Tips for lighting, entertainment and more for Cuyahoga County Courthouse weddings.

Before Choosing Cuyahoga County Courthouse For Your Wedding

Cuyahoga County Courthouse Weddings

We’ve put together a handy guide of information for you to ponder if considering the Cuyahoga County Courthouse for your wedding day. We’re one of the most frequent vendors to work there in a variety of different roles including DJ and live music entertainment, lighting, decor, videography and photo booths. Since we’re there often and in different capacities we have a good vantage point to help inform your planning decisions. We love Cuyahoga county courthouse weddings are going to give you a few tips on how to make sure yours is absolutely amazing.

Top 3 Things To Know about the Cuyahoga County Courthouse

Our founder, Jay R Rich and his team, have some of the most experience at this venue.  Jay R is a respected Cleveland wedding industry veteran. Therefore, you can trust that he knows most of the vendors in the community. He can easily tell you how their skills relate to different spaces. We sat down with Jay R to talk about Cuyahoga County Courthouse weddings as part of our Vlog series. Here he tells us about planning weddings in Northeast Ohio. Here’s what he had to say…

To summarize, Jay R really believes that you need to understand that you have to bring all your vendors into this space in order to pull off a wedding. Unlike a hotel that has much of the necessities built in, Cuyahoga County Courthouse weddings require you to do more homework in order to fit your budget. First, you need to figure out everything you need as well as the costs. Next, look for suppliers who have the most experience working at the Cuyahoga County Courthouse. Lastly, pay special attention to your choices for catering as they have the most logistical obstacles to overcome. Do all that, and your experience there will be everything you dreamed of.

Basic Information About The Cuyahoga County Courthouse

A few things you should know before booking the Cuyahoga County Courthouse for your wedding:

  • The space is available for Saturday rental. Sundays, as well as holidays, are available but at an increased rate.
  • The space can accommodate 400 guests for dinner and dancing.
  • You may serve alcoholic beverages at events taking place there.
  • There is no smoking inside this historic building.
  • The building does not have a preferred list of vendors (but we think those experienced with the space have an edge).
  • There is a metal detector at the door that guests will need to walk through.
  • Use of Huntington Park Garage requires a rental cost during events.
  • You can expand the footprint of the space to include the upstairs for an additional rental fee.
  • For current pricing and more information for weddings, email the Cuyahoga County Courthouse here

What Northeast Ohio Couples & Wedding Pros Say About Cuyahoga County Courthouse

We interviewed couples we worked with who had their weddings at the Cuyahoga County Courthouse and asked them what made them choose this space. We compiled the top ten answers as part of a comprehensive blog post about this wedding venue. In addition, we surveyed a number of the most prolific Northeast Ohio wedding professionals so they could give their opinions about what to expect at this space. We think this is a pretty valuable resource for you to check out,

Venue Spotlight: Cuyahoga County Courthouse

We believe that, as many do, the Cuyahoga County Courthouse is one of the best wedding spaces in Cleveland. Therefore, we covered this venue as part of our venue spotlight series that you can view here. This will provide you with photos and insights that will help you create your vision.

We hope you use this resource in your planning process. The Cuyahoga County Courthouse is one of the true gems of Cleveland. Because of this we are always happy to so frequently find ourselves there. Feel free to contact Jay R if you have further questions about how working with Selective Sound Entertainment can make your wedding planning for this venue less stressful.

Guests doing line dance at reception in Cleveland City Hall Rotunda

Venue Spotlight – Cleveland City Hall Rotunda

Cleveland City Hall Rotunda

We have been doing events at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda since they began taking on private events 6 years ago. A Taste of Excellence is of course the preferred caterer at Rotunda. They are absolutely amazing with not only food, but also class and professionalism. This space is just incredible and acoustics are certainly nothing to worry about if you hire Selective Sound Entertainment.  Due to so many years of technical experience and working in this space, we have mastered the way to eliminate any sound issues. Additionally, our lighting technicians have undeniably mastered how to enhance the grandeur of the space.  So rather than stressing on which company you should hire for this venue, contact us  and we can show you exactly how we can give you the best in this space.

Below are some photos from some of the lighting designs our team put together. 

Wireless LED uplighting
Pin spotting
Feature/Spot lighting
Custom monogram/Gobos
Decor lighting design
Wireless LED uplighting

If you’re thinking of having your wedding reception at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda definitely hire an experienced wedding DJ. We have worked at the Rotunda on many occasions as the DJ, sound technician and lighting company.  Remember that the lighting is equally important to sound in this grand space. Given these points, if you want a worry free wedding reception at the Rotunda, you should consider hiring a wedding DJ that has technical background in sound.  With this in mind, you won’t have to worry about acoustic problems.

In any event, you may want to visit this link for more info:  The Truth behind the Acoustics at the Cleveland Courthouse weddings.  This earlier blog is about the sister building to City Hall Rotunda. Be that as it may, the Courthouse has all of the same concepts, so you will most likely find this one helpful as well.