Cleveland botanical garden wedding venue

The Naturally Beautiful Wedding Location

Some wedding reception venues are impossible to duplicate. This is because they serve a very specific purpose outside of their use as a space for events. The Cleveland Botanical Garden is one of those to the extreme. It has a look that you can’t deny is spectacularly unique. This is because its priority is to show off the natural splendor of the vegetation it holds. It’s the furthest look from a hotel. However, if florals are a vital component of your wedding vision, this is the superlative venue to express it.

Cleveland Botanical Gardens Has Dozens of Options

The Cleveland Botanical Gardens is made up of  10 landscaped acres. The formal and natural gardens make it one of the most sought after places in Cleveland for outdoor wedding ceremonies as well as reception options. Some of the most in-demand areas they offer are their Rose Garden, the Japanese Garden, a terrace with a fountain and lily pond and many indoor spots such as the Ellipse (featuring natural sky light and striking view of a Madagascar oasis), Clark Hall, with a sunset view and the Western Reserve Herb Society Herb Garden.

Planning Details

The Cleveland Botanical Gardens exclusive catering partner, Bon Appetit, has lots of custom menu options for wedding guests to enjoy. They will present your guests with innovative cuisine, alive with flavor. The Garden’s reception venues and reception halls accommodate up to 220 people for wedding receptions. Even with this many guests, there is still plenty of space for a dance floor and head table. A wedding ceremony can also be added to your evening rental of the gardens, and can begin as early as 6pm. The Cleveland Botanical Gardens website has a breakdown of each room including capacity for sit-down dinners, cocktail parties, and ceremonies. The seven main spaces have great flexibility as well as ways to combine spots to create a custom flow.

3 Biggest Tips from Jay R

Here are 3 suggestions Selective Sound Entertainment founder, Jeremy “Jay R” Rich, thinks everyone considering this unique Cleveland wedding ceremony and reception venue should consider before they finalize their plans.

Why We Love DJ & Live Band Entertainment Here

Jay R tells us why the Cleveland Botanical Garden is one of Selective Sound’s favorite places to entertain wedding guests. It’s uniqueness of design plays into the atmosphere and emotion of events which are key contributors to having fun.

Lighting at the Cleveland Botanical Garden

Because of the uniqueness of this venue such as the volume of natural light that comes through windows inside the space as well as all the seasonal options outdoors, lighting design is complicated at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. It’s not harder or even inappropriate to bring in lighting fixtures here, it just requires experience and the ability to interpret visions while keeping things realistic. Jay R gives you a few valuable insights to his process with lighting weddings here.

Why The Cleveland Botanical Garden?

Lastly, here are a few reasons for when the Cleveland Botanical Garden would be the perfect location for your wedding ceremony and/or reception. We hope these tips help your planning process go much smoother!

The Madison set up for wedding reception with hanging bistro lights and vines.

Cleveland Spotlight Wedding Venue: The Madison

Looking for the newest and hottest spot to have your wedding? Well, look no further than Cleveland’s premier wedding venue, The Madison. Located in Cleveland’s growing and diverse Midtown district, The Madison offers indoor and outdoor spaces, fabulous aesthetics and so much more! Whether you’re looking for a spot to accommodate your wedding ceremony, reception or both, Selective Sound Entertainment believes this amazing space must be at the top of your list.

Wide Open Spaces at The Madison

This historical 22,000 square foot warehouse has minimalist white brick walls, spacious twenty foot ceilings and an amazing open layout. This is the perfect Cleveland wedding venue to make all of your wedding day visions come true without having to try to hide anything. A fantastic blank canvas like The Madison gives you the opportunity to let your your imagination run free. What’s better is that you can do this without having to worry about covering up odd colors and patterns that you may find at other venues. Instead, Selective Sound Entertainment’s lighting engineers can help you fill the space with colors of your choice. From uplighting beams of color to adding strings of bistro lighting, giving a warmer glow to the large space. Whatever you can imagine, our wedding lighting designers are always up for the challenge.

Small or Large, The Madison Accommodates All

Whether you’re looking for a small or large Cleveland wedding venue, The Madison can accommodate all.  “The Foundry Room” may be just what you’re looking for if your guest count includes just your nearest and dearest. You receive all of the benefits of The Madison just in a more intimate setting. This lovely space has the ability to seat up to 300 guests comfortably and if you are wanting it to feel even more intimate, the Madison also has pipe and drape available.

Also, if you are indeed having a large wedding, fear not. The main event space at The Madison can seat up to 500 people easily. And if you have always imagined dancing under the stars…well, The Madison has that covered as well. Their outdoor patio can seat up to 300 guests. With the bistro lights strung above, you will have a beautiful warm glow to create the perfect outdoor ambiance.

If you’re planning to fill The Madison near it’s maximum capacity, then we have a couple tips for you. Firstly, due to the exposed brick walls and ceiling heights our experienced Cleveland wedding DJ’s highly suggest adding additional speakers in the corners of the room. This way, everyone can hear everything as it is meant to be. Our wedding DJ’s also want to emphasize the importance of using an experienced wedding DJ for this particular venue. You’re big day will be as close to perfect as possible if you do. So be sure to do your homework before you choose your Cleveland wedding DJ.

