The Knot best of weddings Hall of Fame

Consecutive Years of Excellence

The Knot best of weddings Hall of Fame

We are excited and honored to have become recognized by The Knot for Best of Weddings Hall of Fame

We’re very proud to announce that Selective Sound Entertainment has been inducted to The Knot Hall of Fame by earning the Best of Weddings 2019 Pick this year.  Being recognized as the Best of Weddings Pick for the past four years has been an honor but the Hall of Fame means so much more. This is for our contributions to Cleveland wedding receptions. Offering our clients superior entertainment, lighting, audio / visual production, photos booths and more, we’ve prided ourselves on offering the right services for the right clients. Being inducted into this Hall of Fame is wonderful reassurance that our hard work isn’t going unnoticed.

There are many self-described ways for a company to boast about their achievements. However, we find superlatives like this to be more meaningful.  The Knot’s Best of Weddings list requires a company to have consistent, high volume, positive reviews from clients. That means we’re not the ones saying we’re “the best in Cleveland”, our clients are!

A Winning Team receives Hall of Fame Award

Quote: We had numerous guests with music/DJ/performance backgrounds and several came up to us afterwards and mentioned he was the best DJ they've ever experienced. - Katrina M., The Knot

We truly enjoy exceeding people’s expectations.

There are a few ways we ensure consistent favorable reviews by those who hire us. Firstly, we take care of our team. Some companies are seen as “hit or miss”. This is because they have some super star team members and some that are just so-so. Team members train for months and are constantly evaluated. The team members must prove they are worthy to lead a team for a wedding. Then, team members are paired with clients based on personality and client needs.  In order for everyone to get what they want, we always do our best to make sure our DJ and clients will work well together. We’ve had team members work with us for decades because we listen to them and value their contributions.

The Right Clients

Quote: I love this company! Selective Sound is so professional organized. I never had to worry about anything. - Katrina M, The knot

Everything we do is for our clients to receive the best entertainment experience possible.

Selective Sound Entertainment tries to ensure events are consistently successful. You will see many subjective reviews on The Knot while reading through bad reviews. Consequently, we believe the event partner could have avoided the bad reviews if they had asked the right questions. If a review states that the company didn’t offer enough value, it’s usually because of a miscommunication in expectations. We let our clients know up front before they hire us that we are not the cheapest in Cleveland. What we focus on, instead, is offering value. Because of this, true professionals, who have seen it all, will give you things like insight, a worry-free experience and organized meetings. While that might mean we’re not the perfect fit for everyone, those who do appreciate those qualities will be rewarded.

Passion For Weddings

This isn’t a part-time job for us – this is our full-time focus. There are many ways to earn a living through entertainment and/or audio visual solutions.  We choose this path because our favorite part of our jobs is creating memorable positive experiences for families on these important days. When you compare us to many other organizations offering wedding entertainment, we think that’s an important distinction – focus on a specialty.

Couples have a lot of justifiable fears going into planning a wedding. This is usually due to the size of investment they are making in addition to the fact that most have never hired these services before. We believe that being a wedding professional means that you should also be passionate about education. We make sure our clients know what to expect throughout the process so there are no surprises. Even outside the scope of our offerings, our years of experience and local connections are available to clients on a host of wedding-related questions that they may have. We consider ourselves a resource and not just a vendor.

Quote: We booked with Selective Sound before we booked our venue-lol! We know the entertainment is a HUGE part of receptions and they definitely made ours AMAZING. -Melissa M, The Knot

We’re happy that you’re happy

If you believe your wedding deserves Hall of Fame level service, we’d love to talk. With over twenty years serving Northeast Ohio couples, we’re confident we won’t let you down.

E-mail us today so we can talk about your vision to see if we’re a good fit for you. Who knows, we could be celebrating your wedding’s five-star review soon!


Image of Chandeliers at Tenk West Bank

Found Space Masterpiece

It’s probably safe to say that the “raw space” trend has now become a full-fledge staple option for wedding venues. You know one when you see one. They’re the opposite of a hotel in many ways. Lots of words end up in their descriptions such as industrial, raw, and textured. Tenk West Bank  is one of such amazing wedding venues and a lot more. Everything couples would look for in this style of converted warehouse is here including exposed brick, wood and metal beams. There are also windows you would expect from a factory.

