Cleveland wedding entertainment company gives tips for Cleveland wedding venue, The Madison

Downtown Cleveland Warehouse Chic

The Madison is a newer Cleveland wedding venue with some very impressive roots. Built in the early 1900’s, The Madison initially housed the Republic Brass Company. After years of neglect, the 22,000 square foot warehouse was finally restored and transformed into a fully realized event venue.  The Madison brought together historic industrialism with modern minimalism to create an impressive event space.

The space offers white brick walls, twenty foot ceilings, and open layout which makes customization a breeze. The venue has table and chair options available so that couples can avoid the hassle of using a rental company. This one story venue has easy to access loading docks which helps greatly for load-ins. Due to large amounts of natural sunlight and creative design, the bridal party rooms are perfect for getting ready for the big moment. From a large private outdoor patio and 16 new bathrooms to 4 season climate control and track lighting, The Madison has so much to offer as a wedding venue. And from a vendor aspect, it offers many helpful things as well. A catering preparation area and ample electrical outlets help ensure a smooth set up and evening.

Selective Sound Entertainment founder Jeremy (Jay R) Rich has a lot to say about The Madison in his latest vlog.

Takeaways From The Madison Tips

Jay R was able to give an incredible amount of useful information when it comes to having your ceremony/reception at The Madison. You’re in good hands with them! Jay R also discusses the design aspects regarding The Madison. The Madison design, admittedly, is not for all couples. If you want a hotel space that is a traditional look, then this industrial warehouse wouldn’t really be for you. However, if you prefer an open floor plan that offers flexibility, The Madison may just be the perfect Cleveland wedding venue for you.

Features To Look For at this Cleveland Wedding Venue, The Madison

Some of Jay R’s favorite aspects of The Madison are the additional features that were thoughtfully added making this an ideal wedding venue. First, there are a few different options for onsite ceremonies. This makes things easier for couples looking to have everything in one spot. The private patio can be used for a number of different functions with many wedding lighting options including bistro lighting. Depending on your decor choices, these wedding lighting additions can help create an elegant or casual atmosphere. When it comes to both ceremony and dance floor sound, the acoustics are perfect. These types of details are important for anyone looking at Cleveland event venues and they are some of the things that impressed Jay R the most.

If you’re looking for even more information on The Madison, check out our Venue Spotlight.

If you want to talk to Jay R about working at this great venue, send him an email today.

The Madison set up for wedding reception with hanging bistro lights and vines.

Cleveland Spotlight Wedding Venue: The Madison

Looking for the newest and hottest spot to have your wedding? Well, look no further than Cleveland’s premier wedding venue, The Madison. Located in Cleveland’s growing and diverse Midtown district, The Madison offers indoor and outdoor spaces, fabulous aesthetics and so much more! Whether you’re looking for a spot to accommodate your wedding ceremony, reception or both, Selective Sound Entertainment believes this amazing space must be at the top of your list.

Wide Open Spaces at The Madison

This historical 22,000 square foot warehouse has minimalist white brick walls, spacious twenty foot ceilings and an amazing open layout. This is the perfect Cleveland wedding venue to make all of your wedding day visions come true without having to try to hide anything. A fantastic blank canvas like The Madison gives you the opportunity to let your your imagination run free. What’s better is that you can do this without having to worry about covering up odd colors and patterns that you may find at other venues. Instead, Selective Sound Entertainment’s lighting engineers can help you fill the space with colors of your choice. From uplighting beams of color to adding strings of bistro lighting, giving a warmer glow to the large space. Whatever you can imagine, our wedding lighting designers are always up for the challenge.

Small or Large, The Madison Accommodates All

Whether you’re looking for a small or large Cleveland wedding venue, The Madison can accommodate all.  “The Foundry Room” may be just what you’re looking for if your guest count includes just your nearest and dearest. You receive all of the benefits of The Madison just in a more intimate setting. This lovely space has the ability to seat up to 300 guests comfortably and if you are wanting it to feel even more intimate, the Madison also has pipe and drape available.

Also, if you are indeed having a large wedding, fear not. The main event space at The Madison can seat up to 500 people easily. And if you have always imagined dancing under the stars…well, The Madison has that covered as well. Their outdoor patio can seat up to 300 guests. With the bistro lights strung above, you will have a beautiful warm glow to create the perfect outdoor ambiance.

If you’re planning to fill The Madison near it’s maximum capacity, then we have a couple tips for you. Firstly, due to the exposed brick walls and ceiling heights our experienced Cleveland wedding DJ’s highly suggest adding additional speakers in the corners of the room. This way, everyone can hear everything as it is meant to be. Our wedding DJ’s also want to emphasize the importance of using an experienced wedding DJ for this particular venue. You’re big day will be as close to perfect as possible if you do. So be sure to do your homework before you choose your Cleveland wedding DJ.

The Madison has Thought of Everything

The Madison has truly thought of everything needed to have the ultimate Cleveland wedding with all the bells and whistles. From high-speed internet, a separate bar room, tables and chairs and more than enough electrical outlets. Be sure to check out their website, to see all of the other wonderful things they provide as well. You won’t be disappointed!