The Madison has Thought of Everything

The Madison has truly thought of everything needed to have the ultimate Cleveland wedding with all the bells and whistles. From high-speed internet, a separate bar room, tables and chairs and more than enough electrical outlets. Be sure to check out their website, to see all of the other wonderful things they provide as well. You won’t be disappointed!

Also, a big thank you to Jenny Haas for these gorgeous photos of a bride’s dream come true! The bistro lighting, by Selective Sound Entertainment, hangs above to provide a warm and romantic ambiance. Not only do the hanging vines and wood chairs give a natural earthy feel but is a fantastic example of a couple letting their imagination run free at The Madison in Cleveland, Ohio.

Let’s Enhance The Madison together!

Selective Sound Entertainment is much more than just the best Cleveland wedding DJ’s. We also have an entire team of visionaries, who are always excited for the next challenge that comes along. And if you’re having a difficult time solidifying a plan, even after hours of browsing on Pinterest, our creative designers are more than happy to help! To the right, you will find a few suggestions that we think would be amazing attributes to The Madison. Leave us a note and ask us what we can do for you!

The following are just a few suggestions to help amplify The Madison into something magical.

Acacia Country Club dance floor is packed due to the best wedding DJ company.

Acacia Country Club wedding

Acacia Country Club wedding in Cleveland, Ohio with Selective Sound Entertainment.

Great vendors.  Incredible wedding guests. Put the two together and you get an epic wedding that won’t be forgotten. You also get some amazing moments like these that were captured by our friends at Making The Moment photography.

Acacia country club is an amazing venue with a ballroom that is unique and classy. Acacia is also exclusively catered by Dinos catering. Their food and service is second to none. As a result of putting these two together, you get a dream wedding reception without having to re-finance your home. 

Selective Sound Entertainment provided amazing wedding DJ services. Furthermore, SSE provided the wedding decor uplighting, cryo and cocktail sound.  The grand introduction featured music that was eclectic and fun. SSE used a variety of music from the 50’s to today to make for an exciting entrance. All music choices had input from the couple themselves as it was their special day.

Finally, we hope you enjoy the photos from our friends at Making the Moment

For more info on what Selective Sound Entertainment can do for you… contact us now.   

View of custom wedding drapery in a sheer light gray

Bringing Visions To Life

Custom wedding drapery
We’re the first people to tell you if you have a vision that isn’t realistic but…that’s not our first instinct. Our goal is to always listen and then advise. After this, we use our experience and passion to see if we can bring our clients’ visions to life. It’s what pushes us to grow and where we get the most satisfaction from our work. We are never afraid of a challenge! In fact, we usually enjoy a good challenge. From custom drapery to entertainment and lighting, we make the intangible – tangible.

More and more often we are given visual sources of inspiration from our clients and are asked to interpret them. Frequently, this comes in the form of Pinterest posts. Our clients ask to see if these ideas are possible for a specific budget and capable in their venue. It’s rare that we re-create designs exactly. There are lots of variables that come into play such as rigging points, adapting the scale of the design, and the specifics of venues to name just a few. For these reasons many in the wedding professional vendor community feel stress when it comes to Pinterest and photo inspirations. Not us.

Event professionals can sometimes feel stress when engaging in conversations with potential clients. This is due to lack of clear communication.  The supplier of the design elements typically knows more about their craft than their client. However, this doesn’t mean that the client can’t be educated in the challenges that can come from adapting an inspirational image. Professionals don’t just take orders, they advise and council their clients. This is exactly what we do at Selective Sound Entertainment. All this is pretense for what we helped create recently at Sapphire Creek Winery.

Custom Wedding Drapery Design

Working with A Charming Fete, our job was to realize a couple’s vision for custom wedding drapery at their wedding reception venue: Sapphire Creek Winery. We have worked there before and knew about the specifics of the venue. For logistical reasons and venue rules, the drape could not be hung from the ceiling to give them the exact look the client was looking for. Based on the size of the drape required to achieve this look, we used special poles and weights in order to create stability. We made sure to prepare for bumps and any unexpected things that can happen at a wedding. No poles or drapes were going to come tumbling down on our watch!

The drapes couldn’t be hung from the ceiling so we had to be precise, down to the inch. This is what separates us from less experienced suppliers – we aren’t cookie cutter. That’s why we’re fine with clients showing us their inspirations and having straight-forward discussions about what is and isn’t possible. Our job is to make your dreams real but that’s a process.

Here’s how this process went:


Set Up

Finished Custom Wedding Drapery Design

Image of Chandeliers at Tenk West Bank

Found Space Masterpiece

It’s probably safe to say that the “raw space” trend has now become a full-fledge staple option for wedding venues. You know one when you see one. They’re the opposite of a hotel in many ways. Lots of words end up in their descriptions such as industrial, raw, and textured. Tenk West Bank  is one of such amazing wedding venues and a lot more. Everything couples would look for in this style of converted warehouse is here including exposed brick, wood and metal beams. There are also windows you would expect from a factory.

