The Madison set up for wedding reception with hanging bistro lights and vines.

Spotlight Wedding Venue: The Madison | Selective Sound Entertainment

Cleveland Spotlight Wedding Venue: The Madison

Looking for the newest and hottest spot to have your wedding? Well, look no further than Cleveland’s premier wedding venue, The Madison. Located in Cleveland’s growing and diverse Midtown district, The Madison offers indoor and outdoor spaces, fabulous aesthetics and so much more! Whether you’re looking for a spot to accommodate your wedding ceremony, reception or both, Selective Sound Entertainment believes this amazing space must be at the top of your list.

Wide Open Spaces at The Madison

This historical 22,000 square foot warehouse has minimalist white brick walls, spacious twenty foot ceilings and an amazing open layout. This is the perfect Cleveland wedding venue to make all of your wedding day visions come true without having to try to hide anything. A fantastic blank canvas like The Madison gives you the opportunity to let your your imagination run free. What’s better is that you can do this without having to worry about covering up odd colors and patterns that you may find at other venues. Instead, Selective Sound Entertainment’s lighting engineers can help you fill the space with colors of your choice. From uplighting beams of color to adding strings of bistro lighting, giving a warmer glow to the large space. Whatever you can imagine, our wedding lighting designers are always up for the challenge.

Small or Large, The Madison Accommodates All

Whether you’re looking for a small or large Cleveland wedding venue, The Madison can accommodate all.  “The Foundry Room” may be just what you’re looking for if your guest count includes just your nearest and dearest. You receive all of the benefits of The Madison just in a more intimate setting. This lovely space has the ability to seat up to 300 guests comfortably and if you are wanting it to feel even more intimate, the Madison also has pipe and drape available.

Also, if you are indeed having a large wedding, fear not. The main event space at The Madison can seat up to 500 people easily. And if you have always imagined dancing under the stars…well, The Madison has that covered as well. Their outdoor patio can seat up to 300 guests. With the bistro lights strung above, you will have a beautiful warm glow to create the perfect outdoor ambiance.

If you’re planning to fill The Madison near it’s maximum capacity, then we have a couple tips for you. Firstly, due to the exposed brick walls and ceiling heights our experienced Cleveland wedding DJ’s highly suggest adding additional speakers in the corners of the room. This way, everyone can hear everything as it is meant to be. Our wedding DJ’s also want to emphasize the importance of using an experienced wedding DJ for this particular venue. You’re big day will be as close to perfect as possible if you do. So be sure to do your homework before you choose your Cleveland wedding DJ.

The Madison has Thought of Everything

The Madison has truly thought of everything needed to have the ultimate Cleveland wedding with all the bells and whistles. From high-speed internet, a separate bar room, tables and chairs and more than enough electrical outlets. Be sure to check out their website, to see all of the other wonderful things they provide as well. You won’t be disappointed!

Also, a big thank you to Jenny Haas for these gorgeous photos of a bride’s dream come true! The bistro lighting, by Selective Sound Entertainment, hangs above to provide a warm and romantic ambiance. Not only do the hanging vines and wood chairs give a natural earthy feel but is a fantastic example of a couple letting their imagination run free at The Madison in Cleveland, Ohio.

Let’s Enhance The Madison together!

Selective Sound Entertainment is much more than just the best Cleveland wedding DJ’s. We also have an entire team of visionaries, who are always excited for the next challenge that comes along. And if you’re having a difficult time solidifying a plan, even after hours of browsing on Pinterest, our creative designers are more than happy to help! To the right, you will find a few suggestions that we think would be amazing attributes to The Madison. Leave us a note and ask us what we can do for you!

The following are just a few suggestions to help amplify The Madison into something magical.

Tips for lighting, entertainment and more for Cuyahoga County Courthouse weddings.

Before Choosing Cuyahoga County Courthouse For Your Wedding

Cuyahoga County Courthouse Weddings

We’ve put together a handy guide of information for you to ponder if considering the Cuyahoga County Courthouse for your wedding day. We’re one of the most frequent vendors to work there in a variety of different roles including DJ and live music entertainment, lighting, decor, videography and photo booths. Since we’re there often and in different capacities we have a good vantage point to help inform your planning decisions. We love Cuyahoga county courthouse weddings are going to give you a few tips on how to make sure yours is absolutely amazing.