Also, a big thank you to Jenny Haas for these gorgeous photos of a bride’s dream come true! The bistro lighting, by Selective Sound Entertainment, hangs above to provide a warm and romantic ambiance. Not only do the hanging vines and wood chairs give a natural earthy feel but is a fantastic example of a couple letting their imagination run free at The Madison in Cleveland, Ohio.

Let’s Enhance The Madison together!

Selective Sound Entertainment is much more than just the best Cleveland wedding DJ’s. We also have an entire team of visionaries, who are always excited for the next challenge that comes along. And if you’re having a difficult time solidifying a plan, even after hours of browsing on Pinterest, our creative designers are more than happy to help! To the right, you will find a few suggestions that we think would be amazing attributes to The Madison. Leave us a note and ask us what we can do for you!

The following are just a few suggestions to help amplify The Madison into something magical.

DJ selfie with bride and groom

 Get to Know Selective Sound Founder, Jeremy Rich

DJ Jay R Rich with happy couple

DJ Jay R Rich with happy couple

The Selective Sound blog crowd-sources a lot of what you read here from different members of the team as well as industry professionals from all over Northeast Ohio. Our founder, and Cleveland wedding expert, drives most of the content we share here. We do this because he has the most experience when it comes to wedding entertainment. For this post, we asked our Cleveland wedding guru to answer the most commonly asked questions in regards to planning a wedding in Northeast Ohio. These questions aren’t just about services SSE provides but all corners of the wedding planning experience.

Selecting Vendors

Question: What should couples look for when choosing a wedding venue in Cleveland Ohio?

Jay R: When choosing a wedding venue, you need to find out if they have their own in-house caterer or if you can bring in your own. Some venues are full service while others are just the venue itself (with very little that comes with it). You need to research and do reviews of venues you may fall in love with before you commit. Remember, if you find a venue you fall in love with that fits your budget, you must remember that there is a laundry list of items you may have to rent as well. Along with your caterer, you may also need things such as chairs, silverware, tables, garbage cans, etc..

Cleveland wedding tips

Wedding planners are essential

Question: What makes a great wedding planner?

Jay R: A great wedding planner is one that has the right experience and you mesh well with. He/she should understand your vision and  lead you to make the right decisions so that your wedding is one of the best and most stress free days of your life.

Question: What’s your biggest tip for anyone who is looking to hire a Cleveland wedding photographer?

Jay R: My biggest tip when hiring a Cleveland wedding photographer is to make sure that they truly know weddings! A wedding photographer must know how to speak up and control the guests. This is the only way to ensure all of the formal shots come through. If you have a photographer that is shy, it will take more time to get your guests to pose for pictures.

Question: What makes a great wedding videographer based on what you’ve seen in your experiences in Cleveland?

Jay R: A great wedding videographer is always in the right place at the right time. Within seconds, he/she can catch just about any action.

More about Jay R Rich

Question: How long have you been a Wedding DJ in Cleveland?

Jay R: Selective Sound is celebrating its 31st year doing wedding receptions in Cleveland, Ohio.

Question: Why do you like working with clients on uplighting for their weddings?

Jay R: I like working with clients on uplighting because we get to help them make the best choice with colors. I like seeing how happy they are when we can make the most out of their budget.

What Couples Show Know

Cleveland wedding tips

Discuss your vision and your set budget with the professionals

Question: What’s your opinions on wedding bands for receptions?

Jay R: We love working with Bands at weddings! However, if they don’t have a qualified MC and DJ with the band the night may move slower. I strongly recommend a band that has a DJ/MC that has an extreme amount of wedding experience. They have to be able to run the evening and do formal, well rehearsed, well heard announcements.

Question: For couples looking for wedding ideas, where would you suggest they look for inspiration?

Jay R: Pinterest is the best place to start as well as the Remember, the more things you see that inspire you the more all of those ideas will add up. You need to take your ideas and discuss them with professionals in the industry. This way you will know what be financially viable in the end.


Thanks for the answers to these questions, Jay R! You can reach out to him any day and ask him your questions right here!

bridal party posing for picture

When Your Wedding Event Trends Needs More

Most events just need their bases covered with typical event offerings. Venue, catering, entertainment…and they’re all set. There’s nothing wrong with a straight forward approach to event trends and their design. The goals of the event and a scale that is balanced is what matters the most.

That all said, there’s never been a more exciting time than now for creating memorable experiences! The technologies that are available coupled with access to a world of creative examples has empowered those of us who make the visions of event trends real like never before. The core of our company has always been entertainment but entertainment takes many forms. Our entertainers work is complimented by our lighting design, at times enhanced by our Party band, and captured for all time by our videography team.  Beyond that, the sky is the limit because we continuously add products and services we believe can add an extra element to events with the right set of goals.

Entertaining Event Trends


event trend shown: cold spark fountain

Indoor cold spark fountains give that over-the-top experience at your wedding reception

We now offer an indoor cold spark fountain. We can control the height and the moment they go off (for up to 90 seconds each). It’s not a low-end add-on but it’s what your guests will be talking about for years!  We make sure that each venue we are at approves its use, even though they are completely non-flammable, releases no smoke and is not an open flame.


