up at cleveland city hall rotunda
Guest table look gorgeous with amber uplighting at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda
Photo credit: Genevieve Nisly

Classic architecture & Elegance at one of Cleveland Ohios most beautiful wedding venue | Cleveland City Hall Rotunda

We have been doing weddings at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda, since the moment the City of Cleveland opened it up for private events.   A Taste of Excellence is of course the preferred caterer at Rotunda. Taste of excellence is always amazing to work with and has some of the best service and food in the industry. We have featured this wedding in the past, but needed to add it to one of our top 25 wedding reception spaces in 25 days.

The Cleveland City Hall Rotunda is just incredible and acoustics are certainly nothing to worry about with Selective Sound Entertainment.  As one of the top Cleveland Wedding DJ and production companies in the area, and many years of technical experience and working in this space, we have mastered the balance of sound. Additionally, their highly experienced  lighting technicians have mastered how to enhance the elegance of the space.  So don’t stress on   which company you should hire for this venue, contact us now   and we can show you exactly how we can give you the best in this space. Not only packing your dance floor from the beginning of the night to the end, but using our experience to guide you through your planning needs at the Cleveland City Hall Rotunda.

What NOT to worry about at Cleveland City hall Rotunda

Don’t stress with all of the challenges of the space.   A Taste of Excellence with its years and years of experience at City Hall, can guide you and provide so much to help alleviate any stress.

Hire experienced vendors in this space.  Specifically your entertainment and photographer.  Don’t just take their word for it, ask them for references and reviews on this exact space.  You will thank yourself for taking the extra time in your research.

Popular choices from Selective Sound past clients at City Hall:

Cleveland Courthouse wedding reception with lavender uplighting
Cleveland Courthouse wedding picture with lighting and drapery
cleveland courthouse wedding reception picture
Bride and groom kiss at the Old Cleveland Courthouse.
Cleveland Courthouse wedding reception uplighting
Image of Cleveland Courthouse

Where Iconic meets classic... The Cleveland Courthouse

A Cleveland Courthouse wedding is like a fairytale wedding brought to life. Cleveland’s Old Courthouse, or its more formal name, The Cuyahoga County Old Courthouse is a venue unlike any other in Northeast Ohio. They literally don’t make them like this any more! First time guests to this historic property are obvious. They walk in and immediately look up and up and up! The grandeur of this building is jaw-dropping. We’ve written about Cleveland’s Old Courthouse before in our Venue Spotlights.  This time we thought we’d take a deeper dive in the hope that you could use this as a resource before hiring.

Wedding receptions at the Cleveland Courthouse can be problematic for some wedding DJ and entertainment companies. Especially for those who have never entertained at this wedding venue. As much as we love the Old Courthouse we have to admit that there are some specific challenges when working here. To name a few, the acoustics and load in. Even so, as a Cleveland wedding DJ and production company, we have successfully completed over 150 wedding receptions at the Cleveland Courthouse.  From Incredible lighting to sound reinforcement the correct way, Cleveland Courthouse weddings are a breeze for us at Selective Sound Entertainment.

We a substantial lighting décor background in addition to being trained sound experts.

The Old Cleveland Courthouse is Lighting Designers Dream...

Watching a lighting designer and their team go to work at the Cuyahoga County Cleveland Courthouse is mesmerizing. As a matter of fact, our team finds it to be more fun decorating here than actual work. Placing the lighting correctly is incredibly important. The goal is to always enhance, never to overwhelm. Thankfully, our designers can create a breathtaking scene with almost any lighting budget.

Past Cleveland Courthouse wedding decor lighting and production favorites:

Acoustics and sound reinforcement are NO PROBLEM for SSE

Worried about the echos? As much as we would like to say don’t worry, you really should. To illustrate, real marble from floor to ceiling, as far as the eye can see, will create some serious challenges. With that said, SSE has trained sound technicians that come second to none. They have worked very hard to ensure that the sound balances perfectly within the Old Courthouse. Don’t just take our word for it, look at our reviews all over the internet that talk about our success. Experience at this venue is a must, we can’t stress that enough. If an entertainment company tells you they have worked at this venue before please make sure they have references to back that claim up. Even more, make sure those references are all positive.

While we don’t want to give away all of our secrets we will say this… speaker placement is key! Those DJ’s that place speakers on the ground without the proper height adjustment are not doing you or your guests any favors.  In fact, placing the speakers on the ground is just lazy. Proper height adjustments are absolutely needed to help with the throw of the audio.