Top 3 Things To Know about the Cuyahoga County Courthouse

Our founder, Jay R Rich and his team, have some of the most experience at this venue.  Jay R is a respected Cleveland wedding industry veteran. Therefore, you can trust that he knows most of the vendors in the community. He can easily tell you how their skills relate to different spaces. We sat down with Jay R to talk about Cuyahoga County Courthouse weddings as part of our Vlog series. Here he tells us about planning weddings in Northeast Ohio. Here’s what he had to say…

To summarize, Jay R really believes that you need to understand that you have to bring all your vendors into this space in order to pull off a wedding. Unlike a hotel that has much of the necessities built in, Cuyahoga County Courthouse weddings require you to do more homework in order to fit your budget. First, you need to figure out everything you need as well as the costs. Next, look for suppliers who have the most experience working at the Cuyahoga County Courthouse. Lastly, pay special attention to your choices for catering as they have the most logistical obstacles to overcome. Do all that, and your experience there will be everything you dreamed of.

Basic Information About The Cuyahoga County Courthouse

A few things you should know before booking the Cuyahoga County Courthouse for your wedding:

  • The space is available for Saturday rental. Sundays, as well as holidays, are available but at an increased rate.
  • The space can accommodate 400 guests for dinner and dancing.
  • You may serve alcoholic beverages at events taking place there.
  • There is no smoking inside this historic building.
  • The building does not have a preferred list of vendors (but we think those experienced with the space have an edge).
  • There is a metal detector at the door that guests will need to walk through.
  • Use of Huntington Park Garage requires a rental cost during events.
  • You can expand the footprint of the space to include the upstairs for an additional rental fee.
  • For current pricing and more information for weddings, email the Cuyahoga County Courthouse here

What Northeast Ohio Couples & Wedding Pros Say About Cuyahoga County Courthouse

We interviewed couples we worked with who had their weddings at the Cuyahoga County Courthouse and asked them what made them choose this space. We compiled the top ten answers as part of a comprehensive blog post about this wedding venue. In addition, we surveyed a number of the most prolific Northeast Ohio wedding professionals so they could give their opinions about what to expect at this space. We think this is a pretty valuable resource for you to check out,

Venue Spotlight: Cuyahoga County Courthouse

We believe that, as many do, the Cuyahoga County Courthouse is one of the best wedding spaces in Cleveland. Therefore, we covered this venue as part of our venue spotlight series that you can view here. This will provide you with photos and insights that will help you create your vision.

We hope you use this resource in your planning process. The Cuyahoga County Courthouse is one of the true gems of Cleveland. Because of this we are always happy to so frequently find ourselves there. Feel free to contact Jay R if you have further questions about how working with Selective Sound Entertainment can make your wedding planning for this venue less stressful.

Outdoor wedding ceremony at Market Square at Crocker Park

Spotlight Wedding: Market Square at Crocker Park

Market Square at Crocker Park makes for a Beautiful Wedding Day

Erin and Sean united and became Mr. and Mrs. Pattison on June 8, 2019. Choosing Market Square at Crocker Park was a decision they made together, the first of many to come. With high ceilings, windows galore, green space and a modern feel, this venue had much to offer on their special day.

The Ceremony

Erin and Sean chose to take advantage of the gorgeous June weather by having their ceremony outside. A picturesque scene was set on the 25,000 square feet of green space at Market Square at Crocker Park.

Selective Sound Entertainment provided all of the sound equipment necessary. By using hidden lapel microphones we were able to capture all of the emotions through the entire ceremony. This was important to Erin Sean so that nothing would be missed by their guests. As can be seen above, the sound equipment is tucked away out of sight. We didn’t want any of the equipment to interfere with the natural outdoor beauty. Nor did it get in the way of pictures of the bride and groom. It’s always our goal to have all of the focus on the couple and not our equipment. The presence of Selective Sound at any ceremony is to always enhance and never to take away from any couples special day.

Transforming the Blank Canvas

Market Square at Crocker Park gave Erin and Sean the opportunity to work with a very unique space that was basically a large blank canvas. During cocktail hour, the guests were still able to enjoy the outdoors. This was due to the 6 glass pained garage doors and a wall of windows. As the time drew closer towards Erin and Sean’s grand introduction they chose to make things more intimate. The lights were dimmed and the curtains were drawn over the windows. This allowed the warm glow from the candle lit tables set the mood.