CO2 Cryoblasts

event trend shown: Happy couple entering the wedding reception through CO2 blasts

Enter your wedding reception with flare

Looking for an introduction akin to professional sports events? Our CO2 Cryoblasts utilize Liquid nitrogen and raise the level of excitement instantly! These offer a similar wow moment as the Sparkular but with a different look while popping more in well-lit rooms. A popular way to use this equipment is to have the cryo jets shooting up in short controlled bursts when you walk in for intros followed up later in the night with the bride or groom manning our cryo gun which they can shoot their guests resulting in an unexpected rise from everyone! The cryo guns blast compressed air that dissipates instantly and gives them a “wooooooosh” of cold compressed air (often readily appreciated when the dance floor is packed).

Feature Spot Lighting

wedding couple's first dance under a spotlight, a great event trend to show off specific aspects at your event

No doubt all eyes will be on you while you’re under a spot light

An elegant and high-impact option can be our feature spot lighting. If you are in a ballroom without any windows or can get it that dark, we can control a beam of light that draws all eyes to where you want. With featured spot lighting, it’s easy to create an introduction akin to sporting events (complete with that style of announcements!).


Custom Bistro Lighting

Event trend shown: decor string lighting at an outdoor wedding

Bistro lighting adds a special feel at your venue

Backdrops and lighting as decor are incredibly “in” right now. We work closely with florists in order to incorporate complimentary lighting with their custom flower/drape backdrops. One of the more popular options is when we add our 3″ edison bulbs in different levels and configurations in front of drape and floral fixtures.


Mirror Booth

This unique photo mirror booth is one of our leading event trends

The photo mirror takes up minimal space at your venue while adding a lot of fun for your guests

We’ve written a lot about our mirror booth because it’s incredibly popular. Want to know why?

  • Smaller footprint than traditional booths.
  • Classier looking.
  • We can customize everything.
  • The fun can be seen by guests rather than being in a secluded draped area.
  • I-pad app integration for digital downloads.
  • Options for digital only photos at a greatly reduced rate.

Additional Event Trends

Wedding Hashtags

Asking your guests to use a specific hashtag has become a mainstay of weddings. If you want to increasing the sharing, we offer software that will display your guests posts anywhere we can put screens in the venue.

Caricature Artists

You might not have expected this one but the novelty of this being low-tech and entertaining to watch brings attention to this every time.

Ice luge

Any way to enhanced your guests getting an extra drink or two in them, only helps your chances that they will loosen up more an dance at a wedding (also can look pretty incredible with the right lighting!).

It’s your event. We can offer limitless options for the right entertainment and enhancements to meet your needs and budget. What matters most is the celebration and telling your story. We have the creativity and passion to bring yours to life!

La Vera party center with amber uplighting in background at Great Gatsby themed wedding

Great Gatsby Themed Wedding at La-Vera Party Center

with Cleveland, Ohio Wedding DJ’s,

Selective Sound Entertainment


Sometimes you work with couples that push the limits and really trust their vendors to over-deliver their vision. Due to a lot of ambition and hard work, this Great Gatsby themed wedding reception was exactly that.


The couple: Michael Szczepaniak and Allie Granakis

Photographer: Nathan from NPD Media

Venue: La-Vera Party Center 

Videographer: Selective Sound Entertainment

Decor lighting: Selective Sound Entertainment 

Indoor cold spark fireworks: Selective Sound Entertainment

Custom monogram: Selective Sound Entertainment

DJ/MC/Entertainment: Selective Sound Entertainment 

Pin spotting: Selective Sound Entertainment

Photo booth/Mirror booth: Selective Sound Entertainment 

Event Overview

The decor was absolutely amazing and just perfect for the setting. As always, La-Vera Party Center did an amazing job delivering great service and fantastic food. Because of this, you should definitely keep them in mind when choosing a venue.

First, the ceiling grids were utilized for pin spotting. In order to make this work we used special battery operated, magnetic lights.  These lit up the beautifully decorated Great Gatsby themed wedding cake and centerpieces.

Next, a black and white dance floor was brought in to enhance the Gatsby look. We added some lighting on the dance floor to accentuate the black and white. Then, we placed the couples monogram on the dance floor to give it that special touch.  Lastly, our experienced DJ from Selective Sound Entertainment, packed the dance floor all night long.

To start the night, Allie and Mike came in with a high energy introduction and an array of indoor fireworks. These cold spark fountains are now legal in the state of Ohio because they don’t have any fire, flames, or smoke and can be used just about anywhere indoors.

Next, guests lined up all night long for the mirror booth. For optimum viewing, the mirror booth was placed near the bar. Since most guests tend to stop at the bar during some point of the evening, we all agreed that this would be the best location. Therefore, Allie and Mike were able to have some fun and memorable pictures with their families and friends.

To conclude, Allie and Mike worked very hard to put together their Great Gatsby themed wedding.  As a result, the couple was able to treat their guests to an epic evening. Hence, it was fun, unique and truly memorable for everyone.


For more information contact Selective Sound Entertainment now.