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Starting The Year Off Right

When it comes to the Cleveland Wedding DJ Business there’s a seasonality-based flow to what our years are like for us. Because of the weather in Northeast Ohio and venue availability, those of us who are in-demand find ourselves very busy with the final planning and celebrations that peak between May and October. November and December cool down with the frequency our teams are performing while our sales team starts to really pick-up with initial meetings. By the end of December, our team is ready to take some time off after another very successful year.

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When going through our non-critical e-mails at the top of the year, we saw a wedding entertainment review that has since been passed around the office quite a bit. It reflects the experience a groom had at his December wedding as well as a year’s worth of planning with us. His point person and entertainer was Jeremy, Jay R, Rich.

Jay R is the founder of Selective Sound Entertainment. He is just one of the many entertainers that we have and is also likely the humblest one. This review is very glowing of Jay R. because he was the right entertainer for this family. It wasn’t because he’s always the very best for everyone. While this review made him very happy, he didn’t share it with the rest of the team to toot his own horn. Rather, Jay R knows that inspiration at this time of the year is vital to the team. Seeing the results of our shared work is what fuels us to deliver consistent world-class wedding entertainment.

We’re going to share some of Kevin K.’s words with you here as well as a little commentary. Our hope is that it will give you helpful context while planning your own wedding. We think it would be amazing that when your wedding day is done you’ll have similar joyful sentiments that Kevin shared with our team about his experiences.

Here’s the breakdown of this brilliant wedding entertainment review:

Jay R is a 10 because I literally can’t think of anything I’d change about our experience.

We know that if you go into your wedding day with the right mindset, you’re almost certain to have a good time. That means you have trust and confidence that everyone helping to make your vision real will do just that. The secret to having clients often say “I can’t think of anything I’d change” is a simple one…we listen! The reason they think everything happened just the way they wanted is because they helped define what success looks like and we followed that playbook. It’s the result of never performing in a cookie cutter style.

Some things we especially liked: – Jay R was extremely responsive via all forms of communication.

This is a point of pride for us and something that we think speaks to our actual work on the day of your wedding. We listen, respond, and are accommodating in all points concerning your wedding. It’s not just a performance attitude, it’s our way. We think our clients deserve that level of respect because those working on your event are in the world of hospitality. There is a right way and a wrong way with very little gray area when it comes to service.

Jay R was perfectly accommodating of our requests, but he was also real with us (in a way that was polite yet clear) about the things that, in his experience, typically ‘work’ for weddings — something we newbies really appreciated. 

finger pointing to happy emoji due to great wedding entertainment review

This makes us so happy! It’s such a fine line with what we do. We’re service professionals. This means our place is to create the vision you desire. However, we must also be up front with you about the realities of your vision. Service is on one side and professional is on the other. If you don’t understand where we come from with that, it might seem like we’re being negative or not supportive of your ideas. Kevin got it right here, though. When you pay true professionals, you get their council, recommendations, and honesty. With decades of experience, we hope everyone understands that you can benefit greatly from hearing our perspective.


It was such a relief to have Jay R for our ceremony, which went perfectly; his mic-jobs (two lapel mics, one on a stand) were perfect and discreet – True to his word, Jay R vamped one of our processional songs with a smooth cross-fade that probably zero people noticed.

Kevin admits to being a newbie but he’s pretty savvy! We know our clients are smart, pay attention, and know what they want. It doesn’t matter that they’ve never hired a DJ before. It’s likely they’ve been paying attention to what matter the most to them with entertainment and sound for years. He also brings up another important aspect of what we offer – ceremony sound. As much as you can’t wait to have your meal and get on the dance floor, the vows are what we’re really here for. To have sound issues that exclude anyone from that special moment would be beyond disappointing. We take microphone placement, testing, and connections very seriously.

Jay R didn’t just care about getting his own job done and getting outta there; he seemed to have all vendors’ itineraries in his head at once — he was essentially our point man for the entire evening, for all things, not just music (and in that way, he partly helped us to plan the wedding!).

