The Video above is a quick live demo video on proper sound and acoustic technique in the Cleveland Courthouse. 

Are you a Bride or Groom having your wedding reception at the Cleveland Courthouse?  Looking for a DJ who has played at the Cleveland Courthouse many times? DJS who have been to the Cleveland Courthouse know that the space can be a bit challenging if you don’t have a real technical background.  Djs that have played at the Cleveland Courthouse also understand that if you have the right knowledge of acoustics and bring the proper speakers, you will be fine. 

Featured Venue – Cuyahoga County, Cleveland Courthouse


Featured Venue

Having been a part of over 100+ wedding receptions in this space since in 20+years, we have created a true liking to this venue. Yes, there may be some limitations, but with some knowledge and the right equipment, its a slam dunk.   Its beauty is amazing and when we do lighting, we are only enhancing the space, never taking over it.  See our video and pictures below of some of the incredible things we can do to help “enhance” the space.