To create more atmosphere, Erin and Sean chose to add washed out blue lighting. The wireless wedding LED lights , provided by Selective Sound Entertainment, were strategically placed so that the 39 foot ceilings would be accentuated. With the perfect linen choices, beautiful flowers, candlelight and uplighting, this couple did an excellent job of transforming this blank canvas.

The Party

The curtains were drawn and Selective Sound Entertainment’s DJ Marcus was pumping Seven Nation Army by White Stripes. The lively bridal party came in coupled together through the curtain, setting the tone for Erin and Sean’s grand entrance. The infamous Danger Zone, by Kenny Loggins, started to play. The guests were on their feet to give a big welcome to the new couple as they came through the curtain and across the floor. With an introduction like theirs it was no surprise that the rest of the evening was just as fun. As DJ Marcus kept the music going, the guests kept the dance floor packed all night long.

Recommendations for Future Couples Using this Venue

Sometimes it can be difficult to transform a blank canvas, especially a very large one. At Selective Sound Entertainment we enjoy having the ability to transform spaces. Therefore, we would like to mention a few things to keep in mind if you decide to have your wedding at Market Square at Crocker Park.

Firstly, lighting is a must! This specific venue has industrial lighting which means the lights are on or off, dimming is not possible. This can be a challenge when trying to create the perfect atmosphere for a wedding reception. Our suggestion for this venue is to add bistro lighting. With this in mind we would definitely want to make sure they were on a dimmer. Therefore, we can have them brighter during things like speeches and the cutting of the cake. The rest of the time we could keep them at a warm glow for the perfect ambiance.

Next, uplighting like Erin and Sean used, is a great choice as well. This technique adds not only needed light but color and wow factor as well. SSE has thousands of colors to choose from as well as the ability to have the colors change at different times during the evening.

Lastly, we would also recommend something fun like cryoblasts when making your grand entrance through the curtains. Cryoblasts are perfectly safe for any venue and add a spark of excitement for you and your guests.

If you are planning to book your wedding with Market Square at Crocker Park make sure you reach out to us so we can help you with creating the perfect look for your big day!

Calculator, pen and paper with text reading "wedding tax".

Is There A Wedding Tax?

How to Avoid the Wedding Tax

Contrary to what you might read in magazines or other blog publications dedicated to weddings, most wedding vendors aren’t out to get all of your money or take advantage of you. You may have heard of something called the wedding tax. We believe this is more often a lack of consumer education than a real occurrence. The idea that you pay more for the same exact goods or services just because it’s for a wedding is something we haven’t really seen. With that said, we do tend to hang around a more reputable crowd of wedding suppliers. This occurrence keeps coming up over and over. Therefore, we decided to give you some additional context that might explain why this seems to be happening. It may also help so that you can avoid being taken advantage of.


Gold coins and alarm clock on opposite ends of a scaleFor all things to be fair, whatever product and service you are looking to have at your wedding would have to take no more time on the part of the vendor than it would if it was for any event type. This includes meetings, level of detail or time spent at the actual wedding. For example, if you are hiring a wedding photographer and you are unsure about why their wedding package is a few thousand and portrait sessions are $150 an hour, it’s because there’s a lot more time with one type vs. another.

Wedding photography in and of itself is a long day. They are usually with someone from the start of make-up until the last dance. Usually that’s just the tip of the iceberg too. This is because editing and retouching (let alone the volume of prints) is a much longer process due to the large number of photos shot. So if you think you are faced with a wedding tax, try to determine if one of the most valuable commodities (time) is equal in what you are comparing. It’s usually this invisible difference that results in a price change.


Price tag with question mark on it.One of the other ways that couples might see a wedding tax when there isn’t one is through packages. When it comes to buying or renting goods and services for events outside of weddings, it’s pretty common to see a la carte pricing which separates everything out. More often for weddings you’ll see package pricing. This isn’t to deceive but to simplify. The chances that wedding clients haven’t purchased what a wedding vendor offers is really high. Therefore,  supplier companies do their best to make it less overwhelming by putting together popular options into a A,B, and C choice. Now, in our experience, these packages aren’t written in stone and that’s where the savings can happen (as we discussed in a blog post about budgeting).

If you want to avoid what may appear like higher pricing due to organizations offering packages, you’ll need to do your homework. This way you will have a better understanding of what’s out there, what you want, and what you don’t need. With that information, you’ll be in a position to go a la carte and only pay for what you will get the most value from.