This is exactly how we define what an Emcee does. A DJ plays music. Making in the moment decisions between what’s been asked and what’s resonating with a crowd makes a DJ great. They also make sure everyone is having a good time. An Emcee can have these skills as well in addition to a host of other responsibilities. Exactly what Kevin stated in his review is what our Emcees focus on. We make sure there is cohesion with all wedding professionals so that you don’t have to micro-manage your big day.

The extent to which Jay R interacted with the crowd was just right — I wouldn’t have asked for any more or any less.

Jay R interacted with Kevin’s crowd uniquely. Meaning, he acts differently at every wedding he performs at. Nothing is cookie cutter when it comes to being a great DJ and Emcee. There isn’t a right and a wrong way to engage a wedding dance floor because it’s more art than science. A great Cleveland Wedding DJ uses the planning process to get to know the couple’s preferences. Then, he weighs that against the emotional responses he sees from the crowd as they react to music and engagement. It’s a balance between listening skills and experience which turns into muscle memory. It’s all the things an iPod can’t do!

One of our favorite things: we made a lot of Play-If-Possible song requests that probably weren’t very wedding-friendly (e.g. the full studio version of Richard Harris’s ‘MacArthur Park’), but Jay R managed to play a truly amazing percentage of them, and all at the perfect moments

wedding lighting Ohio Deep cuts, niche artists, and non-dance friendly music are frustrating to a lot of wedding entertainers…but not us! We make sure we’re all on the same page. Meaning that our main goal is making sure the most amount of people at your wedding are enjoying the music. Now that doesn’t mean there isn’t ways to introduce them to some of your favorites. That’s why we have lists of “Must Play”, “Never Play” (where the Chicken Dance often ends up), and “Play If Possible”.

Thorough communication and the sharing of mutual expectations, we ensure there’s a win/win for every wedding reception.

Jay R was immediately responsive to the movements (as it were) of the dance floor; he’d start a song and, if it wasn’t catching, smoothly beat-match it with another song and move on.

Honestly, Kevin is one of those clients who really pays attention to these details and we love it. He’s describing something most guests wouldn’t articulate this accurately but they’d instantly know when it wasn’t right. Our Cleveland Wedding DJ’s have honed skills over years of experiences with diverse crowds. What he’s describing is exactly what went down but most guests just knew they had a good time.

To top it all off, Jay R has a cheerful personality and a great sense of humor!

The secret to this one is loving what you do. There’s a level of stress involved with performing that never goes away regardless of how many engagements you’ve had as an entertainer. You only get one shot to make a wedding go well and there’s many variables. With all that, we know we have the privilege of doing what we love. Getting to do the thing you enjoy and are good at makes the whole process more fun for everyone. We’re definitely glad that adds something extra for our clients.

A few of our (older…) wedding guests mentioned that the music volume was just a touch loud, but I thought it was perfect, considering the event (and I have sensitive hearing!).

Ha! Well, we’ll take the constructive feedback! That’s what a wedding entertainment review is for, right? There’s a lot of subjectivity when it comes to entertainment. We do our best to please the most amount of people as we can but people are all built differently. Consider this feedback when you are working on your seating charts.


All in all, this is one of our favorite reviews because it articulates so many of the areas we believe are vitally important for a successful wedding reception. Contact us today if you’d like to have an experience like this. Nothing would make us happier than to read your positive wedding entertainment review of our work!

Click here if you would like to read Kevin Kane’s wedding entertainment review in its entirety.

Wedding DJ, Jay R working his magic behind the DJ booth.

The Truth About Wedding DJ’s

We love what we do and we’ve been doing it for a long time. That said, event entertainment has always had a low barrier to entry. Being able to claim you are a DJ and truly acting as a professional entertainer aren’t mutually inclusive. The last thing we want to do is say anything negative about our profession nor create fear in couples minds needlessly, in regards to wedding DJ’s. We do, however, have a responsibility to educate our clients. With our wedding clients specifically, there’s a very difficult learning curve for most looking to hire professionals in order for their dream day to be realized. In our experience, very few couples have had significant entertainment negotiations prior to their wedding which often results in undue stress and even bad decision making.