This gorgeous building was built in the 1880’s. When you enter, you instantly feel that Tenk was erected in a time when things were built to last. There are many reasons why we think this might be the perfect wedding venue for many couples in Northeast Ohio. However, we have decided to focus on the three we think are its strongest cases.

Grit and Character

tenk west bank cleveland wedding venue

Tenk West Bank, modern with an elegant feel

What is a “Cleveland Wedding”? It’s something we’ve thought about in the context of reception themes as well as reflecting on all our work here in Ohio. If you get down to the identity and soul of Cleveland, it’s blue collar, never pretentious, but squarely urban. Cleveland has actual grit. From our sports teams’ hard fought journeys to the city’s economic evolution, Cleveland has never had it easy. In short, Cleveland has character.

Tenk West Bank is everything you’d want if you’re embracing in a truly Cleveland wedding venue. It’s not in a suburb or nearby location – this is downtown Cleveland and you can see that from every window. Even the transition from it’s simple exterior to urban-chic interior is quintessential Cleveland because this is a city that defies outside expectations. You won’t find anyone describing this building without immediately mentioning the exposed brick, wood and metal and for good reason. If your aesthetic consists of smooth lines, this isn’t what you’re looking for. Instead, you might prefer hotels and their drop ceiling tiles. The secret of this space is it’s not afraid to be what it is while still accommodating a range of looks clients and designers envision for it.


[otw_shortcode_quote border_style=”bordered” background_color_class=”otw-red-background” color_class=”otw-silver-text”]With our downtown location, we have amazing accessibility to all of your favorite photo sites. There are also hotels for your guests to stay in and bars for your after-party! We really are at the center of it all! – Nora Culley, Marigold Catering[/otw_shortcode_quote]

A Wedding Venue Operated by Real Pros

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of really great venues come and go because the operators didn’t understand events. It takes more than a beautiful building to succeed as an event space. Clients have evolving expectations when it comes to a range of things including amenities, communication, and design needs.

Things like load-in and load-out procedures and other logistics are not on the top of the minds of many building owners but are vital for event organizers. That all said, this a rare and exceptional feature of Tenk that separates it from almost all other venues like this. This is due to the fact that it’s owned an operated by veteran event professionals, Marigold Catering.

Marigold has seen it all and done it all from intimate events to extremely high-profile large-scale functions. That they own the venue verses serving as a preferred vendors is a big deal. It means they take on all responsibilities related to hosting without any disconnects in communication. As a result, we love working with Marigold because they are driven by their passion to create exceptional events and aren’t satisfied with the status quo.

We asked Marigold Catering Event Planner, Nora Culley, what her favorite part of working on weddings at Tenk West Bank was and here’s what she said:

[otw_shortcode_quote border_style=”bordered” background_color_class=”otw-red-background” color_class=”otw-silver-text”]With wedding planning, there is an instant reward! We love seeing all of our happy couples on the best day of their lives and we love knowing that we were a part of that. Since we are a catering company at our core, we handle everything from menu and bar selection, design, and coordination of your vendors. Every time we plan a wedding, we incorporate the couple’s personality and taste into their day so that there’s no other wedding like it! – Nora Culley, Marigold Catering[/otw_shortcode_quote]

Flexible Options

One of our favorite traits of Tenk West Bank is that it’s flexible. You don’t need to have 500 guests for the space to work for you but if you do, they also have you covered. If your event is a cocktail party with stand-up style service they can even double those numbers. The larger event space is North Bay which features concrete floors, exposed brick and large windows. While the atrium is perfect for smaller gatherings. Both work in tandem, if needed, to create a flow with an isolated pre-event space that heightens the drama of the big reveal of the main room.

So many design options work perfectly at Tenk. From retro industrial to modern upscale, the architecture adds to the look you are going for requiring less design compensations than most spaces require. Click here if you want to see the Tenk West Bank floor plan for an idea of what to expect.

