The Importance of Lighting for Wedding Receptions

Light Is A Major Player In Experiences

Designed experiences be it weddings, corporate holiday parties, fundraisers, or any of the hundreds of reasons why people gather are interpreted through your senses. Your enjoyment is less about what you do and more based on how you 

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are made to feel. Because of this, memorable experiences are a combination of how your senses interpret sensory input and that input's relationship to other experiences you've had. When you take in smells associated with the ocean, you feel warmer. Tasting foods with traditional uses of spices remind you of a feeling of family and comfort. Sense memory also applies to lighting. 

Many couples come to planning meetings with less information on the opportunities available with lighting than they had of their caterers or venues. While most have made their own meals and done some interior decorating in their homes, few have had the chance to really play with light for a desired effect of influencing how people feel. Lighting at events most experience, if done properly, don't cause attention to the lights themselves but, instead, enhances the overall experience. When clients initially come to us, they often believe that up-lighting is the only way to use light to further design their venue because those are the lights that are the most obvious when they attend events themselves. We asked to match their wedding's colors for the entire room (which we can do) but we first make sure to educate them on the impact of light on guests' emotions as well as the different types of lighting design available to them due to our vast inventory and experience. 

Colors Affect Moods

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For the same reason brands spend a lot of money and time on choosing the right colors for their branding, event lighting can make you feel different emotions subconsciously. Yellow and brighter colors can give a person a feeling of daylight and sun which are often associated with positive memories. While red lighting is very dark and edgy and might be more appropriate for a bachelor party than a wedding. Event lighting isn't just just ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet) as we can combine colors to give you more desirable results. That same red light as an accent with white or brighter colors can produce some warm beautiful looks that are much less aggressive. 





The Blue Spectrum

Blue lighting (depending on the shade) can be beautiful or completely change the view of the room

Cleveland City Hall rotunda lighting DJIf we lean towards a layered darker blue, your guests eyes will naturally feel droopy and heavy. This will give a more subdued tone to the experience. Blue lighting is a not a natural color our eyes are used to and it can make the room look very cold very easily There is a reason words like "cold" and "chill" are used to describe encounters and these feelings translate to color psychology as well. Blue can also help literally translate your intensions as well. We've washed bars in blue to make it more obvious that they are an oasis from the more kinetic and energetic portions of the event. 

Lighting and Food

Similar to how we have utilized lights in the blue spectrum in places like bars, nothing says "cold food" like deep blues. Desserts, raw bars, and really anything meant to be served cold are accentuated by blue hues. Lighting with more natural and crisp incandescent 

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temperatures makes stations and displays look like pieces of art without modifying the caterer's intention. We love to collaborate with venues and catering teams in order to play into their intent versus detract or confuse the decisions that they made. While the blue effect for chilled food is a favorite, our catering friends are even more prone to want warm food tightly highlighted with reds and orange glows.

From a Venue to Your Vision

Some spaces are naturally beautiful. With lighting, in spots like that, we enhance without overtaking it. This technique helps highlite the architecture that was likely why our clients' made the decision to host their in the first place. Layering lighting with pillars and supports can also define the space in the evenings without the aide of natural light. When we scout a venue for lighting we check for power sources then look to the ceiling to see what support is possible. We take into account the size of room, ceiling height, decor and walls and many other variables before we make recommendations to our clients. After a few decades, we've learned a lot about the most popular spaces in Cleveland, Akron, Canton and everywhere in-between.

The Value of a Lighting Specialist

If lighting is an important element of your event's design, choosing a specialist is important. You can over and under do lighting so having someone who can interpret your goals will ensure the services offered to you are the right scale. Some of our clients only required static lights, which are light fixtures that remain the same color in the same position all even long. While others were looking for a more dynamic effect that only comes with adding a lighting designer to the team. The designer has similar skills to a DJ but works in light rather than sound with the ability to change, dim, point, and spotlight different fixtures with colors to create different moods and looks through the evening. 

Why Selective Sound Entertainment?

We have the passion for creating vision and not just selling lighting fixtures and package. For years, we have assessed pictures of every event we used event lighting at and critique each one to see if there was anything we could learn. This takes a lot of the guess work out of the process because of our experience and drive to innovate. Our deep inventory of equipment includes staples, effects for different scales and newer technologies such as our magnetic battery operated pin spots which have revolutiionized pin spotting on tables. Our wireless LED lights warm walls and wash ceilings even in buildings with limited power access. We have a separate lighting and production division so we literally have millions of dollars worth of lighting and production equipment available when needed. Selective Sound Entertainment will underpromise and overdeliver on time, every time. We'll walk you through the different possibilities and looks with each and every budget. 

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