While we could tell you horror stories we’ve heard from our wedding industry friends over the past decade, we don’t want to do that. In all honesty, most wedding DJ’s we’ve encountered are good people who got into entertaining for the right reasons. There is a wild skill level difference between the different ends of the spectrum but we encounter much more instances of altruistic entertainer than charlatans. In our ongoing effort to educate our region on what professional wedding entertainment services should be, we’ve once again asked regional industry leaders what they look out for. It’s our hope that these third-party voices might give you suggestions on things to be aware for not only professional and unprofessional behaviors but also traits that aren’t compatible with who you are.

Brett Yacovella, Creative Director / Wedding Photographer

Making the Moment

Whats a common mistake wedding DJ’s make that negatively impacts the event?

People whispering secrets in one picture and wedding DJ's hand on equipment in another picture

A professional DJ guides your event, they don’t make it theirs.

Most of the DJ’s we work with on any given event are professional and help everything go smoothly for our couples (especially the team over at Selective Sound!). However, there are some decisions that (from our perception) can make the event feel a bit funny. The most noticeable is when a well intended DJ makes the mistake of making the event about themselves. Everyone loves a good emcee that will help guide the event, but the more I experience events and listen to feedback from couples, we’re all annoyed by a DJ that showboats too hard; leading the night with long winded diatribes, predictably cheesy jokes and one-liners that they’ve rehashed and re-used throughout past events. In short, speeches and toasts should be reserved for the families or the couple, not for the DJ to become a pseudo-star.

What is a sign that a Wedding DJ really understands their profession?

A DJ really understands their profession when they work hard to understand what the couple wants out of the evening, rather than assuming and working on a pre-formatted script. The best DJ’s I work with know how to influence the night to become what the couple wants; paying careful attention to pace and flow of the night, while working in response to what the guests are providing  (in terms of energy and response) all the while using the couple’s desires as a north-star for the journey. On a professional level, I always feel confident in a DJ when they take the time up front to greet our photography and video staff when we arrive at a venue. It’s SUCH a great show of teamwork when I know the DJ is going to work hard to communicate with our teams to ensure we don’t miss a moment.

Whats one piece of advice you have for couples before they choose a DJ for their wedding?

Trust your friends, your instincts, and your vendors. Ask your friends how they felt about their DJ, would they recommend them? Have you been to an incredible wedding lately? Who was the DJ there? Ask your vendors  (photographers and videographers especially). Each of us are “attending” 20-30 weddings a year, and so really have the opportunity to give good feedback here. The Making the Moment staff knows who the great wedding DJ’s are, simply because we’re fully present throughout the ENTIRE wedding reception. We don’t leave the night early and we stay throughout the entire party. We LOVE experiencing a good wedding reception; not only is it fun for us and our couples, but it also makes the imagery and our wedding films SO much better.

Terry Superchick Goodman, Lead Photographer/Owner

Platinum Photography Ohio

A lady telling another lady a secret. wedding DJ's hand turning up the volume.

It’s important to meet with your DJ to make sure you mesh well

Whats a common mistake wedding DJ’s make that negatively impacts the event?

I find quite a few DJ’s who don’t know how to read a room. I’ve seen many dance floors empty because they just can’t seem to play the right song to pull someone onto the dance floor.

What is a sign that a Wedding DJ really understands their profession?

The sign of a great DJ is when the dance floor is packed and people are dancing the whole night.

Whats one piece of advice you have for couples before they choose a DJ for their wedding?

Talk to your actual DJ in person to get a feel for their personality. Talk to friends and family who’ve already been married and ask if they loved their DJ or not. Then you get a feel for who you should be checking out.

Justin Ketchem, Owner

Justin Ketchem Photography

Quote "Observe the DJ during the intros, speeches and parts of the wedding that require MC work." -Justin Ketchem Photography

Ask your DJ questions before your event to ensure they are well organized

Whats a common mistake wedding DJ’s make that negatively impacts the event?

