Choosing music for your reception. Good or Bad or how much?

If your reading this article, I will lead you through the truth behind what makes a successful reception when it comes to music. The biggest misconception of all brides and grooms is that they are required to choose the music for their reception. TRUTH=NO WAY (see below)

1st of all, you should be meeting with your DJ/MC 4 to 5 weeks before the reception to discuss the music. Yes, you will have access to your online planner and get a chance to choose some must plays, do not plays, ect.. but you should have trust in your DJ that their talent and experience, balanced with your input on the music for your wedding reception will make for a great mix of music for all.

When choosing music: THINK DANCE MUSIC NOT your favorite listening songs. Most do not realize this and just put down music they want to hear, but truth be told, how are your guests going to react to those songs. We as DJ’s need to build an atmosphere of fun music for all age-groups.

DO NOT: submit a playlist with your own songs for the reception. If you do this, there is no room for error and your guests surely and most likey arent going to react the way you had hoped. If this happens, you better have a plan B for your DJ.

A do not play list should be discussed with your DJ. Most wedding DJ’s stay away from: corny novelty (discuss), rap, heavy metal, explicit lyrics, suggested lyrices ect… But go a little further and dig.. ask them questions about where they went to college, where did they like to go dancing,, oh, they aren’t dancers, ask them if they like to karaoke, go see bands,, ect.. This will way better tell us what they like music wise.

If submitting a Do not play list, only list about 5 or 6 of your most favorite. If the DJ has a do not play list of 10 songs or more, it does get more difficult as each song has to be run through the do not play list..

Interaction: should you or shouldn’t you………..we reccomend, but it can be done on a “if needed” basis

Trust your DJ/Mc,, utilizing their talent, your experience and taking requests from the guests, should make for an amazing night.

Cleveland wedding DJ videographySelective Sound entertainment Cleveland Dj wedding service just completed a very successful weekend. With an amazing crew who worked with many cleveland brides. With over 12 successful weddings this past weekend, this cleveland wedding dj service is on its way to becoming the leader in the industry for quality and fun. Special thanks to the following vendors. Glidden house, Landerhaven, Windows on the River, Pine Ridge, The Patrician, The Ritz Carlton, St. Michaels Woodside, The Bertram inn, Embassy suites, Michaudes, Corey Anne Photography, Shima Limo, MIke Shuba, LCD photography, The Raddison In Eastlake.

Had a great wedding on Friday night with Beck and Brian Dombek! Being a Cleveland DJ for years, I have worked with many people, but this couple had something very special! They were truly made for eachother and it was a great wedding.
The wedding was at the Croation hall in Eastlake Ohio and was about 300 guests. PIctures to follow along with full review.

dancing at a wedding

Guests dancing at a wedding in Cleveland Ohio

How long has Selective Sound been in business?

Since 1987. We started the company with the name “Music in Motion” and changed in 1989 to Selective Sound.

Where did the company name come from?

Honestly, I can’t remember!

What is your role at Selective Sound?

I am the marketing director, accountant, human resource manager, scheduler, promoter, performer, worker, operator, technician and… owner!

Why did you start to DJ in Cleveland

In 1987, I joined a youth group because I was able to play the music on the sound system at the youth group school dances. By the touch of a button I was able to make 300 people go crazy and by that same touch of a button I was able to also calm them down. For a moment I felt like a god.

How did you get your company started?

I bought my first mixer/amplifier and rented speakers. I was using cassette tapes. I made $25 for my first gig, $60 for my second gig and the rest is history. We’ve done over $2 million in gross sales since then.

Where do you DJ now?

wedding dis

2 cleveland Ohio wedding dis

In Northeast Ohio for private affairs. Ninety percent of our business is weddings but we also do corporate events and bar/bat mitzvahs.

How many DJs do you employ every weekend?

We can do a maximum of five weddings and two other events per evening. Our busiest weekends are usually holiday weekends and we’ve done up to 19 events in one weekend!

How many weddings does your staff work in a year?

We average about 160 weddings per year.

What does your set-up consist of?

We are more refined in the DJ world. We use the new Bose l1 series 2 systems and a few Yorkville Unity systems (for the big events), a few wash LED lights and a compact computerized touch screen DJ system. Our systems are designed to blend into the decor, not be gaudy or noticeable.

How/where do you buy music?

Once a week we get CD with the top songs from each category from TM Century Prime Cuts. We own every song we every play.

What is a common misconception about your work?

That we just show up and play music. People don’t know about the 5 to 6 hours, pre-planning, coordinating, and music programming and so forth that we do before we even set up a speaker.

next week: part 2.. About the Jay r (CEO) of Selective Sound Entertainment.