Our team was recently brought in for enhanced lighting design in order to create our mutual client’s vision. Working for the planning company, A Charming Fete, our task was to create a “warming atmosphere” that played into the strengths of this wedding venue. We accomplished this through a design that included hanging chandeliers and Edison bulbs. In addition, we added spotlights on the floral centerpiece of the head table that ensured it’s visibility throughout the room. Furthermore, to ensure the space had defined a cocktail pre-event room, dinner site and dance floor, we designed a custom drape line in order to give everything it’s own vibe.

Why Tenk West Bank?

For a great experience in a found space, this is the safest bet. Owned and operated by event industry leaders, lots of flexibility and undeniable character at every turn – having all three of these is almost unheard of. We’re looking forward to offering clients a wide variety of services for their upcoming events here including DJ entertainment, live bands, lighting, and wedding ceremony design and sound. If you want to know more about how we’d enhance events at this exceptional Cleveland wedding venue, e-mail us today!

Photos from our recent Tenk West Bank Wedding

DJ selfie with bride and groom

 Get to Know Selective Sound Founder, Jeremy Rich

DJ Jay R Rich with happy couple

DJ Jay R Rich with happy couple

The Selective Sound blog crowd-sources a lot of what you read here from different members of the team as well as industry professionals from all over Northeast Ohio. Our founder, and Cleveland wedding expert, drives most of the content we share here. We do this because he has the most experience when it comes to wedding entertainment. For this post, we asked our Cleveland wedding guru to answer the most commonly asked questions in regards to planning a wedding in Northeast Ohio. These questions aren’t just about services SSE provides but all corners of the wedding planning experience.

Selecting Vendors

Question: What should couples look for when choosing a wedding venue in Cleveland Ohio?

Jay R: When choosing a wedding venue, you need to find out if they have their own in-house caterer or if you can bring in your own. Some venues are full service while others are just the venue itself (with very little that comes with it). You need to research and do reviews of venues you may fall in love with before you commit. Remember, if you find a venue you fall in love with that fits your budget, you must remember that there is a laundry list of items you may have to rent as well. Along with your caterer, you may also need things such as chairs, silverware, tables, garbage cans, etc..

Cleveland wedding tips

Wedding planners are essential

Question: What makes a great wedding planner?

Jay R: A great wedding planner is one that has the right experience and you mesh well with. He/she should understand your vision and  lead you to make the right decisions so that your wedding is one of the best and most stress free days of your life.

Question: What’s your biggest tip for anyone who is looking to hire a Cleveland wedding photographer?

Jay R: My biggest tip when hiring a Cleveland wedding photographer is to make sure that they truly know weddings! A wedding photographer must know how to speak up and control the guests. This is the only way to ensure all of the formal shots come through. If you have a photographer that is shy, it will take more time to get your guests to pose for pictures.

Question: What makes a great wedding videographer based on what you’ve seen in your experiences in Cleveland?

Jay R: A great wedding videographer is always in the right place at the right time. Within seconds, he/she can catch just about any action.

More about Jay R Rich

Question: How long have you been a Wedding DJ in Cleveland?

Jay R: Selective Sound is celebrating its 31st year doing wedding receptions in Cleveland, Ohio.

Question: Why do you like working with clients on uplighting for their weddings?

Jay R: I like working with clients on uplighting because we get to help them make the best choice with colors. I like seeing how happy they are when we can make the most out of their budget.

What Couples Show Know

Cleveland wedding tips

Discuss your vision and your set budget with the professionals

Question: What’s your opinions on wedding bands for receptions?

Jay R: We love working with Bands at weddings! However, if they don’t have a qualified MC and DJ with the band the night may move slower. I strongly recommend a band that has a DJ/MC that has an extreme amount of wedding experience. They have to be able to run the evening and do formal, well rehearsed, well heard announcements.

Question: For couples looking for wedding ideas, where would you suggest they look for inspiration?

Jay R: Pinterest is the best place to start as well as the Remember, the more things you see that inspire you the more all of those ideas will add up. You need to take your ideas and discuss them with professionals in the industry. This way you will know what be financially viable in the end.


Thanks for the answers to these questions, Jay R! You can reach out to him any day and ask him your questions right here!