Not taking the time to learn the names or pronunciation of the wedding party for the introduction.

What is a sign that a Wedding DJ really understands their profession?

Being well organized and knowing when to play certain kinds of music.

Whats one piece of advice you have for couples before they choose a DJ for their wedding?

Observe the DJ during the intros, speeches and parts of the wedding that require MC work. That will give a good indication of the DJ’s preparation, organization and style.

Nicole Sebrasky, Owner/Photography

Brass Key Photography

Quote:"If their personality doesn't match yours, odds are they won't on your wedding day either." -Brass Key Photography

Make sure your personalities blend together nicely so you won’t have any conflicts on your special day.

Whats a common mistake wedding DJ’s make that negatively impacts the event?

Dinner Music! Most DJ’s seem to default to a Frank Sinatra and instrumental playlist for dinner. In my opinion that is the worst thing you can do! What happens when you feed your guests a good meal, turn the lights down and put on slow music? YOU PUT YOUR DANCERS TO SLEEP BEFORE THE DANCE FLOOR OPENS!

Odds are your guests will be seated with people they either don’t know or haven’t seen in years. They need things to get them to socialize. Food and music are two things where people can find things in common and start conversations. We recommend our couples pick a playlist of their favorite songs that you love to hear but cant dance to. Coldplay, Queen, Smashing Pumpkins, 80’s & 90’s undanceable Hits and ballads, etc. That will get people saying “OMG! I haven’t heard this in forever”. Not only will it keep your non dancing guests around longer if they make a new friends, but it will also get your guests energized and excited for the dance floor to open!

What is a sign that a Wedding DJ really understands their profession?

Your DJ should outline the entire reception timeline. Knowing what is happening when and being prepared for it is key! Your DJ is your emcee for the night and once the reception starts, he is in charge of the flow. Having a game plan in writing that he can share with other professionals is a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page and ready to go when the time comes!

Whats one piece of advice you have for couples before they choose a DJ for their wedding?

MEET THEM! Spend time with them. If their personality doesn’t match yours, odds are they won’t on your wedding day either. If their energy level is low or they don’t speak clearly, you should look elsewhere. Your entertainment will make or break your party. You are paying thousands of dollars, spending months or years and countless hours planning this major event…. if you don’t have someone who can keep your guests happy and having fun, you are wasting all of the effort you are putting in!

Jeff Jones, Photographer

Jeff Jones Photography

Wedding DJ's: "Hire a professional that has many years of experience in the field." -Jeff Jones Photography

Experienced professionals are essential

Whats a common mistake wedding DJ’s make that negatively impacts the event?

Talk to much or sing with the song that they are playing.

What is a sign that a Wedding DJ really understands their profession?

Keeping the guest on the dance floor the entire evening.

Whats one piece of advice you have for couples before they choose a DJ for their wedding?

Hire a professional that has many years of experience in the field.

Heather Morse, Event Planner

Marigold Catering

What no one tells you about wedding DJ's: "Make sure the DJ wants to represent you as a couple through the music." -Marigold Catering

Your playlist should be unique to you and your event, not just a standard playlist.

Whats a common mistake wedding DJ’s make that negatively impacts the event?

Some DJ’s tend to talk a little too much.

What is a sign that a Wedding DJ really understands their profession?

They have a clear passion for the event and all vendors involved. They communicate their needs to vendors/the caterer before an event.

Whats one piece of advice you have for couples before they choose a DJ for their wedding?

Make sure that your wants are more important than theirs. Make sure the DJ wants to represent you as a couple through the music.

Brandi Hamerstone, Owner

All Events Planned

Wedding DJ's. "No matter how good the DJ if you don't "click" with them, they won't work for your wedding day." -All Events Planned

Matching personalities is key

Whats a common mistake wedding D’Js make that negatively impacts the event?