Microphones for ceremonies and proper speaker placement are even more important. Wireless lapel/lavalier hidden microphones with directional heads are a must.   If you have a dedicated and trained sound technician to help throughout the day/evening you will have nothing to worry about.  Selective Sound Entertainment and Events prides itself on its high level of experience in this venue.

CONTACT us now to set up a call/video chat to discuss the endless possibilities.

Wedding uplighting designers lit up the head table.

Light Is A Major Player In Experiences

Designed experiences, be it weddings, corporate holiday parties, fundraisers, or any of the hundreds of reasons why people gather, are interpreted through your senses. Your enjoyment is less about what you do and more based on how you are made to feel. Because of this, memorable experiences are a combination of how your senses interpret sensory input and that input’s relationship to other experiences you’ve had. When you take in smells associated with the ocean, you feel warmer. Tasting foods with traditional uses of spices remind you of a feeling of family and comfort. Sense memory also applies to lighting.

beautiful barn lighting and chandeliers

Who knew a barn could be so beautiful?!!? Photo courtesy of Making the Moment

Many couples come to planning meetings with barely any information on the opportunities available with lighting. While most have made their own meals and done some interior decorating in their homes, few have had the chance to really play with light for a desired effect of influencing how people feel. Lighting at events most experience, if done properly, don’t cause attention to the lights themselves. Instead, the lighting enhances the overall experience.

When clients initially come to us, they often believe that uplighting is the only way to use light to further design their venue because those are the lights that are the most obvious when they attend events themselves. We asked to match their wedding’s colors for the entire room, which we can of course do. However, we first make sure to educate them on the impact of light on guests’ emotions. We also describe the different types of lighting design available to them due to our vast inventory and experience.

Colors Affect Moods

Bride and groom share their first dance under pink lighting and chandeliers

The perfect lighting can take your venue from pretty to WOW! photo courtesy of Making the Moment

Brands spend a lot of money and time on choosing just the right colors for their branding to evoke emotion from you. Event lighting can make you feel different emotions subconsciously as well. Yellow and brighter colors can give a person a feeling of daylight and sun.  Positive memories are often associated with bright colors. While red lighting is very dark and edgy and might be more appropriate for a bachelor party than a wedding. Event lighting isn’t just ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet). We can combine colors to give you more desirable results. That same red light as an accent with white, or brighter colors, can produce some warm beautiful looks that are much less aggressive.

The Blue Spectrum

Blue lighting (depending on the shade) can be beautiful or completely change the view of the room

Cleveland City Hall rotunda lighting DJ

Lighting at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda in different colors can help bring focus to different areas at your event

If we lean towards a layered darker blue, your guests eyes will naturally feel droopy and heavy. This will give a more subdued tone to the experience. Blue lighting isn’t a natural color our eyes are used to and it can make the room look very cold very easily There is a reason words like “cold” and “chill” are used to describe encounters and these feelings translate to color psychology as well. Blue can also help literally translate your intentions as well. We’ve washed bars in blue to make it more obvious that they’re an oasis from the more kinetic and energetic portions of the event.

Lighting and Food

Nothing says “cold food” like deep blues. Desserts, raw bars, and really anything meant to be served cold are accentuated by blue hues. Lighting with more natural and crisp incandescent temperatures makes stations and displays look like pieces of art without modifying the caterer’s intention. We love collaborating with venues and catering teams to play into their intent versus detract or confuse the decisions that they made. While the blue effect for chilled food is a favorite, our catering friends are even more prone to want warm food tightly highlighted with reds and orange glows

Bride and groom kiss at Cleveland Courthouse wedding reception

Bride and groom dance together at their wedding at the Cleveland Courthouse. Photo courtesy of Making the Moment


From a Venue to Your Vision

Some spaces are naturally beautiful. With lighting, in spots like that, we enhance without overtaking it. This technique helps highlight the architecture.  Layering lighting with pillars and supports can also define the space in the evenings without the aide of natural light. When we scout a venue for lighting we check for power sources. Then look to the ceiling to see what support is possible. We take into account the size of the room, ceiling height, decor and walls and many other variables before we make recommendations to our clients. After a few decades, we’ve learned a lot about the most popular spaces in Cleveland, Akron, Canton and everywhere in-between.

The Value of a Lighting Specialist

If lighting is an important element of your event’s design, choosing a specialist is important. You can over do and under do lighting. Therefor, make sure you hire someone who can interpret your goals. You also need to be able to ensure the services offered to you are the right scale. Some of our clients only required static lights, which are light fixtures that remain the same color in the same position all even long. While others were looking for a more dynamic effect that only comes with adding a lighting designer to the team. The designer has similar skills to a DJ but works in light rather than sound with the ability to change, dim, point, and spotlight different fixtures with colors to create different moods and looks through the evening.