Wedding guests dancing to the best wedding DJ

Their Answers Will Tell You A Lot

Couples need to find and work with the wedding DJ they are meant to. It is our intention is to arm you with the right questions so that you can find yours. We’ll be the first to tell you we aren’t the right fit for everyone. We have a lot of experience and we plan on continuing to offer our services for years to come. That means we don’t make a lot of compromises when it comes to anything that could affect our client’s weddings or our reputation. We are not risk takers.

Everyone has different sets of values but if what we just described sounds like values you share, we can tell you the right questions to ask prospective wedding DJ’s and MC’s in order to determine how aligned you are before you sign a contract. These are ten questions we feel will get to the heart of the question “Is this DJ the right fit for our wedding reception?”

Experienced Cleveland wedding DJ

It is imperative that the wedding DJ you choose has actual experience working weddings

1. How Long Have You Been DJing Weddings?

Weddings are fast. In a few hours a room goes from being empty to hosting a family’s biggest day and empty again. There’s not a lot of room for errors and there are no do-overs. The more “shows” under the belt of a performer is what separates competent from great. To be great, you have to have a focus. Wedding DJ’s have to be able to collaborate with vendors, motivate a dance floor, and make sure all of your important moments happen exactly how you planned. Each venue has quirks, some vendors have different requirements of those they work with and situations arise that no one could have foreseen. These are all reasons why experience matters. Besides, if you are looking for a wedding DJ to create a unique experience for you, it helps if have they can draw on many examples of what worked and what didn’t.

2. What’s your backup plan if you get sick or something happens to you on the day of our wedding?

We have nothing against “solopreneurs” (who are often called “single-ops”, as in singular operators). The amount of employees you have or don’t doesn’t determine how much passion you have or how good you are as an entertainer. It is, however, a riskier proposition for weddings. As we mentioned, weddings aren’t a corporate monthly meeting. You don’t get another chance to get it right.  There is a reason there are so many ways to say “Stuff happens” and “The show must go on”. Event professionals are real professionals when they have Plan A, B, C, etc. People get sick at their jobs every day but when your job is to provide entertainment for someone’s wedding, you don’t just get to call off. Our company has wedding DJ’s and MC’s on call at our warehouse every weekend to help eliminate risks. If something happens, we’ve already planned for that possibility.

3. What is your insurance policy?

The bride and groom who rent the venue for the night are techically responsible for anything that happens inside that venue from your guests. This means that if the DJ is rolling equipment in and breaks the $6,000 glass front door from being carless – YOU, THE CLIENT, are technically responsible. The client can technically get into legal trouble if someone trips and falls over a tripod or light stand and gets hurt. If the DJ or entertainment company has insurance, it is a buffer to protect them. That all said, $1,000,000 in liability insurance should be the minimum for anyone you hire.

4. Why do you love performing at wedding receptions?

Asking this question will tell you if the entertainer is passionate for weddings or if this is just a profit center for them. There are a lot of ways to make more money than being a wedding DJ. We don’t want you to be scared of sharks trying to take you for all you have, but there are varying levels of passion for this type of event. We love changing peoples perspective the second they get to a wedding. Most think that they’re going to eat some cold food, have a few drinks and listen to the same music they hear at every other wedding. This isn’t the case with what we do. We change the atmosphere through the right music choices, and keep the evening moving so guests are never bored. If we build the atmosphere they will dance.

Could you show us 3rd party reviews

A reputable DJ should be able to easily show you 3rd party reviews

5. Could you show us third-party reviews from your clients?

Reviews on pages like WeddingWire and The Knot can give you insights from couples who have worked with the DJ you are considering. Look for genuine reviews that truly look like you would have written them and not a DJ company “faking a review” after reading a dozen or so reviews from other companies, you will know which ones are real and genuine. Everyone has their own scale and ranking system so make sure the company you are looking for has enough reviews that it all balances out.

6. How many meetings will we have leading up to the wedding?

Asking this question will give you insights into their processes. Do they have automated reminder e-mails, questions you need to answer before your wedding day, systems, checklists, etc. A lot of what you are looking for in a wedding DJ is preparedness and organization.

7. What will you be wearing during the reception?

These questions exist to help you find the right entertainer for your sensibilities. There are a lot of options for attire for entertainers at weddings. We don’t believe there is a right or wrong answer for everyone. There just needs to be communication and a clear understanding. That’s why you should ask! We generally wear black formal wear like a suit, not a penguin suit or colored vests, as we don’t want to be the centerpiece or stand out. We’re very open to other options, however. We have even worn toga at weddings before as well as Halloween wedding costumes. It’s your party, we’re just there to compliment your vision.

what if there is a technical issue?