This gorgeous building was built in the 1880’s. When you enter, you instantly feel that Tenk was erected in a time when things were built to last. There are many reasons why we think this might be the perfect wedding venue for many couples in Northeast Ohio. However, we have decided to focus on the three we think are its strongest cases.

Grit and Character

tenk west bank cleveland wedding venue

Tenk West Bank, modern with an elegant feel

What is a “Cleveland Wedding”? It’s something we’ve thought about in the context of reception themes as well as reflecting on all our work here in Ohio. If you get down to the identity and soul of Cleveland, it’s blue collar, never pretentious, but squarely urban. Cleveland has actual grit. From our sports teams’ hard fought journeys to the city’s economic evolution, Cleveland has never had it easy. In short, Cleveland has character.

Tenk West Bank is everything you’d want if you’re embracing in a truly Cleveland wedding venue. It’s not in a suburb or nearby location – this is downtown Cleveland and you can see that from every window. Even the transition from it’s simple exterior to urban-chic interior is quintessential Cleveland because this is a city that defies outside expectations. You won’t find anyone describing this building without immediately mentioning the exposed brick, wood and metal and for good reason. If your aesthetic consists of smooth lines, this isn’t what you’re looking for. Instead, you might prefer hotels and their drop ceiling tiles. The secret of this space is it’s not afraid to be what it is while still accommodating a range of looks clients and designers envision for it.


[otw_shortcode_quote border_style=”bordered” background_color_class=”otw-red-background” color_class=”otw-silver-text”]With our downtown location, we have amazing accessibility to all of your favorite photo sites. There are also hotels for your guests to stay in and bars for your after-party! We really are at the center of it all! – Nora Culley, Marigold Catering[/otw_shortcode_quote]

A Wedding Venue Operated by Real Pros

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of really great venues come and go because the operators didn’t understand events. It takes more than a beautiful building to succeed as an event space. Clients have evolving expectations when it comes to a range of things including amenities, communication, and design needs.

Things like load-in and load-out procedures and other logistics are not on the top of the minds of many building owners but are vital for event organizers. That all said, this a rare and exceptional feature of Tenk that separates it from almost all other venues like this. This is due to the fact that it’s owned an operated by veteran event professionals, Marigold Catering.

Marigold has seen it all and done it all from intimate events to extremely high-profile large-scale functions. That they own the venue verses serving as a preferred vendors is a big deal. It means they take on all responsibilities related to hosting without any disconnects in communication. As a result, we love working with Marigold because they are driven by their passion to create exceptional events and aren’t satisfied with the status quo.

We asked Marigold Catering Event Planner, Nora Culley, what her favorite part of working on weddings at Tenk West Bank was and here’s what she said:

[otw_shortcode_quote border_style=”bordered” background_color_class=”otw-red-background” color_class=”otw-silver-text”]With wedding planning, there is an instant reward! We love seeing all of our happy couples on the best day of their lives and we love knowing that we were a part of that. Since we are a catering company at our core, we handle everything from menu and bar selection, design, and coordination of your vendors. Every time we plan a wedding, we incorporate the couple’s personality and taste into their day so that there’s no other wedding like it! – Nora Culley, Marigold Catering[/otw_shortcode_quote]

Flexible Options

One of our favorite traits of Tenk West Bank is that it’s flexible. You don’t need to have 500 guests for the space to work for you but if you do, they also have you covered. If your event is a cocktail party with stand-up style service they can even double those numbers. The larger event space is North Bay which features concrete floors, exposed brick and large windows. While the atrium is perfect for smaller gatherings. Both work in tandem, if needed, to create a flow with an isolated pre-event space that heightens the drama of the big reveal of the main room.

So many design options work perfectly at Tenk. From retro industrial to modern upscale, the architecture adds to the look you are going for requiring less design compensations than most spaces require. Click here if you want to see the Tenk West Bank floor plan for an idea of what to expect.

Our team was recently brought in for enhanced lighting design in order to create our mutual client’s vision. Working for the planning company, A Charming Fete, our task was to create a “warming atmosphere” that played into the strengths of this wedding venue. We accomplished this through a design that included hanging chandeliers and Edison bulbs. In addition, we added spotlights on the floral centerpiece of the head table that ensured it’s visibility throughout the room. Furthermore, to ensure the space had defined a cocktail pre-event room, dinner site and dance floor, we designed a custom drape line in order to give everything it’s own vibe.

Why Tenk West Bank?

For a great experience in a found space, this is the safest bet. Owned and operated by event industry leaders, lots of flexibility and undeniable character at every turn – having all three of these is almost unheard of. We’re looking forward to offering clients a wide variety of services for their upcoming events here including DJ entertainment, live bands, lighting, and wedding ceremony design and sound. If you want to know more about how we’d enhance events at this exceptional Cleveland wedding venue, e-mail us today!

Photos from our recent Tenk West Bank Wedding