Trying to run the event “their” way vs the way that the client wants the event to run. Suggesting things because they think they “work” better instead of listening to the client and trying to make their way work for everyone. Trying to sell the clients on additional items and upgrades just to make money off of the account. Sometimes the client doesn’t need them and the suggestions are purely out of the desire to make more of a profit.

What is a sign that a Wedding DJ really understands their profession?

They are active in pursuing knowledge in all aspects of the wedding day so that they understand why the timing of the day happens beyond what they see. Great wedding DJ’s are open to clients suggestions and ideas and are always on the look out for ways to better improve who they are and what they do

Whats one piece of advice you have for couples before they choose a DJ for their wedding?

Sit down and interview them either in person or on the phone to figure out if their personality is a good fit. No matter how good the DJ if you don’t “click” with them, they won’t work for your wedding day. NEVER hire a DJ without talking with them.

Now that you’ve read these honest answers to simple questions that we asked veteran industry professionals, you have some homework. What are deal breakers for you when it comes to hiring a DJ for your wedding? How are going to alleviate problems that would cause you stress during your special day before they happen?  Do you have a list of qualities that you’re looking for within the event professionals you are about to hire?

With over two decades of event entertainment experience, we’ve seen a lot but no two events of ours is the same. Our clients stories are as unique as each reception we have the privilege of working on.

Ask us how we’d help express your dream.






A wedding band posing for picture outside

Perception, Reality and Myths of Wedding Entertainment

A wedding reception without entertainment is a bleak idea. When guests look back on your big day, they’ll likely not remember details including your vows, centerpieces, or ice luge. Those features are important but they’re mostly only important to you. Looking back, guests will remember how happy you were on your big day and how much fun they had. Entertainment is the pulse of the experience you’ll be giving your guests and the decision to who provides it will set the tone. Wedding entertainment can come in many forms but the two most dominate are DJ’s and live bands.

When Bands Are The Right Choice

Live band on a stage

A live band can bring a lot of energy and fun to any event.

There’s just something about live music, right? The feeling of being in a room with musicians creating music right in front of you brings a different level of enjoyment for those who appreciate the difference. The best live bands have a style all their own which is how they create strong bonds with their fans. Bands are focused on being true to who they are as artists.  Because of this, they’re exceptional when their theme matches the theme of an event. Themes such as “Roaring 20s” or ones with a heavy emphasis on ethnic traditions pair well with live bands who share those sensibilities. What bands lack in flexibility they make up for in authenticity.

Entertainment Myths

Smiling DJ

Ask your DJ questions to make sure they can fulfill your visions.

The barrier to entry to become a DJ is smaller than that of a band. Bands require more investments in time and money and the team dynamic is also a crucible. Because of this, the myth of the “cheesy wedding DJ” is pervasive because…they’re out there. This myth is based in some fact because there are more wedding DJ’s than there are wedding bands. They negatively color how many see a profession that makes a huge impact on people’e most important days. This is why it’s important to compare apples with apples.

When you are evaluating between professional mobile DJ’s and professional wedding bands there are distinct advantages and disadvantages by their vary natures. When you’re exposed to tasteful DJ’s who double as or partner with Masters of Ceremony one of the biggest wedding entertainment myths disappear. There are DJ’s who are every bit as classy as live bands.

When it comes to bands, one myth we’ve heard many times is that bands are too loud for guests. We understand where this comes from. Some bands focus mostly on playing in bars or clubs where loud is the point.  Unfortunately, these bands apply a one-size-fits-all method to sound amplification and it just doesn’t work for weddings. If you compare those bands to a professional DJ, you’ll find the band lacking in control over decibels. The reality is, professional bands who focus on private events and wedding entertainment know how to provide an elegant evening of dancing.

What DJ’s Have Over Bands

Do you want a DJ for your wedding entertainment?

DJ’s can typically play any song you desire while a band will have limitations.