A good wedding DJ will have a back plan. Make sure you ask!

8. How many hours are included in the reception package?

Being told the price for another hour of reception entertainment during your wedding is definitely not a surprise any couple wants to deal with on their special day. Negotiate how many hours your reception entertainment price will cover up front to eliminate bad surprises later.

9. What’s the plan if there is a technical issue with your equipment during the reception?

Technology is the best…when it works right! When it doesn’t, it can really ruin the fun. Like with the single-ops, having back-up plans separates the risk takers from the prepared. We have backup equipment onsite. Packed backup speakers and computers are standard protocol for teams on-site. We also have runners at our warehouse standing by for any issues. When a company charges a little more for their services, these are the reasons…they have done their due diligence to ensure you get what you paid for – no excuses!

10. What are some of the ways you motivate a dance floor that hasn’t loosened up yet?

This question is once again about sensibilities. Every veteran wedding entertainer has tricks to get energy on the dance floor at the beginning or during any lulls. Entertainers may teach dance moves, we’ve heard of a few who get on the microphone and sing, while others might go out and find grandma for a dance. Asking this question lets you know more about a DJs strengths and also prepares you for what they might be doing on the day of your wedding.

There are some tasteful ways to get guests to the dance floor that work EVERY SINGLE TIME. We’re confident that we can get 80% of the guests to dance the first open dance song of the evening every time. GURANTEED! To learn more, schedule a call or meeting.

We hope these questions provide you with a resource you can use to find the right wedding entertainer for your wedding. Regardless of who you choose, asking the right questions now can make your entire planning process much less stressful.



Money jar tipped over with bride and groom cake topper to demonstrate wedding planning

We Get It

We know why wedding planning is sometimes compared to a roller-coaster. There are ups, downs, screaming, it moves fast and sometimes you can’t see what’s going to happen next until it’s happening! It’s not really fair that you plan such an important day often before you plan any other events all while having a whole new set of opinions in your ear. Let us know if any of these sound familiar to you…

1. The venue you have fallen in love with has just one major flaw…and you can’t keep from thinking about it.

2. The venue you want is cheaper on a Sunday morning…and you’re somehow seriously giving it some thought.

3. Your combined guest list is about 400% too big for your space / budget.

4. You wonder if you can get away with registering at Tiffany & Co. …

5. Hiring a wedding planner has you feeling like the boss you always knew you were.

6. Someone just mentioned wedding garter removal during your reception.

7. Your anxieties around who to choose for your bridal party are kicking in.

8. Your fiancé has been suspiciously quite about the planning of his bachelor party.

9. “Whatever you want, hunny” is both the right answer and not helpful.

10. Someone just told you that you’re going to need help to go to the bathroom while wearing your dream dress.

11. Trying to make everyone else happy?

12. After looking at 40 wedding photographer websites.

13. During your food tasting.

14. During your cake tasting.

15. As much as you are excited about marrying the man of your dreams…you just can’t stop thinking about the shoes you get to wear!

16. Your fiancé thinks a cigar bar is more important than your ice luge.

17. When you find the perfect floral centerpiece concept.

18. Your officiant might be your new best friend.

19. When you’ve gone over budget.

20. Is it THAT hard to just send in a RSVP card??

21. Why didn’t anyone remind you about your dress fitting during the cake tastings?

22. When you just remembered you didn’t have a plan for videography.

23. When your DJ / MC has coordinated everything you want with all your other vendors before you even asked.

24.When everything went exactly as you planned and if it didn’t who cares, you got married to the person of your dreams.

Want to navigate around the most anxious parts of wedding planning but get everything you want? Our advice is to surround yourself with professionals, communicate clearly, and focus on the things that matter most to you.

Let us know if you need someone to vent to who won’t be surprised if you’re in over your head. After decades in the business, we fully understand that wedding planning can be incredibly stressful and we’re here to help!

Thanks to GIPHY for being an endless source of inspiration as well as a productivity killer!