Bride and groom dance at their wedding

Bride and groom sharing their first dance on their wedding night at the Tudor Arms hotel in Cleveland

Why Selective Sound Entertainment?

We have the passion for creating vision and not just selling lighting fixtures and packages. For years, we have assessed pictures of every event we used event lighting at. Our team critiqued each one to see if there was anything we could learn. This takes a lot of the guess work out of the process because of our experience and drive to innovate.

Our deep inventory of equipment includes staples, effects for different scales and newer technologies such as our magnetic battery operated pin spots which have revolutionized pin spotting on tables. Our wireless LED lights warm walls and wash ceilings even in buildings with limited power access. We have a separate lighting and production division so we literally have millions of dollars worth of lighting and production equipment available when needed.

Selective Sound Entertainment will under-promise and over-deliver on time, every time. We’ll walk you through the different possibilities and looks with each and every budget.

Guests doing line dance at reception in Cleveland City Hall Rotunda

Cleveland City Hall Rotunda

We have been doing events at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda since they began taking on private events 6 years ago. A Taste of Excellence is of course the preferred caterer at Rotunda. They are absolutely amazing with not only food, but also class and professionalism. This space is just incredible and acoustics are certainly nothing to worry about if you hire Selective Sound Entertainment.  Due to so many years of technical experience and working in this space, we have mastered the way to eliminate any sound issues. Additionally, our lighting technicians have undeniably mastered how to enhance the grandeur of the space.  So rather than stressing on which company you should hire for this venue, contact us  and we can show you exactly how we can give you the best in this space.

Below are some photos from some of the lighting designs our team put together. 

Wireless LED uplighting
Pin spotting
Feature/Spot lighting
Custom monogram/Gobos
Decor lighting design
Wireless LED uplighting

If you’re thinking of having your wedding reception at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda definitely hire an experienced wedding DJ. We have worked at the Rotunda on many occasions as the DJ, sound technician and lighting company.  Remember that the lighting is equally important to sound in this grand space. Given these points, if you want a worry free wedding reception at the Rotunda, you should consider hiring a wedding DJ that has technical background in sound.  With this in mind, you won’t have to worry about acoustic problems.

In any event, you may want to visit this link for more info:  The Truth behind the Acoustics at the Cleveland Courthouse weddings.  This earlier blog is about the sister building to City Hall Rotunda. Be that as it may, the Courthouse has all of the same concepts, so you will most likely find this one helpful as well.  

Bride and groom kiss at the Old Cleveland Courthouse.

Wedding at The Old Cleveland Courthouse

Selective Sound Entertainment can transform any location into your dream venue. Whether it’s a hotel…a barn…or any other venue, we guarantee we can make it as beautiful as you can envision. The Old Cleveland Courthouse is a beautiful facility on its own. However, we can transform it into the classiest fairy-tale dream venue you’ve ever seen. With the perfect lighting enhancing its details and grandeur, we will make it happen.

The Old Cleveland Courthouse has been home to many weddings and receptions. Undeniably, each one has its own flair. With our signature lighting design, we can convert the atmosphere of the room to not only suit your style but also “wow” every single one of your guests. Due to having our own lighting engineer team we are able to match your wedding theme with no problems. We are also able to design very unique lighting plans so that we can make every couples visions a reality.

The beautiful photos Of the Old Cleveland Courthouse are courtesy of Making the Moment Photography.  Here, they capture the essence of the Giulitto wedding. Dual layer LED lights bathe the high-arched pillars, with an offsetting dark amber underneath. The guests described the scene as truly breathtaking.

Wedding reception at the Old Cleveland Courthouse.

Up-lighting can make all of the decor come together

Bride and groom kiss at the Old Cleveland Courthouse.

First dance as married couple in Cleveland’s Old Courthouse

The Old Cleveland Courthouse was met with a unique feel. This was all thanks to the expertise of the wedding planner, Maria Kovacevich from Elegant Events. She also collaborated with A Taste of Excellence catering. As a result guests were filled with delight as they danced the night away.

Selective Sound provides elite Cleveland wedding DJ’s, event lighting, photobooths, videography and much more! It was a pleasure to provide an entertaining night for the Giulitto reception. 

Contact us to find out more information on how we can make your day the one you dreamed of.