There are a number of ways DJ’s are different than bands but chief among them is flexibility. Bands have a style and they know the songs they know. DJ’s have access to any song imaginable and the skill to arrange them in a manner that segues coherently. If you need to include a song that is unique and means something special to you, is not a very well-known track, and/or is from a specific ethnic place, DJ’s have access to and can incorporate those songs into the night appropriately.

Another big difference is cost. While DJ’s and Bands swing wildly in both directions when it comes to pricing, the averages between the two usually result in bands costing couples more. Besides their specialized skill-sets and demands for gigs outside of weddings, bands simply have more people to pay. In addition, they often require additional labor to set up and tear down equipment as well as sound designers. As an example, Selective Sound Entertainment could provide wedding entertainment in addition to full room lighting and a photo booth for the same cost as most wedding bands.

Another area where we see the majority of bands (and there are exceptions in our market) have difficulties over DJ’s is work centered around being a Master of Ceremony. Some bands don’t offer this vital service because they feel it’s a different skill than dance floor entertainment…and it is. That’s why our teams have years of training in both skill sets because it’s a requisite of what we provide.

Best of Both Worlds

Band on stage for wedding entertainment

Pairing an experienced wedding DJ with an awesome band will make your special day unforgettable!

All this said, you can always have everything you want when it comes to wedding entertainment…for a price! We have our own party band, Party band, which was specifically put together for special events. After years of hearing the DJ v. Band debate, our family of companies decided to put together an option that includes the best of everything. We offer clients our MC/DJ services to handle breaks, introductions, formalities, and they get our coordinating services out of it as well. There isn’t any discount, but we do all the work coordinating with the band and all the vendors. This way, clients get the best of both worlds.

When you hire both, you have the ability to have the exact style of music you love for your reception. With both, you have the energy of live music, an organized evening, as well as an array or popular songs to dance to so everyone is happy. We offer a Party band which comes with our MC/DJ team who work and train together to create a unified complimentary experience for guests.

As long as you know the truth of the benefits and challenges of one form of entertainment over another, you can make an informed decision. We’ve been in business a long time while holding a stellar reputation because we ask the right questions before you sign to see if we are a good fit for each other. Our mission is for you to get the best wedding entertainment you can get and provide that to you if we’re right for you.

Let us know if we can help!

Rock The House Live Party Band




Wedding uplighting designers lit up the head table.

Light Is A Major Player In Experiences

Designed experiences, be it weddings, corporate holiday parties, fundraisers, or any of the hundreds of reasons why people gather, are interpreted through your senses. Your enjoyment is less about what you do and more based on how you are made to feel. Because of this, memorable experiences are a combination of how your senses interpret sensory input and that input’s relationship to other experiences you’ve had. When you take in smells associated with the ocean, you feel warmer. Tasting foods with traditional uses of spices remind you of a feeling of family and comfort. Sense memory also applies to lighting.

beautiful barn lighting and chandeliers

Who knew a barn could be so beautiful?!!? Photo courtesy of Making the Moment

Many couples come to planning meetings with barely any information on the opportunities available with lighting. While most have made their own meals and done some interior decorating in their homes, few have had the chance to really play with light for a desired effect of influencing how people feel. Lighting at events most experience, if done properly, don’t cause attention to the lights themselves. Instead, the lighting enhances the overall experience.

When clients initially come to us, they often believe that uplighting is the only way to use light to further design their venue because those are the lights that are the most obvious when they attend events themselves. We asked to match their wedding’s colors for the entire room, which we can of course do. However, we first make sure to educate them on the impact of light on guests’ emotions. We also describe the different types of lighting design available to them due to our vast inventory and experience.

Colors Affect Moods

Bride and groom share their first dance under pink lighting and chandeliers

The perfect lighting can take your venue from pretty to WOW! photo courtesy of Making the Moment

Brands spend a lot of money and time on choosing just the right colors for their branding to evoke emotion from you. Event lighting can make you feel different emotions subconsciously as well. Yellow and brighter colors can give a person a feeling of daylight and sun.  Positive memories are often associated with bright colors. While red lighting is very dark and edgy and might be more appropriate for a bachelor party than a wedding. Event lighting isn’t just ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet). We can combine colors to give you more desirable results. That same red light as an accent with white, or brighter colors, can produce some warm beautiful looks that are much less aggressive.

