Tasteful, Fun ways to involve your guests..

One of the biggest issues with weddings of today is interaction. Interaction is needed more than ever, however most couples have seen such non tasteful DJ's and are totally turned off and are afraid to have that at their receptions. Getting your guests involved doesn't have to be corny and in most cases will boost the fun in the atmosphere and get your guests to dance and enjoy themselves more throughout the evening.

You are paying your DJ/MC alot of money and if your wedding needs a boost, they (the DJ/MC) needs to show you that they will go out of their way, within limits of course to show that they are trying to get your guests involved. There is NO SUCH THING as a bad crown..

Interaction is  a broad term and in the entertainment world, can be described on many different levels.  One way to describe interaction is tastefully involving your guests in the fun without embarrassing anyone. Some ways of doing this would be explained below.  If your guests are bored at your wedding reception then they will most likely want to leave early. Let's give them a reason to stay and build the atmosphere to where fun is contagious.

1. Cocktail hour:   Have your MC/DJ stand by the door and greet guests. (a great way to break the ice) your guests are more likely to come up later to request a dance song.

2. Dinner: Kissing names announcement. (Tired of the clinking of the glasses) Try providing names of all of your married couples on separate pieces of paper and each time the clanking of the glasses occur, pick a name and ask that couple over the microphone to stand up and show the newlyweds how a married couple should kiss.

3. The shoe game:  (we have not tried this yet) put bride and groom back to back (sitting down of course) and have them hold one of each of their shoes in their hands. Your DJ/MC will ask a series of questions and they will answer with the shoes. Click on this Link for an example.

4. Conga line: your guests are just sitting around and your wedding reception needs a jump start.......Try getting everyone into a conga line (we use shake senora by Harry Belefonte) and bring them towards the bar and around the room and outside the room if necessary to get some people. Bring it back on the dance floor and go into limbo once around and then into something like Old time rock n roll.

5. Soul train line dance : An truly amazing way to get young and old involved with this one.

6.  The Anniversary dance: Usually done in liu of the garter/bouquet but can be done in addition to. A great way to get you and old up alike and while you are playing a few songs, Your DJ/MC is excusing guests from the dance floor into a circle as they count down the years of marriage. This will have you find the LONGEST married couple (never say oldest)

7. Open up the dance floor with a slow song right after dinner and have every couple join, Use some unique lines and get then out their.

8. Novelty songs are always a comfort thing and need to be discussed prior, but they still do work. Ie: Electric slide, cupid shuffle. cha cha slide,,e ct....

The above are just a few examples of things you can do to enhance s0me of the fun for your wedding reception.

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