Specialists are a Premium

best entertainment company in ohioAnother way that higher pricing for weddings might seem like a wedding tax is when you compare the prices of wedding specialists vs. other service providers who aren’t totally committed to weddings. Now this is not an indictment on vendors who work on corporate, non-profit, and other social events. This is a question of the differences between working on and with wedding clients as well as supply and demand.

Weddings come with unique circumstances, when compared to other events, that impact cost. For instance, there are more planning meetings with wedding clients than some other event categories. This is because other event types of people who make these event supplier choices all the time so they are faster at it. The fact that weddings are events that happen for clients annually is another difference between them and corporate events. With corporate events, a wedding vendor might give someone a break on pricing in order to get the relationship going. This helps give them a foot in the door in order to work on more of their events in the future. More marketing is needed for weddings which is also costly. This is based on the fact that new clients have to be found each year.

Apples to Apples

Picture of applesThe explanations we gave above are based on the idea that you’re shopping the same company for their different offerings. If you are between one potential vendor and another and one focuses on weddings they seem more expensive. There’s another reason for that though, and it’s not the wedding tax. The wedding specialists who charge more also probably have a much better reputation and a longer one. Trustworthy and reliable team members are hard to come by. By compensating them appropriately they can rely on them year after year.

These types of wedding businesses know that there are no do-overs with weddings. You have one day to get everything right. This means back-up equipment in case something happens, entertainers on stand-by, and proper training. Proper training is crucial because it ensures the team will maintain and grow the well-earned reputation the company has. These businesses are in-demand for all the reasons above and that factors into their cost. While it might not be a line item, mitigating risk is one of the most important investments you can make when choosing who will be on your wedding team.

To Summarize

We are wedding specialists who pride ourselves in decades of experience. We honestly don’t believe the wedding tax is a real thing in any significant volume. There’s a chance smaller part-time organizations newer to the industry might raise their prices for wedding clients. However, their standard prices are probably already pretty low. Those of us invested in what we do  believe in the value of what we offer. We are also very transparent with how we price. Feel free to talk to us about what we charge and why. We’re an open book and not afraid to have that talk at any time. It is our goal to make sure that our wedding clients are educated in the nuances of pricing. This way they can get what they expect.

Cleveland wedding lighting tips given by pictured SSE owner, Jay R.

Vlog – Wedding Lighting Tips

For this vlog, we interviewed Selective Sound Entertainment Founder, Jay R Rich. This time we asked him for wedding lighting tips that could help Cleveland couples sort out their expectations from reality. In this video that’s just over 5 minutes long, there are actually 18 wedding lighting tips. His insights touch upon the initial search for wedding lighting, terminology, and what lighting can impact during a reception.

So many questions…These wedding lighting tips will make things easier for you

One of the biggest takeaways is how to explain what you are looking for in lighting to a professional. Unlike catering, you’ve likely never ordered wedding design before. Therefore, chances are  you may not get what you actually want. First, you have to understand that a professional lighting designer has spent years interpreting the requests of their clients. The lighting designer is prepared to ask the right questions to get to an understanding. Things you need to determine beforehand are budget, what areas of the room and activities are most important to you, and how you want your guests to feel during the reception. Coming to a meeting with these things already figured out is one of Jay R’s best wedding lighting tips.

There are questions you should be asking as well to get the most from the planning process. Pinterest Boards are great for helping you decide the colors you plan to be using in your wedding. If you have one make sure to share that with your lighting designer. Speaking of decor, talk to the lighting professional about options before you sign contracts for decor. Lighting has a powerful effect on the overall look of a room that can often eclipse that of decor. This makes it a really budget-friendly decision. Not that it’s lighting or decor – lighting can also enhance the decor decisions you do make which means you should be coordinating your ideas before you commit.

This Vlog is full of really straight forward wedding planning tips like these that will ensure you make the best possible decisions.

Some of the highlights:

  • Where to start your lighting planning
  • Areas of a room impacted by lighting the most
  • Getting the most lighting impact for your budget
  • How lighting can help you save money
  • How the right lighting choices can impact guests’ emotions
  • and more!

Watch the above video (or click here) to learn Jay R’s most valuable wedding lighting tips so you can make the best choices for your big day.