The Blue Spectrum

Blue lighting (depending on the shade) can be beautiful or completely change the view of the room

Cleveland City Hall rotunda lighting DJ

Lighting at Cleveland City Hall Rotunda in different colors can help bring focus to different areas at your event

If we lean towards a layered darker blue, your guests eyes will naturally feel droopy and heavy. This will give a more subdued tone to the experience. Blue lighting isn’t a natural color our eyes are used to and it can make the room look very cold very easily There is a reason words like “cold” and “chill” are used to describe encounters and these feelings translate to color psychology as well. Blue can also help literally translate your intentions as well. We’ve washed bars in blue to make it more obvious that they’re an oasis from the more kinetic and energetic portions of the event.

Lighting and Food

Nothing says “cold food” like deep blues. Desserts, raw bars, and really anything meant to be served cold are accentuated by blue hues. Lighting with more natural and crisp incandescent temperatures makes stations and displays look like pieces of art without modifying the caterer’s intention. We love collaborating with venues and catering teams to play into their intent versus detract or confuse the decisions that they made. While the blue effect for chilled food is a favorite, our catering friends are even more prone to want warm food tightly highlighted with reds and orange glows

Bride and groom kiss at Cleveland Courthouse wedding reception

Bride and groom dance together at their wedding at the Cleveland Courthouse. Photo courtesy of Making the Moment


From a Venue to Your Vision

Some spaces are naturally beautiful. With lighting, in spots like that, we enhance without overtaking it. This technique helps highlight the architecture.  Layering lighting with pillars and supports can also define the space in the evenings without the aide of natural light. When we scout a venue for lighting we check for power sources. Then look to the ceiling to see what support is possible. We take into account the size of the room, ceiling height, decor and walls and many other variables before we make recommendations to our clients. After a few decades, we’ve learned a lot about the most popular spaces in Cleveland, Akron, Canton and everywhere in-between.

The Value of a Lighting Specialist

If lighting is an important element of your event’s design, choosing a specialist is important. You can over do and under do lighting. Therefor, make sure you hire someone who can interpret your goals. You also need to be able to ensure the services offered to you are the right scale. Some of our clients only required static lights, which are light fixtures that remain the same color in the same position all even long. While others were looking for a more dynamic effect that only comes with adding a lighting designer to the team. The designer has similar skills to a DJ but works in light rather than sound with the ability to change, dim, point, and spotlight different fixtures with colors to create different moods and looks through the evening.

Bride and groom dance at their wedding

Bride and groom sharing their first dance on their wedding night at the Tudor Arms hotel in Cleveland

Why Selective Sound Entertainment?

We have the passion for creating vision and not just selling lighting fixtures and packages. For years, we have assessed pictures of every event we used event lighting at. Our team critiqued each one to see if there was anything we could learn. This takes a lot of the guess work out of the process because of our experience and drive to innovate.

Our deep inventory of equipment includes staples, effects for different scales and newer technologies such as our magnetic battery operated pin spots which have revolutionized pin spotting on tables. Our wireless LED lights warm walls and wash ceilings even in buildings with limited power access. We have a separate lighting and production division so we literally have millions of dollars worth of lighting and production equipment available when needed.

Selective Sound Entertainment will under-promise and over-deliver on time, every time. We’ll walk you through the different possibilities and looks with each and every budget.

Cleveland wedding DJs from Selective Sound Entertainment helped host a reception at the Michaud’s Grand Ballroom, Strongsville, Ohio. This event was put together by Heidzillas wedding planners. The venue is very unique and perfect for creative and fun wedding receptions. The DJs provided music and MC services. Selective Sound Entertainment also provided wedding lighting services for the celebration. The guests had fun with friends and family celebrating. Check out the Selective Sound Entertainment site for more information on wedding DJs or other production services.

For more photos from Heidzillas